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21st December 2012 22:00 - Kinky Kristmas Fic: Merry Mistress (Abraxas/Eileen)
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]inamac
From: A Wonderful Watcher: [info]snapesgirl

Title: Merry Mistress
Characters/Pairings: Abraxas Malfoy/Eileen Snape
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: tickling, whips, feathers, autagonistophilia, erotic buffet
Other Warnings/Content: object insertion, spanking, submission,
Word Count: 2410
Summary/Description: Eileen wants to be a rich man's mistress and has a very thorough audition.
Author's Notes: Many thanks to [info]unbroken_halo for hand holding and beta reading. Thanks also to [info]florida_minxie for beta reading. Happy Christmas and I hope you enjoy your present as much as the players enjoy their parts.

While walking home from the woods near the creek, Eileen held her treasure close. She knew this old volume held her key to a better life. Practicality was how Eileen got herself out of an arranged marriage and into a relationship with a Muggle, and it was how she was going to improve her lot. Granted marriage to Tobias Snape was not one of her better ideas. His loss was not the gaping hole in her life others assumed it should be.

They'd been partners but ceased to be lovers when her magical nature was revealed. Poor Toby had no idea what he'd gotten into by marrying her. He'd honoured his vows to stay with her through sickness, health, poorer and worse. Then he had the good grace to keel over from a heart attack at work.

Her visit to the family bookshop in Wizarding York had gone better than planned. It had been a relief to not argue with her parents or her siblings. Being allowed to select a book as an early Yule present was a bonus. She patted the old book and sighed. This was her ticket to a richer and better life. Eileen didn't care if marriage was involved. All she wanted was some happiness, and maybe a nibble of Turkish Delight.

She entered her house and didn't bother to remove her coat or hat. Instead, she sat on the sofa and began to read her new book. Pausing to look at her small fireplace she sighed.

"No room for a proper Yule log. I wonder how much I can expand that with Wizard Space," she murmured. "Elizabethans had far more interesting customs than the Victorians. I supposed the lack of secrecy laws are part of the reason." She went back to her reading.

A day of reading left Eileen wondering if she could manage to succeed with her plan. It was too late to stop the owl she'd sent while in York. Her missive to the best-looking boy in her year at Hogwarts would have arrived by now. She went to a small side table and pulled out it's drawer.

A stack of photos clipped from newspaper articles looked up at her. Taking them out, she looked through them, admiring the changes in his features over the years. He was still a very handsome man.

"Who am I fooling? I can drape my meagre endowments in gold coloured coins and he will not notice me at his party. I'll be one of many." She tossed the pictures back into the drawer and began to pace. "I need something to make me stand out if I am to have any hope of becoming his mistress."

Eileen went back to the sofa and picked up the book. Her fingers stroked the cover. "Perhaps I can interest him in a few games like I suggested in my reply to his invitation."

She considered her options and eventually settled one. Eileen knew she needed a new dress if she wished to make a good impression at the upcoming party. Two weeks meant doing a lot of cleaning, peddling potions, or hoping she could transfigure one of her current day dresses into a proper costume for the fancy masquerade ball.

"Brewing potions is my best option. Pity Severus is at Hogwarts. He'd be helpful with the task." Eileen stalked to her kitchen and went to work.


The room was brightly lit and filled with people in fancy dress. Eileen reached up and almost touched her neck ruff. She left it alone and instead smoothed her skirts. Moving was a challenge while wearing Elizabethan clothing. Her small budget was a blessing for once because Eileen could only afford a bum roll and not the fuller skirts with a hoop to support them.

"What have we here?" The speaker was a tall male with silver blond hair. His costume was from the same era as hers.

"I am a simple lady-in-waiting." She lowered her head and dipped in a shallow curtsy.

"Who are you waiting for?" He smirked down at her.

"For the one who will amuse me." Eileen rose from her curtsy and smirked back at him.

He held a gold wrapped chocolate coin between two fingers and then tucked it into her bodice. "I can be very amusing."

"It will take more than a coin of the realm to amuse me."

