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Comic: Life of the Party 
27th August 2014 00:22
Title: Life of the Party
Artist: [info]akatnamedeaster
Media:Pencil on paper
Characters/Pairings:Severus/Sirius, Molly, Arthur, Remus, Tonks, Kingsley
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: salirophilia: deriving sexual pleasure from dirtying or disheveling one's partner: tearing clothing, covering in mud, messing hair or makeup, etc.; especially the "ruining" of a very attractive partner
Warnings: Rough sex, wall!sex, half-dressed!sex, cupboard!sex, jealousy, language, explicit nudity
A/N: Many thanks to [info]r_grayjoy for helping put some words in their mouths.

27th August 2014 04:49
LMFAO I don't even have words for how hot hysterically funny this is. And perfect for the two of them! :)
28th August 2014 23:12
Thanks! They are indeed the perfect subjects for jealous, angry shtupping, quickly followed by stupidity of some sort. :)
27th August 2014 05:27
Oh. My. God. I was getting all worked up with the hotness and then...BAM! Belly laugh!

I especially love the faces on pp 5-6, and on the last page :)
27th August 2014 05:28
And when they fall through the door....
28th August 2014 23:14
Hehe, yeah, kinda cheated on the porny bits there, but really, the situation was calling for that sort of resolution. :)
27th August 2014 07:48
HAHAHAHA!!! Oh no!! I can't believe you did this, bebé! Just when it was getting so hot! Lololol! Sirius with his ribbon o top of his head, and his face! And the babbling. And Severus' pants, omg! Lololol! This was just, *laughs* Loved it! <33!
28th August 2014 23:14
Thanks! Nothing that will break up the hotness like getting caught with your pants around your ankles, balls deep in someone's bum. ;)

Glad you liked it!
27th August 2014 14:03
LOL this is HILARIOUS!!!!

I loved Sirius all flustered. They really came out of the closet</i> cupboard with a bang, didn't they? XD

28th August 2014 23:15
Ha! Certainly a memorable coming out for the witnesses.

2nd September 2014 13:58
I am so sorry for such a badly coded comment. I promise to be more careful next time. It's just that IJ doesn't show you your comment if you comment & log in at the same time. Still though. Sorry!

But loved the art and coming here to say this was the best excuse to enjoy it all over again. :)
2nd September 2014 14:02
Oh no problem, I blame IJ's lack of an edit button for that!

Thank you so much for commenting not once, but twice! This was one of my recent favorites, so it's very heartening that you liked it enough to read it a second time. :)
27th August 2014 14:42
That was frickkin' hysterical! No wonder you were so pleased with how it was going - it was awesome! Brava!!

I'm still laughing. Sexy, hot, (for some reason, Sirius' meandering hair bow had me giggling like a loon. Also, Remus, biting back his laughter in the next to last panel was pure gold. Heck, it was all pure gold! This was a masterpiece, sweetie!
28th August 2014 23:17
Thanks Teddy. Remus has obviously seen a lot. ;)

Glad you liked it, it was a fun one to draw.
27th August 2014 19:21
ROFLMAO! Hot AND Hilarious! *g*
28th August 2014 23:17
Thanks! Porn and humor are my favorite combo. :)
27th August 2014 19:28
The moment the door falls open! I had some serious attacks of laughter reading this.
28th August 2014 23:17
Yay! I'm glad you liked it, thanks! :)
27th August 2014 22:52
OMG, I laughed so hard I was wheezing. It's a good thing Severus is sexy and brave and smart and all those other things, because he's also an almighty dick and a half. Although I must say, Sirius will apparently forgive a lot for a nice cock up the arse.

But their faces! The way Sirius' eyes bug out on the bottom of the third to last page. (I may have shrieked a little.) And Severus in thundering flight may be the ugliest version of him I've ever seen you draw (which serves him right, and I may have to deduct points from the "brave" column for the way he ditches Sirius).

Sirius with burning cheeks and the bow in his disheveled hair is adorable. And I love how hard Remus is trying not to bust out laughing while Sirius says his goodnights. And how Kingsley is perfectly positioned to get the best view when the closet door pops open and they fall on their faces with their arses in the air. Then the last panel of everyone dissolving into giggles is priceless.

Oops, how could I forget - the long panel of Severus asserting his claim, just before his hand slips and unlatches the door, is beautifully sexy.

After this, Sirius would be justified in making Severus sleep on the couch for a week. Ordinarily I'd say he could use another spanking, but he'd probably just see that as a reward. ;)

Hilarious and delightful!
28th August 2014 23:23
he's also an almighty dick and a half. Although I must say, Sirius will apparently forgive a lot for a nice cock up the arse.

Eh, Sirius has plenty of those moments himself. Dicks of a feather and so forth. ;)

Thank you, this one was a lot of fun to draw, a little bit of sex and lots of goofy expressions.

I may have to deduct points from the "brave" column for the way he ditches Sirius

Aw, come on. Dark Lords and possible sudden death is one thing, but this situation is beyond the pale.

I'd say he could use another spanking, but he'd probably just see that as a reward.

If anyone in this situation has a right to send anyone to the woodshed it's Arthur, since they both keep having sex in his house during gatherings. ;)

28th August 2014 01:03
HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA and aaaaa haaa haa.
28th August 2014 23:23
28th August 2014 01:05
I love how this went from hot and angry to screwball comedy. The final frame where they're all cracking up with Severus' undies is the icing on the cake. But they found a reason to skip going to the next party.
28th August 2014 01:08
P.S. I'm back to say more: Love the bow in Sirius' hair and how it becomes increasingly askew, their matching shocked faces when the door comes open, and Severus hot-footing it away from the scene of the crime.
28th August 2014 23:26
I think it's safe to say they've both been dis-invited to any birthday parties, bar mitvahs, or wedding receptions for the near future. Or not, who knows? Maybe Molly and Arthur were just grateful for the live entertainment.

Thanks, I' glad you dug this one. :)
29th August 2014 01:37
LOL! Oh, that's great. :D
29th August 2014 05:06
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. :)
31st August 2014 17:53
OMG - I nearly choked I was laughing so hard! Fabulous work as always - both story and art. Dare I ask if there will be a follow-up or do both of them simply expire from embarrassment?
31st August 2014 18:07
*g* Thank you, this one was just purely fun for me to draw. :)

Dare I ask if there will be a follow-up or do both of them simply expire from embarrassment?

Hmm, I wonder what that would be, you know, other than Sirius smacking Severus in the back of the head for running out on him.

I do imagine, it will be some time before they accept an invite anywhere.
5th September 2014 02:23
OMG! From unbelievability hot - and I must say, those are two of the finest backsides I've seen in a while - to roaringly funny. Love Snape's precipitous exit, and Lupin! He knows Snape too well.
5th September 2014 13:01
Thanks, what can I say, I love drawing butts! ;)

Remus knows both of them way too well and it remains an endless source of amusement to him. :)
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