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Kinky Kristmas 2016 Information Post 
8th October 2016 23:33
Our behinds are running behind, so it'll be a bit of a tight schedule, but -- Kinky Kristmas 2016 is a go!

Here are all the dates, rules, and other information you need in order to play along and get your Kink on this Kristmas. The format is returning to the usual this year, so this post is largely a copy/paste from Kinky Kristmases past. But for those who are new to the game – or those who'd just like a refresher since it has been a while and all -- here are the down and dirty deets:

The Basics

Our members work hard all year 'round to provide the fandom with quality kinky pr0n, and they deserve to be on the receiving end in December. They'll be making smutty wishes for fics and art that would make their holidays happy, then both members AND watchers will get to claim and fulfill those wishes.

We're excited to give our watchers an opportunity to take part in thanking our members and to participate in the comm with us. And who knows -- we might even find a talented new member or two! (We love it when new blood comes right to our front door; it's even better than pizza delivery!)

Once again, Kinky Kristmas will be double-blind anonymous. The wishes will be posted anonymously and the claiming will also take place anonymously. Only we mods will know which wish is whose and what writer (or artist) has whisked it away (try saying that three times fast). All pieces will be submitted to the mods (dd.mods@gmail.com) for anonymous posting throughout December. Author/artist reveals will take place in early January.

The Specifics

Shortly we will put up a post asking members to begin submitting their wishes. This will be done through screened comments to the post. We'll continue collecting wishes for five days.

At noon U.S. Eastern time on Saturday, October 15 we will post a numbered list of all the wishes and claiming will begin. Claiming will also be done though screened comments to the post. Each participant may claim one wish to fulfill, and claiming will be on a first-come-first-served basis. Once claimed, a prompt will be struck from the list. Our members will have a 24 hour "head start" to make claims before watchers may begin.

Participants will have just under seven weeks to create their works. (Yes, that's a week or two less than usual, but it's still plenty of time to whip up a short'n'porny. Besides, we all know most of us don't start writing/drawing until a week before the deadline anyway... ;P) All pieces are due by Friday, December 2. Requirements for fic and art are the same as all other months on the comm. Fic must be a minimum of 1,000 words and art must be a finished piece. Both fic and art must merit at least an R rating (though the more debauched the better!). Watchers' fics must fit into a single IJ post. No crossovers permitted. Headers and other submission guidelines will come later.

Both members' and watchers' pieces will be posted anonymously throughout December beginning on Sunday, December 4. At this time the names of the wishers/giftees will be revealed, so everyone will get to find out for whom they've written/drawn. Author/artist reveals will be posted in early January.

Right, that should just about cover it. We look forward to seeing another great collection of fabulous, kinky fic and art this holiday season!
10th October 2016 09:06
Hurrah, my fave fest :)
10th October 2016 18:45
Yay, glad to see you again this year! ;D
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