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19th March 2017 00:01
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Birthday Card Comment Kink!

Our members have made birthday wishes for smutty little ficlets and sketches that would make their birthday very happy indeed. Now everyone has the opportunity to fulfill those wishes -- in the form of comment pr0n!

The birthday card is now open and awaiting your signature! It will remain open until the end of April.

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Got all that? Okay, good! Now...

26th March 2017 20:21 - Fill:

“What did I tell you about watching that pretty mouth of yours, Malfoy?” Ron said, working the straps of the gag behind Draco’s head while he sat on his naked lap.

Draco didn’t attempt to talk around the gag, but he did roll his eyes spectacularly.

Ron growled and accio’d the blindfold too. “Manners.”

Draco’s eyes widened as Ron raised the silk fabric to them, he shook his head, frantically.

Ron schooled his features and proceeded to put on the blindfold despite Draco’s protests. He had to remind himself this was a game, they were playing. He’d never get anywhere with Draco by being a pushover; not in bed or in play.

Truth was, it took him a long time to get Draco to say anything in bed. Ron was boisterous in his fucking--a little too boisterous he’d heard from others; flatmates, neighbors, passer-byers--and he liked when his partner was also vocal. Draco, who had no problem with sharing every little opinion he ever had, would clam up the moment he took off his clothes. The way Draco pursed his lips, the way he bit his lower lip when Ron teased him with his fingers and tongue; Ron knew it was about Draco’s need for control.

Ron took to the challenge like a Seeker takes to the challenge of the Snitch, with pinpoint focus and loads and loads of practice.

Nothing pleased him more than the sound of Draco Fuckin’ Malfoy begging him for… well for pretty much anything. That Ron had anything that Draco wanted was just mind-boggling to him, still.

And Draco did want it. Even with his mouth gagged, his eyes covered and his hands restrained behind the chair, Ron could feel the need seep from his every pore. Ron wanted to hear it, the struggle, the inability to stop. He wanted it to be a struggle, something he had to fight through. Nothing got Draco more heated than a fight.

It was the only thing that made sense of their relationship there in the beginning. Their passionate loathing sustained them for a bit, then the hatred turned to other passions and they lived off that for years. Now? Well, now they improvised, found ways to keep the passion alive. Ron found other ways to fight with Draco since most the things that used to work were resolved, compromised around or too repetitive to even instill a jolt of animosity. Draco found other ways to give Ron what he wanted by pretending he didn’t want it at all.

If only he’d convinced his cock of that fact.

Ron wet his lips as he watched the struggle Draco was having with his dick’s betrayal as it lengthened and grew rigid. And they’d barely begun.

He got on his knees before Draco, shimmying himself between his knees. Running his hand up Draco’s torso, chest, throat to the back of his head where he fisted a handful of the blond. Bringing his face forward so he could whisper hot in his ear. “What do you want, love?”

Draco wrapped his legs around Ron’s waist, pulling him tight to him with the muscles of his thighs.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”

Draco groaned.

“You want me to touch you?”

Draco growled and struggled against the restraints at his wrists.

“Use your words,” Ron laughed lightly, still at Draco’s ear. He slowly breathed his way down Draco’s body. Not touching him, not licking or teasing, just hot breath so Draco could sense where he was. Draco’s flesh stood at attention as Ron removed Draco’s long legs around his waist and draped them over his shoulders instead.

Draco moaned and fought against the gag by lashing his head and trying to slide the straps with his shoulders.

Ron laughed again, this time the breath of it hit Draco at the tip of his cock before Ron took it into his mouth, running his tongue along the slit, tasting the precome.

He moaned loudly. “Taste so good, Draco.”

Draco’s breath was heavy. Ron could feel his struggle, his struggle to be free, to touch and taste, his struggle to demand. He pulled Ron back down to his crotch with his knees at his shoulders. Instead of taking Draco’s cock in his mouth again, Ron licked at his balls.

“Rrrrrrr,” Draco sputtered around the gag.
26th March 2017 20:22 - Re: Fill: part 2
Ron reached for the lube and slicked his fingers. Draco stilled, not sure what he was hearing, where Ron was going to strike next. Ron ran his tongue along the vein on Draco’s shaft while he swirled his slicked fingers around Draco’s hole.

The sounds coming from Draco weren’t words, but they were struggling very hard to become them. They started in his throat in a guttural snarl and sputtered and splattered out of his stretched lips. Ron smiled around Draco’s cock and added pressure to his fingers’ strokes at Draco’s arse. Draco thrashed madly.

