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Art: Snort 
5th April 2015 12:48
Title: Snort
Artist: [info]akatnamedeaster
Media:Pencil on toned paper
Characters/Pairings: Severus/Sirius, Buckbeak
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: coitus à cheval (Bucky is half horse, so it counts)
Warnings: Outdoor sex and...non-con, for Buckbeak anyway who doesn't look like he gave consent to this or maybe it was coercion. Maybe Sirius bribed him with a pocket full of dead ferrets and lump sugar and now he's having second thoughts and worried about them ruining the upholstery, not to mention his reputation if any of the other hippogriffs fly by.
A/N: Back from a much needed hiatus. Apologies for the silly.

5th April 2015 17:54
OMG! Buckbeak's expression, though! LOL, you totally nailed it! This is so great. :)
7th April 2015 16:07
Thanks! I think that expression was easy for me since it's one that I wear a good 75% of the time. ;)
5th April 2015 18:38
Ahahaha, Buckbeak's faaaaaaaace. That is perfect. :D
7th April 2015 16:08
Thanks! Poor Bucky, the indignity of it all.
5th April 2015 19:45
Oh, babe, I'm still laughing. His face! Priceless, priceless. You are a genius. Brava!!!
7th April 2015 16:09
Poor critter, friendship has its limits. Thanks boo! :)
5th April 2015 20:02
LMAO! I clicked and could only see the top part and was like "yum", and then scrolled down and busted up laughing. XD
7th April 2015 16:10
Hehe, I was hoping someone would have that reaction since I tried to stack all the characters just so. :)

5th April 2015 21:05
HAHHAHAHA!! OMG! Buckbeak is PRICELESS! My eyes went from Sirius to Severus and then I saw Buckbeak and I burst out laughing! Lolol! It's perfect, I want to hang it on my wall!! *grabby*

Sooo much <3333333333333
7th April 2015 16:11
Ha! I would pay to see the reaction to a guest seeing that hanging on the wall! ;)

Thanks honey!
5th April 2015 21:22
OMG! Poor Buckbeak!!! I love the look on his face! Sirius is so very lucky that he got close to Bucky or I have a feeling the poor hippogriff would be having none of THAT, thank you very much! (No matter what the bribe!)

7th April 2015 16:12
Indeed and as it is, Severus and Sirius may have a long walk home once Buckbeak's had his fill. :)

5th April 2015 22:53
Buckbeak has a very Sam the Eagle look going on, which makes it even better. Love the tapping talon. :D
7th April 2015 16:12
Eee! I'm flattered by the Sam the Eagle association. :)

6th April 2015 07:38
LOL! Oh my! That expression is priceless!
This is gold!
7th April 2015 16:13
Thank you, when I saw the theme this month I couldn't help myself. :)
6th April 2015 12:31
That is just fantastic. All of the expressions are absolutely priceless.
7th April 2015 16:14
Thank you. After seeing the theme, I couldn't help but imagine what a disgruntled hippogriff might look like, never mind the two riders. :)
6th April 2015 13:31

7th April 2015 16:15
Thanks! Glad it tickled you. :)
6th April 2015 16:32
Oh Buckbeak. He's very 'are you done yet?' XD
7th April 2015 16:16
That he does and by the looks of it, if they don't make it snappy they may find themselves sprawled out on the ground. :)

7th April 2015 16:59
LMFAO this is hilarious, I love Buckbeak's expression! You are so good.
8th April 2015 00:02
Thanks. :) It's not often I get a chance to draw grouchy hippogriffs. :)
7th April 2015 20:37
LOL! Buckbeaks expression is hilarious.
8th April 2015 00:01
Thanks! I can only imagine everyone would look like that if they had a couple of wizards...okay, well, maybe not everyone actually.
8th April 2015 04:21
Ahaha! Like everyone else, I adore Buckbeak's resigned grimace (and his symbolically-raised tail and his tapping claw). But Sirius and Severus have some fine expressions of their own!
8th April 2015 12:28
Ah, the things we do for our friends. Although, that tail may be used to whap someone and hurry things along. :)

Thanks, Kelly!
8th April 2015 11:56
Buckbeak's expression made me laugh out loud, and I love the added detail of the tapping claw. 'Would they just finish already so I can preen my feathers???"
8th April 2015 12:29
Poor Bucky may be looking for a nice lake to take dip in after they're done, so much the better if they're still on his back at the time.

Thanks! :)
8th April 2015 13:13
LOL Oh my god, Buckbeak's face! Like, he's resigned. Like this is a common occurrence and he's, 'God, they are at it again.' Brilliant.

I love Sirius' dreamy expression, and Severus' too. Awesome!
8th April 2015 14:29
Thanks! Yeah, it seems like there's not too much he can do about it other than snort, ah well, hopefully it'll be a quickie. :)

9th April 2015 00:39
LOL! Too funny. At least two of them are enjoying themselves...
9th April 2015 00:47
Hey, two outta three ain't bad! :)
12th April 2015 00:30
omg your Buckbeak is adorable! and so unimpressed, lol!
12th April 2015 02:21
and so unimpressed

Yeah, well, he's seen bigger. ;)

14th April 2015 17:49
Buckbeak's expression is just priceless, lol. I also like that Severus is clearly enjoying himself. :D
14th April 2015 17:54
Thanks! :)

I also like that Severus is clearly enjoying himself.

I'll bet those feathers feel nice and soft on the bits. ;)
29th April 2015 18:58
I was hoping that someone would do this prompt, but had not anticipated Buckbeak (inspired) or such a resigned expression on his face. Charming!
29th April 2015 20:29
Thank you. :) Poor Buckbeak, don't they know how expensive it is to get feathers dry cleaned?
19th May 2015 23:49
Oh god, the look on Buckbeak's face!
2nd June 2015 12:37
He's a very grumpy hippogriff.
2nd June 2015 19:08
"If he asks if it was good for me, too, I'm gonna buck him off into the lake first chance I get."

That is soooo priceless!

And Snape - just lovin' it. *g*
7th June 2015 21:31
Oh, I think that's going to happen regardless. :)

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