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19th March 2017 00:01
Greetings and welcome to
Birthday Card Comment Kink!

Our members have made birthday wishes for smutty little ficlets and sketches that would make their birthday very happy indeed. Now everyone has the opportunity to fulfill those wishes -- in the form of comment pr0n!

The birthday card is now open and awaiting your signature! It will remain open until the end of April.

Please read the information and instructions before you sign our birthday card:

• Request fills must be a minimum of 200 words (if fic) or a sketch equivalent (if art). The maximum for fic is what fits into a single comment box.
• Since fills will be short, we're not going to be strictly policing the rating of each piece. Just remember this is Daily Deviant and we want to see some sex!
• Each request may be filled twice -- once by a member and once by a watcher.
• When filling a request, leave it in a comment directly in a reply to the request you're filling.
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• Additional prompts may continue to appear, so do check back!
Commenting, interacting, and generally having fun is welcome and encouraged!! Fandom is all about interaction with like-minded perverts people. Let's enjoy some friendly, smutty celebrating! ;D

Got all that? Okay, good! Now...

20th February 2017 00:26 - James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex
Please porn up my birthday card with:
Kink(s): Drunk!Sex
Anti-Kink(s) (AKA Squicks): rape/non-con
Prompt: Their true feelings always come to light when they drink.
25th March 2017 19:29 - FILL: James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex
Title: One for the Road
Pairing: James/Sirius, established Sirius/Remus, James Lily
Kinks: Drunk!sex (but not as much as intended, sorry) voyeurism, fellatio
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1,200

They all blamed Lily, but it didn’t matter, she happily took the credit. Even if she knew, it was really Remus who discovered by happy accident and then careful reenactment, the exact concoction that got Sirius and James in just the precise frame of mind, lowered inhibitions and heightened sensations; that let them forget all the pesky reasons why they shouldn’t.

It wasn’t because only one of them was gay, or that they were both madly in love with other people, it was that on most days, and for most of their lives, James and Sirius were best mates, were like brothers. It was a hard hurdle to jump.


But, there were nights like tonight; nights where the moon was a sliver in the darkened sky and the talk of days gone by and ‘remember whens’ between the two turned from stories to flirting, to foreplay for anyone paying attention. Lily and Remus were always paying attention. Sirius’ eyes would shine in a particular gleam and James would giggle, he’d giggle and Lily would look to Remus who had his own shine because what Remus loved more than anything was watching the people he loved happy. Lily just liked watching.

So, she nodded to Remus, and Remus nodded back and then went to the collection of bottles and goblets and created one last drink to serve his two very best mates. The drinks, like the others poured, tasted of Firewhisky but there was a soft aroma of motor oil and leather, of training rooms after a match. They were drunk enough to not question the drinks being delivered, but clever enough to know anyway. They’d look at each other, challenging each other to either take the drink and change everything for this brief time or put the drink down and most likely regret it for long after.

They drank. They always drank.

As they sipped slowly, in no rush, they continued to talk, to flirt. Only now when Sirius pushed into him with his shoulder when James had said something funny, he lingered. James’ hand stayed a bit longer on Sirius’ back when he whispered something in his ear. And that whisper, whatever it was, would begin it. Sirius’ eyes no longer gleamed, they smoldered, there was a hunger in them that made Remus dizzy and put Lily at the edge of her seat in the corner of the room where they watched.

It started slow. Sirius turned his head, looked at James, his lower lip in between his teeth. James’ hand went from between Sirius’ shoulder blades to his throat, then to his jawline, pulling slightly as their lips met. That first kiss was slow and tentative, Sirius mirroring his hand on James’ jaw, licking his lips when they pulled away. They gave each other a look and Lily would catch it and she’d gasp a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. The look was reassurance, an agreement and a shared hunger. After it, the moments rushed together in pulling and pushing, clawed fistfuls of clothes pulled off and thrown away. James pulled Sirius to him, sinking on his back, pulling Sirius on top of him with his hands and his mouth, hungrily tasting him.

25th March 2017 19:30 - Re: FILL: James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex (part 2)
Lily brought her glass to her lips. It smelled of nothing and only tastes of Firewhisky, but the burn of it reminded her she’s alive, that she’s more than eyes and parched throat, that she had needs, desires. She reached for her wand and cast a few wordless spells to conceal herself. Not because she’s averse to being watched herself, but because she doesn’t want anything to disrupt this scene, to take their attentions from each other.

She recognized James’ expression, how fond he was of having people he loved straddling him, to feeling their yearning for him in between their legs and she knew exactly how Sirius was feeling. The world was narrowed and pinpoint to this man below him, pleasing him, tasting him, touching him, causing him to fall apart with your mouth, your hand, your body.

As Sirius slowly worked his way down James’ body with his mouth, his tongue and his teeth, Lily walked her fingers along the same trajectory, lingering where he did, paying attention to the same pieces of sensitive flesh on her body as Sirius did on James’. And when James moaned and whimpered, she felt it in her throat. When Sirius took James’ cock in his hand, stroking his thumb over the slitted top, Sirius’ growl was echoed in Remus’ throat.

