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19th March 2017 00:01
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Got all that? Okay, good! Now...

23rd March 2017 21:59 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [1/3]
Title: Safe, Warm, Loved
Pairing: Oliver/Marcus
Kink(s): Safeword, Aftercare
Other Enticements: Sex Toys, Spooning, Dick Warming
Notes: I think someone said that this confused ID is actually [info]kittyaugust (something truly odd happened there to the name on the comment!). I hope this is fluffy and sensual for you. <3 Happy DD birthday!

Marcus is gorgeous splayed out like this, a light sheen of sweat beading on his skin. His arms are stretched above his head, fingers wrapped around the slats of the bed, a Gryffindor tie wound around his wrists to hold him in place. His knees are bent, heels almost to his bum, lifting his hips from the bed. Breath makes his chest heave, shuddering out again, his cock thick and rigid, dripping from the tip.

Oliver twists the plug and pushes it past Marcus’s tight rim. He runs his hand over Marcus’s thigh, waiting for the moment when he relaxes so that Oliver can push the plug in all the way, seating it carefully. “Green?” he asks, and Marcus nods, eyes closed.

“Yeah,” Marcus grunts. “‘M’fine. Get on with it, Wood.”

Oliver coughs, and Marcus grumbles. “For that,” Oliver tells him, “we’re going with a blindfold tonight. If I can’t trust you to be respectful, I can’t trust you to keep my eyes closed.”

“Why not just fucking gag me?” Marcus mutters.

Oliver runs a finger across Marcus’s bottom lip, pressing just inside as a blindfold ties itself around Marcus’s head. “I might, later, but I want the option of what I’m going to gag you with,” he says lightly. “Besides. I want you to be loud tonight, Marc. Tell me how it feels.”

“Yes, Sir.” The words are tight, bitten off. Marcus’s hips shift, seeking friction. Oliver grants him a small touch, ghosting his fingertips over the length of Marcus’s shaft, then pulling away as soon as Marcus thrusts.

“Patience,” Oliver says. He summons the box he’d set aside in the other room, where Marcus wouldn’t see it before tonight. He reaches in, pulls out the clamps he’d selected, palming them in his right hand. With his free hand, he teases Marcus’s nipples, pinching until they’re both hard nubs, then fixes the clamps in place.

“Fuck….” Marcus whispers.

“Still good?” Oliver asks, waiting until Marcus nods.

Oliver has two strings of clips, and he places each set carefully, pinching tiny bits of skin from armpit to waist. There’s not an ounce of fat on Marcus; he’s built as a solid wall of muscle, honed from hours on the Quidditch pitch.

Marcus whines softly as the last clips are placed, his breath shallow and even. Oliver places a hand on his chest, feels the steady beat of his heart. He’s learned to read his lover, to know when Marcus has slid into that space beyond words. A low whuff of an exhale, and a lazy inhale.

Oliver pinches the skin just below Marcus’s nipple, and his hips jerk.

He’s ready.

A spell flips Marcus in place, twisting him until he’s knees down on the bed, a pillow under his shoulders for support, his arse high in the air. Marcus’s fingers flex, and he grunts as he lands, head bowed low. Oliver pauses with one hand on Marcus’s back, waits for any response, and when he gets none, he moves on.

His cat o’ nine tails lands in his hand, his fingers wrapping around the well-worn leather. Oliver runs his fingers down the strands, checks the knots at the end to make sure everything’s in good condition. He raises his arm, flicks his wrist as he swings, and snaps the cat to strike Marcus’s raised arse.

Marcus grunts, swaying with the impact, bright lines of red striping his skin.

23rd March 2017 22:00 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [2/3]
Oliver gives him a rhythm at first, pulling back on the inhale, lashing out as he exhales. Marcus matches his breath with the way he sways, the low grunts and groans. Marcus’s prick hangs heavy, a thin drip trailing to the bed. Oliver keeps the rhythm while Marcus escapes from his head, sinks further into his own space.

Then he begins to vary. Holding back, delaying until Marcus whines low in his throat, then delaying all over again. Two strikes quickly, across the shoulders instead of the arse, drawing the tips of the leather down Marcus’s spine and up again. Tickling as well as lashing, listening for the sound of the low whine, the guttural groans.

Marcus twists, pulls against the ties on his wrists.

