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Happy 12th Birthday, Daily Deviant! 
1st March 2018 14:14
As of this month, Daily Deviant is a dozen debauched years old!!

We'll soon be kicking off some pervy party games (perhaps with porntastic prizes attached), but first... we need your prompts!

We're looking for birthday, anniversary, or general celebration themed prompts. They can be single words, short phrases, or images. Objects, locations, tropes, scenarios, or quotes. Get creative and give us as many as you like!

Leave your prompts in comments to this post. Comments are screened to preserve the surprises.

While prompt collection proceeds, we'll be starting the erotic activities with six Dirty Drabble/Drawble Days from Sunday, March 4 through Friday, March 9!

When the drabbling/drawbling ends, so does prompt collection. Then Wheel of Fornication begins on Sunday, March 11! (And, yes, we'll give you all the details soon...)

So! Give us lots of prompts, be here for some dirty drabbling/drawbling, and use the handy copy/paste code above to advertise and bring lots of people to the party!
4th March 2018 18:09
Yes, this is the prompt collection post! :D No template is needed. We're looking for simple birthday, anniversary, or general celebration themed prompts -- single words, short phrases, or images; objects, locations, tropes, scenarios, quotes, etc. Provide as many as you like. Listing them in a single comment is fine.
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