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31st October 2017 22:08
Title: Just Who Has Snape Dressed Up For?
Artist: mywitch
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape
Kinks/Themes Chosen: corsets
Other Warnings/Content: a bit o' leather, dripping willy
Medium: digital art
Artist Note: He dressed up for YOU of course. ;)

1st November 2017 06:17
Look at those luscious locks!
And he nailed it with that outfit! ;)
6th November 2017 03:11
Hee hee, thank you! I can just picture him primping in the mirror. ;)
1st November 2017 11:11
6th November 2017 03:11
Sev will be right over with smelling salts ;)
7th November 2017 23:27
Actually, I made a corset!Sev manip a few years ago... Still drooling on it sometimes :D
Free Period
8th November 2017 01:16
I remember seeing this before! It's fantastic. Amazing composition - I love everything about it!
8th November 2017 20:25
Heee, thanks! *blushez*
1st November 2017 15:13
Oh my.
6th November 2017 03:12
Your comment is short but sweet, unlike someone's... er... Well, I bet it's SWEET anyway... ;)
1st November 2017 20:51
Holy shit, oh my god! I followed the link from your journal and LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND! \o/

Severus looks amazing! Look at his thighs, Jesus! And his hair, and his boots, and his corset. And yeah, look at his big, leaking cock. Wow. This is gorgeous and naughty and I looooove it!
6th November 2017 03:12
Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it. I had a blast drawing him :D
1st November 2017 22:56
Gaaaah! That is excellent. I love the sultry expression!

PurpleFluffyCat x
6th November 2017 03:13
Thank you so much. He's looking at you like that because he doesn't even need legilimancy to know what you are thinking... ;)
2nd November 2017 00:14 - Just Who Has Snape Dressed Up For?
This is spectacular. Those boots, and that hair. And of course Severus' manhood can not be contained in such a small piece of material. Love this.
6th November 2017 03:14 - Re: Just Who Has Snape Dressed Up For?
Thank you. Those were the smallest panties he could find... ;)
2nd November 2017 08:42
gah! *IZ DED* You are a master! I love the hair and the heels! Thank you for sharing.
6th November 2017 03:14
Aw thanks! What a sweet comment. I'm glad you like it :D
2nd November 2017 21:14
oooooooooffff...! my dolls!

*fans self*

This is INCREDIBLE. so fucking hot that I just died died died.

Thanks for sharing.
6th November 2017 03:15
oh my dolls indeed! LOL Thank you, I'm delighted that you like it! :D
2nd November 2017 21:38
Dayaamm! Hella respect for being able to walk in dem boots!

Love the design of the corset! Leather suits him!
6th November 2017 03:15
He is a multi-talented wizard. *nods* :)
3rd November 2017 23:51
Ho-lee-crap he is gorgeous!
Every detail is fabulous, from his luscious locks to his high heeled boots.
And that CORSET!
Dayum, woman!
6th November 2017 03:15
Thank you sweetie - I'm so happy you like it. Your story is divine! :D
4th November 2017 12:41
Holy FRICK!!!

All for me??? Ah, you shouldn't have. But since you went to all that trouble, it seems a shame to waste it....

Seriously gawgeous, babe.
6th November 2017 03:16
ALL for you, babyduck! Thank you so much :D
4th November 2017 18:41
Damn. This is so gorgeous and hot, I can hardly articulate what it makes me feel. I love the corset, and the hair, and just. Everything.
6th November 2017 03:16
Hooray for the feels! Thank you, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it. :D
5th November 2017 19:20
OH, UNF!!! This is just insanely hot!
6th November 2017 03:17
Thanks, he really has found his calling, I think. International Male model... lol
7th November 2017 00:27
Merlin on a Firebolt. That's one way to warm up a cold, rainy evening. Doing the slow (very slow) perusal downwards, with a brief halt (ahem), and then Dem Boots. O. M. G.

Very much Wow!
7th November 2017 05:13
Thanks so much, your comment made me grin. I'm so happy you enjoyed Snape getting naughty!
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