Oliver paints stripes across his back, peppers welts across his thighs.


Oliver hesitates at the one word, the strands hanging just above Marcus’s back. Marcus bows, head down and back arched, breath rushing fast.

Marcus never speaks when he’s down. Never.

Oliver rests a hand on his shoulder, leans in close. “Marc. Color.”

No response.

Oliver’s fingers trail down Marcus’s spine; Marcus shouts, twisting against his touch as he hits the base of his back, near the thick knot of scarring.

“Fuck, red.”

Oliver drops the cat on the floor, vanishes the blindfold. He scrambles to get the ties undone, drags Marcus to lie on his side as Oliver lies facing him. Oliver frames his face with his hands, lightly touches his eyelids. “Open up.” Oliver keeps his tone low. “Marc, come on, look at me. What’s wrong?”

“Fuck.” Marcus’s breath rasps too fast, shivers setting in. “Fuck. I just… fuck.”

Oliver summons the blankets, wraps them around Marcus tightly. He gathers him close, tugs him so that Oliver can sit against the headboard, Marcus cradled as much as he can on Oliver’s lap. “Shh,” Oliver whispers. “It’s okay. Wherever your head is, you’re not there, Marc. You’re here. With me. Our bed. Our house. It’s 2008. You’re here. With me.”

Marcus’s fingers bite into Oliver’s arm, digging in and clinging to him. Oliver pets his back, rubs circles into the nape of his neck. Waits for the breathing to calm. When a breath shudders out without being gasped back in, Oliver leans down, presses a kiss to Marcus’s forehead. “Hey,” Oliver says softly.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Marcus mutters. “Fuck. Sorry. I shouldn’t have—”

“No,” Oliver cuts him off. “If you needed to stop, we stop. That’s what red is for, and you don’t have to tell me why if you don’t want to.”

“You sure?” Marcus’s gruff voice is uncertain, and Oliver knows that even now, ten years after the war, there are still things buried deep in his mind and heart.

“I’m sure.” Oliver tugs a little at the blanket. “Mind sharing the blanket now? I’m getting cold out here.” When Marcus moves, Oliver is able to tug the wrap free and slip under the covers.

Marcus rolls over obligingly to be the little spoon, letting Oliver press close behind him. They’re almost the same height—Marcus is only a couple inches taller—but Oliver feels sometimes as if he’s half the size. Marcus is broad, thickly packed muscle, while Oliver is rangy. Like this, though, it doesn’t matter. He can toss one leg over Marcus’s, press his hand against his stomach while he rests his forehead against Marcus’s back. His fingers slide across Marcus’s skin, still sticky with the residue from his leaking cock.

Marcus whines softly, pushes his hips back against Oliver. It presses the plug into Oliver’s hip, pushing it into Marcus, and Marcus groans.

“Color,” Oliver murmurs into Marcus’s shoulder, as his hand slides lower, and he wraps his fingers around the base of Marcus’s thick cock.

“Green.” Marcus’s voice is rough, his hips shifting to press into Oliver’s touch. “Fuck, feels good. I don’t des—”

23rd March 2017 22:00 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [3/3]
“Shh.” Oliver bites down on the thick of his shoulder, holds for a moment until Marcus relaxes. “Just let me do this for you, love.”

Oliver strokes Marcus’s prick, rolling over the head, using a tight fist just the way he knows Marcus likes it. He takes his time, lingering over the sensation, until Marcus bucks into his touch. Oliver pauses, shifts his hips so he can rut lightly against Marcus’s arse, his prick sliding against the slick mess surrounding the plug.

“Fuck, good….” Marcus pushes back, and Oliver bites back a whimper of his own.

“You’re so good.” Oliver strokes him harder now, lets Marcus move easily. Every shift of Marcus’s hips means Oliver slides against him. He goes faster with his hand, encouraging Marcus to fuck into his grip, slowing only when Marcus groans loudly and spills over his hand.

Marcus rolls over, moves down so that he’s under the blanket, buried while he takes Oliver’s prick into his mouth. He sucks lazily, holds him there like a pacifier. Oliver runs his fingers through Marcus’s hair, idly stroking to the nape of his neck, then his cheek. When Oliver lifts his hips, Marcus strokes with his tongue, and Oliver groans. “This is supposed to be for you,” he reminds Marcus.

