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30th December 2013 21:00 - Kinky Kristmas Fic: Tease (Harry/Scorpius)
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]train_tracks
From: [info]lilmisblack

Title: Tease
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Scorpius, brief mentions of some Harry/Draco UST
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Affair, age disparity
Other Warnings/Content: toys, anal
Word Count: 4100
Summary/Description: It’s all a game to him, and I’m too weak to resist it.
Author's Notes: Happy holidays, dear giftee, hope you enjoy the story! I’m not sure there’s enough angst here, but I hope the sexy times make up for it ;D

I can feel him looking, always. He’s like a presence in the back of my head, burning, calling, making it impossible to think straight. It’s been four hours, four terrible, interminable hours of pretending not to notice, trying to ignore him. It’s all a game to him, and I’m too weak to resist it.

It’s hard to keep track of who I’ve already spoken to, or even maintain an intelligent discussion, but I nod, and smile, and let Ginny carry the weight of the conversation. Here, surrounded by people, she’s at her best. This party was her idea, after all. My first Christmas as Minister, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to throw our own party, make contacts, establish relationships. I could happily do without any of it.

Particularly him. Scorpius Malfoy.

I’ve lost track of the conversation again, but I catch a few glances from the rest of the group, so before they try to draw me back in I mumble an excuse, kiss Ginny on the cheek and make my way to the bar, set up especially for the occasion. The waiter smiles and pours firewhisky into a glass. I’ve stopped here often enough tonight that he doesn’t need to ask. When he tilts the bottle up I motion for him to pour some more. I’m going to need it if I’m to survive the rest of the night.

Scorpius has barely spoken a word to me tonight. He’s been nothing but polite, charming and proper since he arrived. At least to the untrained eye. But I can see right through him. I’ve had six long months of practice.

We live in times of peace, and the Department of Magical Law Enforcement isn’t as busy as it used to be, back in my day. That is why the best assignment for a smart, powerful and ambitious Auror who hopes to one day become Head of the department is running security for the Minister of Magic. Me. And with enough contacts, and I suspect quite a few bribes, also, even a young Auror fresh out of the Academy can get the job.

I down my drink and turn around, and tell myself I’m looking nowhere in particular, taking in the party that is still in full swing. In reality I’m looking for him, despite my better judgement, and as usual it takes but a second for my eyes to find him. It takes another second before he feels me watching from all the way across the room, then his eyes are on me, and his lips twitch into an almost imperceptible smirk that I know all too well. I scowl and look away.

The first few weeks I thought I was imagining things. He was new to the job, still learning the ropes; it was hard to tell what was normal behaviour and what wasn’t. His attitude was very much what one would expect from a Malfoy, cocky, self-assured, somewhat enthralling, if I was willing to admit that to myself. But there were other things, too, like how he always stood so bloody close, leaning even closer whenever he spoke, keeping his voice low enough that I had to move closer still, keep my eyes on his lips to make out some of the words. And he kept touching me, brushing past me, handing me reports instead of leaving them on my desk. Small things, nothing improper, but put together enough to make me pay attention.

And those robes, those stupid bloody robes I’d seen and worn for years, they’d never looked like that on anyone else. They clung to every part of his body, the broad shoulders, the lean but defined arms, even his fucking arse whenever he leant forward, which he did more often than any one person should. And always with that smirk.

I’m a good man, or I try to be. I’m good at my job, I care about my family, and I love my wife. But I’m also a man, and I was never very good at self-control.

The first time I lost control was on October 10th. I was in Bulgaria for three nights to meet with their Minister. Scorpius, in charge of my security, was there as well. We were staying in adjoining rooms; he assured me it was for security reasons. By then I’d endured months of his teasing, less and less subtle every day, and I was barely holding on. Just knowing he was sleeping in the next room was enough to keep me awake. But it wasn’t enough for him. The first night I learnt how well sound travelled in those rooms, and suspected he had done something to ensure it. I heard every sigh, every moan, every wet slap of his hand on his cock. For what felt like hours. That night I spent so much time in the shower under the freezing water that my lips turned blue long before my cock softened.

The second night I heard him moan my name. Not even the cold water would help; that night I came all over my hand. The next day I couldn’t look him in the eye. Not because of shame, but anger. He thought it was a game, something to pass the time, teasing his boss, driving him mad with want, making him wank to the thought of him. I remembered the freedom of youth, the thrill of being desired, remembered how good it felt to do whatever I wanted. But I couldn’t play his games. I wouldn’t risk my job, my family, wouldn’t betray my wife to amuse him. And at the same time I feared what would happen, what I would do, if I confronted him.

