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Birthday Plans Unveiled! 
12th March 2017 16:16
This month marks Daily Deviant's 11th birthday! [insert obligatory "this one goes to eleven" joke here] InsaneJournal's unanticipated technical difficulties and down time delayed our plans for celebration, but they have most definitely not been cancelled. The party is still on! And since we don't want to rush through things, we've decided to extend the ball throughout the last two weeks of March and all of April.

Here's a sneak peek at some of our nefarious plans:

• March 19: Birthday Card Comment Kink begins!

For those of you who remember 2015's Kinky Kristmas: Comment Kink Edition, this will operate in the same way. Our members are currently putting in prompts for short, smutty pieces they'd like to see written or drawn. On Sunday, March 19 at noon U.S. Eastern time, the official Birthday Card Comment Kink post will go live. And then both members and watchers can have at those porny prompts!

• April 2: The Bad Porn Alphabet

The first of our pervy party games. You're curious now, aren't you...? ;)

• April 9-13: Dirty Drabble/Drawble Days

Each day, we'll issue a challenge for you to meet with a dirty drabble or smutty sketch. We had a lot of fun with this last time, so be sure not to miss it!

• April 16: the start of... ???

We'll play another game, with the opportunity to win a prize or two. More will be revealed closer to the date...

We'll have more detailed information about Birthday Card Comment Kink up in the next day or two. For now, help us get the word out about our big birthday bash!

12th March 2017 17:25
Hi there

Should we still continue to post our themed fics for April - during the bash or hold onto them?

12th March 2017 17:34
Ah, we announced a couple of days ago that the April prompts are moving to June. Let us know if you can't see the posts that are locked to members. IJ might still be uncooperative...
12th March 2017 17:59
Ah, I'm sure it's there. It's just me. I prob. just didn't read that bit. Thanks for taking the time to replying to me here.

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