Marcus pulls off without emerging from the blankets. “Green,” he says firmly. “And I want to….” His voice trails off, but his fingers are on Oliver’s prick, lightly touching him.

“You just want my dick in your mouth,” Oliver says quietly, and he feels Marcus’s nod against his thigh. “Okay. Can I come?”

“Yeah,” Marcus whispers.

It’s slow and lazy the way Marcus sucks him off, swallowing everything and keeping going until Oliver is soft. Then he just lies there, head on Oliver’s thigh and Oliver’s prick in his mouth, soft and warm. Oliver threads his fingers through Marcus’s hair, massaging lightly, and lets him be warm under the pile of blankets.

“You feel safe?” Oliver asks quietly, and Marcus nods again. And that’s all Oliver needs to hear. Safe, warm, loved. That’s all they need.
24th March 2017 06:43 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [3/3]
Oh, gods, so thrilled you wrote this. It's wonderful. Trying not to think about what might have happened to Marcus to make him go somewhere that needed a safeword to get out.

I love the way you write these two. Perfect.
24th March 2017 16:50 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [3/3]
Thank you. <3 They're a rare pair, but one of my favorites, and seeing them requested was like MINE. *grins* And Marcus reeeeally just doesn't wanna talk about it. Which is how this ended up being written from Oliver's POV. :)
24th March 2017 18:29 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [3/3]
Yes! This is one of my favorite pairings of all time, so I love any fic I see with them, but this was an especially sweet moment. Great work! Thank you for sharing!
25th March 2017 21:06 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [3/3]
It always makes me happy to find someone else who loves Marc/Oliver. I'm so glad you enjoyed this. Thanks!!
25th March 2017 21:40 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [3/3]
OMG! So tender and a bit achey and then all that care and devotion and I am a mess of love for this!!

26th March 2017 10:19 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [3/3]
<3 <3 <3 Thank you so much!!
29th March 2017 21:23 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [3/3]
Gorgeous and perfect. I tried to write something for this before you claimed it, but I hated it. This is so much better. Need to read more about these two, especially these specific two. Very nice.
7th April 2017 14:01 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [3/3]
<3 Thank you. I'm sorry I sniped it away from you when I claimed it! The world needs more with this pairing. If that's what you were writing, you should still totally finish/post it somewhere!!
7th April 2017 20:23 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [3/3]
I didn't claim it, so it was still up for grabs, and like I said, I really wasn't happy with what I ended up with. Maybe I'll throw it at Kabal and he can help me work out the kinks. Heh. No pun intended. ;)

Besides, I don't read nearly enough of these two, and I loved your angle.
18th May 2017 03:02 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [3/3]
Holy wow. I am so sorry I missed this when you first posted it (life was being demanding and I took a little unscheduled break from pretty much everything).

This is amazing and everything I could have asked for when I left the prompts. Utterly brilliant. Thank you!
18th May 2017 12:27 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [3/3]
No worries, believe me, I totally understand. I'm glad you found it (what happened with your username on the prompt? OMG) and that you enjoyed it. I am guessing you probably weren't thinking sub!Marcus when you suggested that pairing, but I really hope you liked him. <3
18th May 2017 14:09 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [3/3]
Lol, I have no idea what happened. I signed up for IJ just before it went down and when it came back up new users from the 24 hours prior had all be mangled and purged and I had to sign up again. I only just joined to join DD and the timing was the worst, apparently. I am a curse.

I loved subby Marcus! Although, that said I'll take these two pretty much any and every way I can get them. I actually really liked the way you played with the expectations here, with Oliver noting how much larger Marcus feels 'cause he's broader etc but it still working perfectly with their dynamic in the scene. Just delightful.
18th May 2017 17:03 - Re: Aftercare [FILL by Member] - Safe, Warm, Loved [3/3]
Yeah I was figuring you got caught in the mess when the server went poof. :( Ugh, that just sucks for timing!

Oh yay, I'm glad you loved him. I have this whole huge headcanon for Marcus and I really like to write him with either Oliver or Percy. And I really adore getting to write things where the sub doesn't necessarily fit the popular perceived notion of what a sub has to be. Thank you SO MUCH for the prompt that let me play with one of my favorite rare pairs. <3 <3 <3
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