Then came the third night, the last meeting with the Bulgarian Minister, drinks to celebrate finding common ground, then more drinks, just because. It felt nice to forget my worries. That night the Auror in charge of my security deemed me too unsteady to Apparate. And side-apparition requires close contact, and in his case it meant pressing against me, front to front, and Apparating in the hallway by my hotel room, pressing me against the wall, leaning forward, lips a breath away. So of course I lost control, of course I grabbed his hair and spun and pressed him against the wall instead, of course I pulled him to my lips, took his mouth like I wanted to take his body, making him submit to my kiss, cede control and just take it.

It took everything I had to finally pull away, to stumble into my room and close the door behind me.

The second time I lost control was on November 17th. I still don’t know what made me act that way. I was in my office late, finishing some paperwork, when he came in. I don’t know what he said, I was almost used to his comments by then; I don’t especially remember if he looked any different, if he did something new to provoke me. I’m still not entirely sure he didn’t use some kind of spell to make me act that way. All I know is that one moment I was signing a report, and the next I had him sprawled over my desk, legs spread and pulling me closer, mouth open, back bent in an arc, and his hard cock pressed to mine through layers of clothes as I rocked into him. Then the fireplace lit up green, and I jumped away from him in a daze, trying to appear calm and collected and taking longer than was normal to turn and walk to the fire, to my wife asking me when I was coming home.

After that night I did everything I could think of to get him reassigned. But he was good at his job, and my contacts clearly weren’t as powerful as his contacts, and I couldn’t very well fire him without any kind of reason or explanation. But I wouldn’t let the cocky little bastard win. I was a grown man. I could control myself.

The third time I lost control was on November 20th. He found out I was trying to get him reassigned, of course he did, and he wasn’t happy. So he confronted me. He was furious, his eyes ablaze, and I was furious, at myself, at him, I’ve no idea. But there was something in the way he shouted, and the way I shouted back, something that reminded me of my youth, of Hogwarts, like his father once, he knew how to make me lose control, how to make me forget reason, I was blinded by anger, and shame at what I’d done, and I wanted to take it out on him. For five long months he had done nothing but tease me, torture me, invading my every thought, making my cock jump to attention like a randy teen. And at that time, paying him back in kind seemed like a good idea.

So I pushed him against the wall and rocked against him, and kept his hands wrapped tight in one of mine over his head, so he couldn’t touch, and kept my mouth an inch from him, so he couldn’t kiss, and I whispered back all the filth he’d been tempting me with for so long, and I made him beg for my touch, beg me to kiss him, beg me to let him come. I rocked into him, pressed against his cock, until his breaths got ragged, until his eyes rolled back, until his hips jerked, until he was ready to come. And then I walked away.

The fourth time I lost control was December 14th. After the last encounter, I’d done my best to stay away from him, and for a few days he allowed it, probably waiting for me to lose my mind again, to make the first move. When that didn’t work he went back to teasing, tempting, provoking. This time it happened during a meeting. He was sitting across from me. We were discussing some security issues with his supervisor and a few other Aurors when I felt his foot moving up my leg. Slowly. Inexorably. Then he pressed against my cock. He chanced a glance at me then, his lips twitched into the slightest of smirks, before his attention returned to his supervisor. He kept massaging my cock, and at the same time trying to draw me into the conversation. And there was nothing I could do about it, not with the other men there, so I grit my teeth, and tried to focus on what they were saying, and tried to press my legs together, and for an eternity I held on.

The windows in my office rattled when I finally got to him, but this time it wasn’t desire driving my actions. I wrapped my hand around his neck and pushed him against the blinds, and in my calmest, coldest voice I reminded him of who I was, how I’ gotten to where I was now, and what I was capable of. I was done with his games, and I made sure he understood. Then I enjoyed ten days of peace.

I thought he had finally got it, that he had given up. Now I can see he hasn´t.

In a room full of people he teases me, with the subtlety of the first few weeks, and I feel my control start to slip again. I don’t want there to be a fifth time, I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull away again. So I look away from him and go back to my wife. And she smiles at me as I approach, and reaches out and pulls me closer, and walks me to the centre of the room to dance. For a little while I focus on her, enjoy her arms around me, the scent of her perfume, the softness of her body. I don’t understand how I can love her, and at the same time want Scorpius the way I do. How can I be so weak?