"Is the lady willing to negotiate?" He led her onto the dance floor and pulled her close.
A waltz was being played. Eileen relaxed in his arms and let him lead her in the elegant dance. She smiled up at him when the song came to an end.

"Would you like some refreshment?" He offered her his arm.

Resting her hand on his arm, she nodded regally and allowed him to escort her towards the buffet.

"I have a true fondness for Turkish Delight."

"I remember." He chuckled at the look she gave him. "Eileen, there is no disguising your nose. It is as distinctive as my hair."

"Abraxas Malfoy, you will pay for your impertinence."

He quirked an eyebrow at her. "Indeed?"

"I see a vision of you wearing Turkish Delight," she snapped, shooting him a weak glare.

Leading her out of the room, he murmured, "Let us go someplace more private."

Eileen revelled at the light touch on the small of her back. She allowed her escort to guide her away from the party. They entered a dimly lit room and she turned to face him.

"Now for the unmasking," she asked.

"Not just yet." He pulled her close and kissed her. His tongue swept across her lips and she opened them for his gentle exploration. "It has been a long time."

"Sixth year at Hogwarts." She kissed him back. "You were taking advantage of your good looks and sampling all of the girls' favours."

"You say this like it was a bad thing." He nipped at her lower lip.

Fumbling with the fastenings on his doublet, she muttered, "Quit teasing and give me my amusement."

"You are just as insistent as you were back then. Doesn’t that Muggle take proper care of you?"

"He passed away five years ago, and I've not had Turkish Delight since Hogwarts. I want to eat sweets off of you." She managed to get her hand inside his codpiece and purred. Giving his cock a bit of a squeeze and a stroke, she said, "Ah ha, I knew there was a Yule log in here."

"Do you promise to lap up all of the cream?" His voice was husky with desire.

She tugged at the ties on her own clothing. "Yes. Yes, less talking and more disrobing."

"Let me do that, you are going to tear something." He helped her out of her skirts, bum roll, bodice, stays and neck ruff. "Women had to wear far too many layers," he observed as he undressed.

Eileen snorted while removing her chemise. She toed off her shoes and then rolled down her stockings.

"What is that?" She noticed him pulling something from his clothing and placing it on a table.

"A cracker." He beamed at her. "There is something I wish to see if you can still do."

"You sir, are a filthy, dirty, pervert." She grinned at him and spreading her legs, made herself comfortable on the fainting sofa.

"More than that, my girl." He tapped her on the thigh. "No sweets from me until you prove you have a nice strong grip." Abraxas picked up the cracker and lightly ran one end up her leg. His eyes danced with mirth when he eased the toy inside her soft folds.

She clamped down on it and released her muscles when she felt it move. Parting her legs further, Eileen canted her hips, begging for more. It felt odd to be fucked with the cracker, but not at all unpleasant. The crinkle of paper and her moans were the only sounds in the room.

Abraxas watched her closely. He traced designs on one of her thighs with his fingers while moving the cracker in and out of her body.

Eventually, there was a muffled pop as the cracker was opened by her muscles holding onto it while he tugged at the toy.

"How nice, we have some feathers to play with." He held up a long feather boa. "Shall I pluck them to use or just tease you like this?" Abraxas allowed one end to brush against her nipples.

Eileen gasped and wriggled. "No fair, I want to touch you."

"Life is not fair, and Malfoys always take the upper hand in any activity. If you wish to be my mistress, Eileen, you will let me have my way with you."

"I want to feel you," she pouted.

"You will." He flicked the boa like a whip and smirked at the way she writhed. "Are you ticklish?"

"A bit. Do you like to have your bum tickled with a feather?" She caught the boa and ran the feathers over her nipples.

"I can't say I have had the pleasure. How about you?" He used his end of the boa to tease at her clit.

"Fuck," she gasped.

"In due time. Roll over, girl." Abraxas patted her on the hip and she obeyed him.

