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13th Birthday Bash: Dirty Drabble/Drawble Day 5 
10th March 2019 13:45
Day 5! Only one more day to go. Remember, there's no deadline; you're welcome to go back to the earlier prompts any time throughout the month!

Rules? What rules?

To share your results, simply post them in a comment to this entry.

You need not use the prompt word directly in your piece. Allow the prompt to influence and inspire you any way it will.

By definition, a drabble is exactly 100 words and a drawble is a rough sketch equivalent. However, we're not going to be running anyone's work through a word counter here. Have fun with it!

And you're running out of time to put in some celebration-themed object and location prompts. Go help us out!

10th March 2019 21:29 - Do Not Disturb (Hermione/Ron, PG-13)
"Why'd you tell McGonagall we didn't need help decorating?" Ron whinged. Eighth years were required to help with the Unity Ball, but without extra volunteers, the decorating would take ages.

Hermione smirked, raising her wand and casting a series of complicated spells. She worked for several minutes while Ron ducked the flying decorations. When she finished, the ballroom was transformed.

"I didn't want to be disturbed," Hermione said coyly. "However will we occupy the rest of our time now that we've finished?"

Ron's cock twitched. "Wanna find out how sturdy those tables are?"

Hermione grinned and hopped onto the tabletop.
11th March 2019 22:51 - Re: Do Not Disturb (Hermione/Ron, PG-13)
Ooo, good idea, Hermione!
12th March 2019 15:37 - Re: Do Not Disturb (Hermione/Ron, PG-13)
Ron certainly thought so!
12th March 2019 02:59 - Re: Do Not Disturb (Hermione/Ron, PG-13)
Brightest witch of her generation. ☺️
12th March 2019 15:35 - Re: Do Not Disturb (Hermione/Ron, PG-13)
11th March 2019 23:06 - Chocolate Sauce (Hugo/Scorpius, PG-13)
“What are you…?”

Hugo trailed off with a gasp as he felt a line of stickiness being trailed over his stomach. Scorpius’ long hair brushed lightly against his chest as he ducked his head to follow the stickiness with his tongue.


Scorpius’ teeth teased against Hugo’s nipple as he grinned. “Decorating.” Flicking his tongue out, he hooked the silver ring attached there and tugged. “You need something else to go along with these.”

Pleasure jolted through Hugo as Scorp drizzled the chocolate sauce between his nipple rings, connecting them together.

“You’re decorating me?”

“I plan on cleaning you, too.”
12th March 2019 15:36 - Re: Chocolate Sauce (Hugo/Scorpius, PG-13)
12th March 2019 19:57 - Re: Chocolate Sauce (Hugo/Scorpius, PG-13)
Thanks! :D
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