Then she freezes in my arms, and curses under her breath, and I let go of her and turn, follow her gaze. The reason why I curse is different. Across the room, by the bar, are James and Hugo, and Scorpius and Draco Malfoy. They’re drinking, and smiling, and talking, and even from a distance it’s clear there’s more. It’s so clear that even Ginny sees it. Draco has his back to me, but I can see Scorpius’ teasing smile that I know all too well, now directed at my son. I can see him lean closer to James, his arm reaching to punch James’ shoulder, playful, and I see James blush, and smile, and I know the expression all too well, we look so much alike.

Before I know it I’m striding across the room, and Scorpius sees me and his eyes widen, his lips twist, then he frowns in mock confusion and mutters, “Minister?”

“Follow me,” I growl, ignoring my son’s questioning glare, and Draco Malfoy’s outraged gasp. I’ve had enough.

I walk into my study, and a flick of my wand has the door banging closed as soon as Scorpius is through the threshold. Locking and silencing spells come next.

He stands by the door, smirk firmly in place, and I stalk closer, push him back against the wall, press my hand to his throat, lean forward. I’m at the end of my rope.

“What in Merlin’s name do you think you’re doing?”

His eyes widen when I tighten my fingers around his neck, but I see the fire in his eyes. He got just what he wanted. Like he always does.

“You will stay away from my son,” I say, my voice low, trying to impress upon him just how serious I am. “If you ever go near him again…”

“You’ll what?” he interrupts. “If you won’t fuck me, then maybe he will.”

I press fully against him, hard, and he gasps. “So that’s what you’re after, then? A fuck?” I rock my hips against his, and tighten my hold on his throat. I don’t know where the words are coming from, or the aggression, but I feel him melt under my touch, and I know this is what he was looking for.

“Yes,” he says, his voice rough, and I feel the tremble from his throat on my fingers. “I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me so hard I’ll feel you for days, I want you to fuck me until I can’t take any more, then I want you to fuck me again.”

My hips jerk at is words, and whatever sliver of self-control I had left I use to pull away from him. I take two shaky steps and fall into an armchair, bury my head in my hands and try to breathe.

But he won’t let me, he’ll keep pushing until he gets what he wants. He’s a Malfoy, after all. He gives me a second or two, then walks towards me and straddles me. He pulls my hands away from my head, moves them to the armrests. Then he rocks his hips, grinding his cock into mine. He’s as hard as I am.

“It’s what you want, too,” he says into my ear, and I shiver. “Why fight it?”

I open my mouth to reply, and he kisses the words away, his tongue making me forget any objections I could have. When he pulls back we’re both breathless. He keeps rocking his hips against mine as he leans closer, whispers into my ear.

“You shouldn’t worry about me and your son. It wasn’t me he was blushing for.”

I grab him by the hair and pull him back, so I can see into his eyes.


“You haven’t noticed the way my father looks at him?” he asks, with a smirk. “I’d be surprised if they don’t end the night in the same position as the two of us.”

I try to find my words, try to make sense of what he’s saying, but I can’t, not with the way he’s pressing his cock against mine, not with the way he’s looking at me, not with the way he gasps when I pull his hair harder.

“I’ve see him look at you that way,” he says, barely loud enough to hear. “I guess James is the next best thing.”

I’m about to say something, I’ve no idea what, but he leans forward and kisses me again, and the words melt away. It’s as if his kisses are toxic, erasing all rational thought from my mind, leaving only need. Or perhaps it’s all that firewhisky.

“I always wondered, did you ever fuck him? Back in school?” he asks, as his fingers make quick work of my clothes. “My father, I mean.”

I shake my head, confused.

“Good,” he says against my neck. “I’m the better fuck, anyway.”

I jerk his head up by the hair and kiss him hard. I want him silent. I don’t want thoughts of fucking Malfoy in my head. I don’t need to think about how much they look alike, even more so than James and I. I don’t need to think about what it would feel like if it were not Scorpius, but his father with me now. Or in another room, with my son. So I kiss Scorpius with all the pent up anger and frustration of the last six months. He said he wanted me to fuck him, to fuck him hard. Perhaps I should just give him what he wants, see if then he’ll move on.

I keep one hand in his hair as I kiss him, enjoying the feel of the soft tresses between my fingers, and the way he moans when I pull. My other hand moves to his clothes, opening the clasp on his robes and letting them fall to the floor, then undoing the first few buttons, and popping the rest with a hard pull that makes Scorpius jerk in my lap.

I trace my fingers over his skin, soft, firm, young. So fucking young. What the fuck am I doing? I’m married, and I’m his boss, and he’s young enough to be my son. I’m ready to pull back, to push him away, to end this madness, but then his hand reaches inside my trousers, wraps around my cock, and I’m lost again.

