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ART: Dirty Little Secret (James/Albus - NC-17) 
23rd May 2014 23:05
Title: Dirty Little Secret
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Intuous Pro tablet, SAI, PS CS5
Characters/Pairings: James/Albus
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Incest
Other Warnings: Buttsex~
Artist's Notes: Ohhhh my god, this month was so good, theme-wise?? I wanted to do everything + the alternate pairing... But you know I can never resist incest, so... :))) This took forever, by the way; glad I'm done with it. Decided to give my boys a bit of a redesign, though; especially James. I like iiiit. Anyway, there's a link to the (huge) full size and... yeah!
Art Preview:

(2000x2000 px)
23rd May 2014 21:42
This is so sexy, I love the dusting of freckles on their backs. And that tattoo on James', his eyes, his beard. And everything Albus. :D His hair, his nails, his lip ring, his ear rings, the planes of his shoulders, his feet. Ohhh. Delicious.
27th May 2014 10:10
Thank youuu! As always, I loved drawing the details, so I'm glad you like them :))
23rd May 2014 21:57
Gorgeous work as usual! I love Al's posture and James's tattoo. Brilliant!
27th May 2014 10:10
Thank you!! :)
24th May 2014 02:09
God this is just crazy hot and I love what you did with James here! Sexy tattoo and awesome hair :)
27th May 2014 10:11
Thank you! James looked so boring before, and I wanted to practice drawing this hairstyle, so I thought... why not? And then I went on and on, and I really like him now :D
24th May 2014 09:41
Such pretty boys! I love their expressions, the hair, the steadying hand, and also Albus's feet are just delicious with that tension in them.
27th May 2014 10:12
Thank you! I'm kind of proud of Albus' expression, especially, so I'm glad you like them :))
25th May 2014 22:52
Oh, wouw, this is gorgeous! It's taking me two days to be able to see it, cos my internet stinks and the picture is big, so it wouldn't load. :P But it was so worth the wait and the many attempts! I always love your Al, and he's perfect here! Gorgeous piece, bebé! <3
27th May 2014 10:13
Ahaha, yeah, that would take a while to load, especially with slow internet. Glad you got to see it and weren't disappointed :) Thank you! ♥
26th May 2014 23:26
Your stuff is always fabulous but this is just luscious. Al's posture, that tilt to his rear is just... *bites fist*
And James! Damn. I've never seen him like this before. He's clearly all take charge and in control. Unf.
Great job!
27th May 2014 10:13
Eee, thank you :)) They've always looked like boys before but I really wanted James to look a little more grown up and - yeah - take charge, so I'm glad that worked! ♥
28th May 2014 01:24
Guhh, this is yummy! Love how they didn't manage to get all their clothes off. :)
28th May 2014 08:56
Thank you!! ;) Yep, they were in a bit of a hurry. *g*
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