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25th February 2015 07:51
Everything about this is just gorgeous! Your writing, the smut, the boys, their backstory and relationship and the turn it takes in this scene. I love how Oliver sees Percy, and how Percy just shines under the attention. He seems like the most covetable person in the world under Oliver's adoring gaze, and Oliver's clear-eyed generosity is so sexy and appealing, I can't even. Your Oliver makes me go weak at the knees! I love the similarities between them — their driven personalities — and it makes me wonder how things might have turned out if Percy had felt less like the odd man out in his own home, with less to prove.

And all that pent up need and longing was gorgeous, too. It was so satisfying to see everything click so sweetly into place, and also rather satisfying to see Oliver choose Percy's company over the twins' at the end. :)

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