“Fuck,” Scorpius moans, against my shoulder. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long. It’s been a nightmare, wanting this, having you so close,” he says, his hand slowly moving up and down my cock. It pulses at his words, my hips tilt up, and he has to know the effect his words have on me. “I couldn’t think straight, my cock got hard every time I saw you. Then, when I finally got a taste... Fuck. I jerked myself raw thinking about that night in your office. You were so close to giving in. Did you feel it, too? What would’ve happened if your wife hadn’t interrupted us? Did you go home that night and fuck her into the mattress? Thinking of me?”

“Don’t talk about my wife,” I say, too far gone to stop, too ashamed to admit it’s true. So instead I kiss him to silence him, and give his arse a hard spank to punish his words. That’s when I feel it, hard between his arse cheeks, and the way he jolts confirms my suspicions. I break the kiss and lean back. “What’s that?” I ask, even as my hand moves to my wand, and a simple spell leaves him naked in my lap. He smirks, and I reach behind him, twist the plug inside him, make him moan.

“It’s for you,” he says, as he rocks against my hand, my cock forgotten as he searches for his own pleasure. “Didn’t want to give you time to change your mind tonight.” He looks down at me, unashamed, and that smirk…

“You cocky little shit,” I murmur, as I pull the toy out an inch, then push it back in. His back arches, his head thrown back in pleasure, and I repeat the movement, feasting my eyes as he arches and bends, and rocks against me. “That’s it,” I say, “Fuck yourself with it.” He moves faster now, his hands on my shoulders to keep his balance, and I use both my hands to thrust the toy into him, loving the sight of his body, young and strong, his muscles stretching and contracting in pleasure. My voice is hoarse when I speak again. “Your cock,” I say. “Make yourself come.”

He groans, slides down harder, and then reaches one of his hands down, wraps it around his cock, pale skin on pale skin, matching the rhythm of the toy fucking his arse. And I can’t think any more, all I can do is keep moving my hands, harder and faster, and watch his body blush, watch him gasp and moan and jerk himself, watch the beads of come forming on his cock.

“That’s it,” I say, my voice so low, so gravely I can barely recognise it. “Come for me.”

And he does just that, with my name on his lips, not Harry, but Potter, and the way he says it reminds me of his father somehow, and as I watch his cock erupt, as I feel his come on my chest, I lose the last of my restraint. I don’t know how I manage it, I don’t think I’ve moved this fast since my Quidditch days at Hogwarts, but in a matter of seconds, while his body is still twitching from his orgasm, I jerk the toy out of his arse rise from the chair, and then we’re on the floor, and my cock is inside him, and I feel him tight and hot around me, and the way he groans tells me the toy hadn’t stretched him enough, and he’s quite happy with that.

I fuck him as hard as he wanted me to, as hard as I imagined fucking him so many times, harder than I ever fucked my wife. I pull his legs up over my shoulders and fuck him deeper, make him take every inch of my cock. And as I fuck him I feel him harden against my stomach again, reminding me how bloody young he is, and I grit my teeth and force myself not to come. I tilt my hips with every thrust, trying to find the perfect angle, and at the same time trying to provide his cock with enough friction between our bodies, his come from before making us slick, making the slide easier, making it all the more dirty.

I fuck him until his voice is raw from begging, until my back is covered by tracks made by his fingernails, until I can’t think of anything anymore, the world reduced to my cock inside him, and his cock between us, and my blood is boiling, and my breaths are so shallow my vision starts to blur, and somehow I’ve held on long enough that I feel him come again, feel his muscles like a vice around my cock, feel his body jerk, and then, finally, I let go.

The world comes back to me in a rush, but this time I’m too exhausted, and too sated, to care. My movements are almost lazy as I lean back, watch my cock slide out of him, then press the toy back into place. His eyes widen, and I can’t hold back a smirk of my own this time. I rise to my knees, then to my feet, and watch him for a few seconds, spread naked on the floor, his chest covered in his come, his plug holding my own come inside him. Too fucked out to tease any more.

I know this won’t be the last time.

I clean myself and rearrange my clothes with a quick spell while he’s still catching his breath.

“See you at the office on Monday, Auror Malfoy,” I tell him, as I make my way to the door. I can hear him summon his clothes in a rush as I open the door, and make sure he’s out of sight as I slip out and lock it behind me. Then I make my way back to the party, my steps lighter, my mind clearer, and a small smirk on my lips.
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