Lily tore her eyes from the men on the sofa to look at Remus. He did likewise and his whole face radiated devotion and peace as he smiled at her. He looked completely relaxed, completely satisfied and he wasn’t touching himself at all, almost as if he was no longer aware he had a physical body. She admired his restraint and immediately stopped doing what she was doing with her fingers and the soft fabric of her knickers.

It could wait.

The boys across the room could not. James had been reduced to begging by Sirius’ tongue along the vein of James’ shaft. “Please, my love.”

Lily smiled. Lucky for them all she was a good sharer, first her husband, then his pet name for her. The spell was broken for a moment as Sirius looked at her. She nodded and echoed James’ plea. “Please, my love.”

Sirius licked his lips, smiled wickedly and Remus whimpered. For a moment, Sirius watched Remus as he took James into his mouth and hollowed his cheeks against him. Lily could feel Remus’ temperature rise and a bit of his serene gaze was shattered as he watched Sirius work his mouth up and down James’ cock.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” James chanted, fighting his hips’ urge to rise up and drive his cock deep down Sirius’ throat in his need to come. Sirius, sensing his hunger, took him deeper, sucked harder until James screamed his orgasm and Sirius swallowed it.

Neither of them heard or paid attention to the gasps from the other side of the room, or the approach of Remus, who barely allowed Sirius to remove himself from James before pulling him to his feet, thrusting his clothes at him.

“Thank you for having us,” he mumbled to the room in a rush of words. “Thank you for...uh…” he looked from James to Lily and back. “...everything.”

He grasped Sirius who was laughing too hard to get his clothes back on, but with a turn and a pop, they were gone.

Now it was Lily who was laughing. Laughing at Remus’ obvious need, at Sirius’ predicament and at James’ confusion, like he’d just come to and was completely disoriented.


Lily came to stand beside him, offering her hand. “You have no idea how beautiful you are when you’re coming apart, do you?”

“I am?” he asked, taking her hand and sitting up.

“You are. We enjoyed watching it from afar.”

He stood up. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” she kissed him. “But now I want to watch close up.”

He kissed her, lifting her up with all the strength he had left. As she straddled her legs around his waist, he walked them to the bedroom. “As you wish,” he said between kisses.
25th March 2017 20:44 - Re: FILL: James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex (part 2)
OMG, this was just amazing!! I loved the side James/Lily and Sirius/Remus and how Remus and Lily were not only okay with everything, but basically engineered it. I liked that they all clearly got something out of Sirius and James hooking up.

UNF, and the connection between James and Sirius, that deep bond, and the way you showed things building between them with the flirting and the touching and foreplay. Just perfect. <3
26th March 2017 13:43 - Re: FILL: James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex (part 2)
Thank you! Years ago I wrote a Kinky Kristmas foursome with these characters and the head canon sort of stuck. ♥♥
26th March 2017 10:08 - Re: FILL: James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex (part 2)
Oh wow, this is fascinating and lovely, with Lily and Remus pushing them together and the way they touched and flirted and moved slowly past that. Wonderful sharing!Lily and confused!James.
26th March 2017 13:44 - Re: FILL: James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex (part 2)
Thank you! Years ago I wrote a Kinky Kristmas foursome with these characters and the head canon sort of stuck. ♥♥
26th March 2017 21:37 - Re: FILL: James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex (part 2)
Just gorgeous.
I love that Lily and Remus not only allowed but orchestrated the tryst.
And the sex is delicious, but what comes through even more is the love, the caring.
Wonderful work!
27th March 2017 11:16 - Re: FILL: James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex (part 2)
Thank you! I just can't see James or Sirius without Lily and Remus and in my head, Lily is a freak who always gets what she wants. ;)

27th March 2017 10:00 - Re: FILL: James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex (part 2)
That was smoking hot! I love it, I love that Lily and Remus quietly made everything happen, just sat and watched those two beautiful men being delicious together. Amazing!
27th March 2017 11:16 - Re: FILL: James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex (part 2)
Who wouldn't want to watch that?!?!?!

27th March 2017 13:11 - Re: FILL: James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex (part 2)
Phew, I love Lily and Remus watching and encouraging them! *fans self*
27th March 2017 13:22 - Re: FILL: James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex (part 2)
Hee, pervy buggers! ♥ Bless them! ♥

Thanks for reading!
27th March 2017 23:12 - Re: FILL: James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex (part 2)
Unf, yesssssss! This was AMAZING! I've always been a lowkey James/Sirius fan, and this piece reminded me that I need to read them more often. So hot, and I LOVED Remus and Lily watching! Such a sweet relationship the four of them have, I'm really interested in the dynamics of it, and I kind've want more now, haha.
28th March 2017 00:34 - Re: FILL: James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex (part 2)
Awww! Thanks!

I *did* base the dynamics of this story on another story I had written years ago about all four of them having... shenanigans.

Double Date if you still kind've want more. ;)
28th March 2017 13:56 - Re: FILL: James/Sirius - Drunk!Sex (part 2)
!!! Yes, I do need more, and I'm off to read it!
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