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19th March 2017 00:01
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Got all that? Okay, good! Now...

20th March 2017 20:28 - Re: First Time / Loss of Virginity (Slash) - FILL [2/2]
“Did you...?”

“Yeah…” a fresh wave of shame made him cringe, “I’m sorry, I just...I’m not…” Not what? Experienced enough? Partially true, partially not, if those couple grope fests he’d had thus far counted for anything. But even without saying it, Draco’s eyes told him he understood.

The elder man’s thumb came up to trace Teddy’s swollen lips, his brows knitting in concern. “Is this okay, then?” he asked softly.

Meaning what they’d been doing together, presumably. And what they’d most likely been intending to do, had Teddy not ruined their chances. Meaning was it okay for Draco to be inviting a boy half his age--a virginal one, no less--to be taking part in such activities? That almost hurt more than the embarrassment, because he couldn’t stand for the man to think that he’d somehow done anything wrong, nor that this was such new territory for Teddy that he couldn’t possibly have known what he was consenting to. Draco looked so worried about him now, so worried over what they’d just done, and he couldn’t have that! He couldn’t allow him to think, somehow, that he hadn’t wanted this with every fibre of his being!

“Of course! It’s great, actually...”

Draco smirked, then, at the eagerness in his partner’s voice. Seemingly placated, his demeanor shifted once more, back into the sultry vixen that had had the youth reaching his end as quickly as he had, and at the sight of the expression crossing his face, Teddy felt his breath catch in his throat. A nimble hand slid down to rest at the small of his back, encouraging him to arch forward, till they were grinding together yet again, if only for another brief moment. But it was enough for him to feel just how hard and ready Draco still was for him, and because of that, despite having to stifle a hiss at the sensitivity in his recently spent prick, Teddy found himself with renewed arousal already pumping through his veins.

“I expect it wouldn’t be too difficult for a man your age to get it up again.” His denomination of choice made Teddy’s chest swell with pride, and he nodded emphatically in reply, because he knew all too well how true that statement was. “How about I go say a quick goodnight to my guests, and then you meet me upstairs for round two?”

Teddy couldn’t believe his ears. Draco was still interested, even after what had happened, even after he’d admitted how inexperienced he was...He couldn’t manage anything other than an excited “Y-yeah, that would be brilliant!”, to which his elder’s grin merely broadened, before he graced him with another quick peck to the lips. Then they were separating to compose themselves--to right their clothing, conceal their respective wet spot and straining erection, finger-comb their hair--and with a little wave, Draco was off. Teddy watched him leave, eyes understandably trained on his fine arse as he sauntered away, and thanking his lucky stars that, for all his fumbling, he hadn’t managed to lose it completely.
20th March 2017 21:42 - Re: First Time / Loss of Virginity (Slash) - FILL [2/2]
Oo, this was so sexy and fun! I love the idea of Draco and Teddy rutting against a wall, and Teddy's voice here was great. :D
21st March 2017 17:58 - Re: First Time / Loss of Virginity (Slash) - FILL [2/2]
Wall sex is...kinda my thing? I've noticed recently that I actually write it quite a lot. Haha! xD Thanks, hun!!
21st March 2017 07:13 - Re: First Time / Loss of Virginity (Slash) - FILL [2/2]
Oh, bless. Poor mortified Teddy, but how could Draco really resist him? Lovely.
21st March 2017 17:59 - Re: First Time / Loss of Virginity (Slash) - FILL [2/2]
Yes, poor baby. <3 But Draco is certain to make it all better. ;) Haha! Thanks!
21st March 2017 08:24 - Re: First Time / Loss of Virginity (Slash) - FILL [2/2]
Poor Teddy, in over his head. Good thing Draco doesn't seem to mind. I bet the next round will be even hotter.
21st March 2017 17:59 - Re: First Time / Loss of Virginity (Slash) - FILL [2/2]
Ooooohhhh yes, you can certainly bet on that. ;) Thanks!!
27th March 2017 13:10 - Re: First Time / Loss of Virginity (Slash) - FILL [2/2]
I love how Draco makes it all okay for him. Very sweet and hot. :D
27th March 2017 15:00 - Re: First Time / Loss of Virginity (Slash) - FILL [2/2]
Aww, thank you! Draco was once a young, nervous virgin, so I'm sure he more than understands.
28th March 2017 08:29 - Re: First Time / Loss of Virginity (Slash) - FILL [2/2]
Oh this is just DIVINE! (apologies for the late comment/reply--I just returned from a trip to Iceland and wasn't online the entire time away)

Wow, wow wow! I am sooooo into Draco/Teddy and thank you my dear for your interest in this pairing as well since I believe you've filled prompts of mine in the past with this pairing. I just LOVED your Teddy. So perfect, eager and sweet and so full of lust for Draco. All that hotness, followed by the shame and embarrassment was just perfect.

I love how this happened at a party, how Teddy and Draco just couldn't wait--it really adds to the urgency of it all. And then your precious virgin Teddy--gosh I just love it all!

Oh and of course Draco, so sexy and yet sweet and understanding. Encouraging his younger cousin while also comforting him. The ending was just PERFECT!

Thank you so much for writing/filling this for me! <333
29th March 2017 13:27 - Re: First Time / Loss of Virginity (Slash) - FILL [2/2]
Hey, no worries! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D (And I hope you enjoyed your trip, too, that sounds awesome.)

To be honest, you are actually pretty much the soul reason I've written Draco/Teddy. Haha! So when I saw you were asking for them, I was like "Yeah, I got this." <3
9th April 2017 01:42 - Re: First Time / Loss of Virginity (Slash) - FILL [2/2]
OMG! I feel sooooo awkward for Teddy! And so relieved that Draco was so tender with him. This was just very lovely. ♥♥
10th April 2017 16:48 - Re: First Time / Loss of Virginity (Slash) - FILL [2/2]
Aww, thank you! It's rare I ever get to write truly tender moments with Draco, haha, so I had to seize the opportunity.
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