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11th Birthday Bash: Dirty Drabble/Drawble Day 1 
9th April 2017 12:24
Welcome to the first Dirty Drabble/Drawble Day! Over the next six days, we'll be posting prompts for our debauched drabble/drawble challenge. Everyone's invited to pick up their pencils and see what sort of impure inspiration strikes. So, for today's challenge:

Rules? What rules?

To share your results, simply post them in a comment to this entry.

You need not use the prompt words/quote directly in your drabble. Allow the prompt to influence and inspire you any way it will.

By definition, a drabble is exactly 100 words and a drawble is a rough sketch equivalent. However, we're not going to be running anyone's work through a word counter here. Have fun with it!

And... GO!
9th April 2017 16:34 - Cake for Three
“Faster, just like that,” Severus whispered. The sound of flesh against flesh grew louder and more frantic. “Now kiss … No. With tongues, my girls. You know what I like.” He was completely erect, and stroking himself through his trousers. They really were a beautiful sight, like strawberries and honey entwined.

“Professor?” Luna’s dreamy voice was muffled. “If we go down on each other, may we each have a slice of your birthday cake?”

“We *are* dreadfully hungry,” Ginny agreed. “Though I’d rather like to swallow your cock.”

“Later,” he said, smirking. “For now, I have a few other things in mind.”
9th April 2017 17:29 - Re: Cake for Three
Oooo, naughty, naughty!
9th April 2017 19:53 - Re: Cake for Three
Those three are dreadfully naughty.
9th April 2017 17:38 - Re: Cake for Three
Oh my! Severus must have been a very good boy to get this sort of present. :)
9th April 2017 19:53 - Re: Cake for Three
He's the best kind of bad ;)
9th April 2017 19:17 - Re: Cake for Three
Damn, Severus is gettin' a lot of action in this comment (and post!) Bad girls...;)
9th April 2017 19:54 - Re: Cake for Three
You know he deserves all the action he can get!
9th April 2017 21:07 - Re: Cake for Three
Good to know that I'm not the only one who will do anything for a good piece of cake. ;)
10th April 2017 09:44 - Re: Cake for Three
You're in very good company with those three! They all have horribly sweet teeth ;)
10th April 2017 18:42 - Re: Cake for Three
Oh girls! Always looking for good things to eat. ;)

Well done!
12th April 2017 08:24 - Re: Cake for Three
Oh, this was the perfect image!
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