Until Ron slid one of his fingers inside him, until he took Draco’s cock deep down his throat. Then Draco stilled and Ron felt a heat and an energy coming from Draco that almost burned to the touch. Ron stopped what he was doing and looked up. Draco’s smile was dangerous, predatory and there was no gag to hide it. The gag hung loose around his neck along with the blindfold.

Ron staggered back, still on his knees. “Wha… How…?”

Draco stood up, his wrists free as well. He pushed Ron onto his back and pounced on top of him in one fluid movement. “Magic, arsehole. Now, fuck me already!”

Ron struggled under Draco, not because he wanted to be free, but because Draco obviously wanted to see some fight in him. He grasped Draco’s chafed wrists and threw Draco off of him with a jerk of his hip, pinning him to the ground. “Manners, Malfoy.”

Ron ground his cock against Draco’s and Draco growled.

“Fuck me, please,” he amended, rolling them back over and reaching for the lube. He straddled Ron and began stroking Ron’s dripping cock with the thick substance.

“So bossy,” Ron panted, as Draco slid down his length.

“Fuck.” Draco spluttered. “You talk too much.”

Ron bit his lip, willed himself to remain silent as he clutched Draco’s hips and thrust his hips up to drive himself deeper.

“No... I like it,” Draco added.

Ron smiled. “I like this,” he said, as Draco rose and fell on his cock over and over. He took Draco in his hands and began stroking. “And I like this… a lot.”

“It’s… rather… fond… of… you… too,” Draco staggered out as he increased his speed, his eyes closed.

“Just it?” Ron said, matching his strokes to Draco’s.

“My arse thinks you’re pretty alright as well.”

“Feeling’s mutual, love.”

“Yeah? What else?”

Ron reached up with the hand not wrapped around Draco’s cock and swiped his thumb along Draco’s lips. “Big fan of these.”

Draco took his thumb in his mouth and sucked it as he threw his head back, blissed and ready to come. And as he did, as Ron did, they didn’t talk, but there was a hum, almost like a purr that worked its way from Draco’s chest, to his mouth and Ron’s thumb, along Ron’s arm; resting in Ron’s chest and blooming there.

He sighed.

When it mattered, his lover knew exactly what Ron needed to hear.
26th March 2017 21:17 - Re: Fill: part 2
Oh, that was just lovely. Super hot, and I love the little glimpses of their relationship we get throughout.
27th March 2017 11:20 - Re: Fill: part 2
Thank you!

26th March 2017 21:42 - Re: Fill: part 2
I love how the years have clearly tempered their relationship, yet that intrinsic urge to fight and not give in remains.
And how you managed to make Draco snarky even while gagged was amazing. *g*
Love Ron's thoughts here. It's obvious they care a lot for each other. :)
27th March 2017 11:22 - Re: Fill: part 2
These two are always too passionate to let that go with age. ;)

And haha, the snark is strong with Draco, no matter what. ♥

Thanks for reading and commenting! It means the world to me. ♥ ♥
27th March 2017 07:00 - Re: Fill: part 2
Oh, this is utterly gorgeous. I love this pairing and this is a beautiful glimpse of later on, but with references back so you can watch the development. It's a wonderful read!
27th March 2017 11:23 - Re: Fill: part 2
Thank you so much! I'm glad the relationship worked for you!

27th March 2017 10:02 - Re: Fill: part 2
Oh my god! OH MY GOD! You wrote Ron/Draco and I'm dying!!!!!!!! I love it, I love how it's always so intense and delicious, the way he touches Draco and how we can see glimpses of their relationship is amazing.

And oh my god, you wrote Ron/Draco! I don't know why I'm so surprised! LOL
27th March 2017 11:26 - Re: Fill: part 2
Haha, well this pairing is a rarity for me. In all my years writing HP, most of them including Ron with many, many people, this is only the second time I've even toyed with the idea of him and Draco. ;)

What can I say, the little ferret is growing on me. Finally!

Thanks for reading! Your opinion means the world to me! ♥♥
27th March 2017 11:38 - Re: Fill: part 2
Oh man, that was screaming hot and wonderful. I love how well they know each other, and how their relationship has adapted over the years. Fantastic! Thank you!
27th March 2017 12:20 - Re: Fill: part 2
Thank you! And thank you for leaving such an intriguing and delicious prompt! ♥ ♥ It was a pleasure writing.
27th March 2017 23:32 - Re: Fill: part 2
You don't how excited I was to see my OTP make an appearance! And this fic didn't disappoint! I especially loved when Draco broke free--that whole exchange afterwards was so them. Well done!
28th March 2017 00:45 - Re: Fill: part 2
Thanks! I'm glad it worked for you! It's taken me a while to warm to this pairing, but now I sort of want to devour it all! ♥♥
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