Eileen heard him murmur something and wondered what he was doing. She felt feathers caress her bum and giggled. Her laughter turned into a gasp of surprise when he flicked the boa and it hit her as if it was a whip.


"It's still feathers and string," he assured her. "Do try to hold still." He began to spank her with the boa.

This was without a doubt the most unusual bit of play Eileen had ever participated in. Not that Toby had been adventurous, but a girl did experiment from time to time to relieve her boredom when her husband worked a long shift.

Eileen cried out and writhed some more. She pulled her hips tight to the settee and gasped at the sensation of upholstery against her bits.

Strong hands firmly grasped her hips and raised them.

"No bringing yourself off on the furniture, my dear," he chuckled.

She felt the settee move and groaned when he patted her bum. Her groan turned into a sigh of pleasure when Abraxas brushed just the tip of his cock along her slit. Eileen rocked back on her knees in an attempt to get more of him inside of her.

"Shh, let me lead." He tugged on her hair and then ran his hand down her side. Abraxas slid his hand around and over her belly then down to touch the dark curls. One finger brushed her clit while he thrust his cock in. "Nice and tight. Clench yourself around me."

"Oh," she yipped in surprise. Eileen found it hard to concentrate on using her vagina to grip his cock.

His moan let her know he liked what she attempted. "Now relax, good. Grip, like that. Yes, let me move." He stroked her clit and slowly eased his prick in and out of her. "I'm going to slowly fuck you, then I will spank you and tickle you with more feathers," he promised.

Eileen was happy to hear his plan. She fought for control and made herself move in a manner calculated to please him.

Abraxas rode her hard, then easy. He rotated his hips and pulled his cock all the way out before thrusting in deep. His movements ceased when she came. Ignoring her protests, he stopped fucking her and eased off of Eileen.

She felt the feather boa being dragged along her bits and sobbed. It tickled and it was not enough contact. Her protests earned her a spanking followed by more kisses from the boa as a whip. Eileen thought she was going to go crazy if he didn't put his cock back in her.

"On your back," he ordered.

Eileen moved onto her back and smiled up at him. "Like this?"

"No, like this." He lifted her legs and draped them over his shoulders. Abraxas slid his cock in and pulled out. The rhythm he set was fast and delicious.

She was close to coming for a second time. Eileen sobbed and rolled her head from side to side. He wasn't going to come, she knew he would continue to tease her. When she felt his fingers brush her clit, Eileen screamed and almost fainted. Abraxas plunged in deep and held still.

"Very, very good." His whisper made her smile.

Voice hoarse, she asked, "You came with me?"

"Yes, I did. Now for the most difficult part of your audition."

Her eyes popped open and she half sat up. "There's more?"

"Oh yes, one more thing before you get to have your fun with the Turkish Delight. I promised my guests meat too tender to eat." He smirked at her.

"What are you suggesting?"

"Accio wand." Abraxas reached up and caught his wand. He cast cleaning charms on them and stood up. "Come with me."

Eileen stood and held his hand. She frowned at the long table with a linen covering. "What do you want me to do?"

"I recall a young lady who enjoyed exposing her body to strangers. Does the thought still arouse you?"

She shivered and nodded her head.

"Get on the table and try not to wrinkle the linen. That's a good girl." He beamed at her when she was lying down in the center of the table.

"What next, Abraxas?"

"Just remain still no matter what." He summoned a house elf and ordered it to lie out a dessert buffet on her.

Eileen saw Abraxas pick up their clothing and sort the items out. She stifled a giggle when he put her things under the table and paused to sample a truffle from her navel.

He got dressed then inspected her. Nodding his head at the strategically placed puddings, tortes, truffles and biscuits, he smiled.

"You will do. Tomorrow, you get to eat off of me," he assured her. Abraxas vanished the fainting sofa then clapped his hands. The partition separating this room from the main one disappeared. "My guests, as promised, a buffet that is not only sweet, it contains meat too tender to eat." His announcement brought murmurs followed by polite applause.

Eileen half closed her eyes and contemplated what she would do to him tomorrow as she held still for the rest of the party.
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