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Kinky Kristmas Art: Hate is... (Sirius/Severus) 
27th December 2011 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]akatnamedeaster
From: [info]ghot

Title: Hate is...
Characters/Pairings: Sirius/Severus
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Included: First time, frottage, half dressed sex
Other Warnings/Content: Marauder Era [Characters are 7th year/over the age of 18.]
Artist's Notes: Well, I wasn't able to incorporate the prompt, "an unexpected gift", but I hope this can be a good enough gift to the prompter. Happy Holidays!
Art Preview:

27th December 2011 17:05
Umm, oh my. I couldn't care less that you couldn't work the "unexpected gift" prompt in because what you did work in is utterly gorgeous.

The boys look beautiful, I love those long skinny legs and the view we get of Sirius. Oh and the fact that they're half dressed and the blushing and the lovely way you have their bodies pressed together; it's very easy for me to fill in what's going on in the places I can't see!

And as always, your coloring is beautiful, your anatomy is solid, and their expression are just spot on.

Thank you so much Mystery Artist, I know what the new wallpaper is going to be on my laptop!
27th December 2011 19:30
They're both so lovely here. Sirius' hair, their skinny legs, their expressions. Just beautiful.
27th December 2011 19:47
Eeeeeeee. So very beautiful and sexy! The half-dressed sex is so hot omg, and I can't seem to tear my eyes away from Sirius's magnificent arse and legs.

LOVE this.
27th December 2011 23:53
Mmmm, this is gorgeous! I love the use of red here, love love love Sirius' arse and their expressions are devine. Oh! And I was just gazing at Severus' socks and noticed his curled toes. That is lovely.
28th December 2011 02:08
mmmm, love the half-clothed pretty boys! what a lovely arse, Siri! Severus' look of ecstasy is wonderful.
28th December 2011 03:21
Oooh, this is beautiful! I love the soft colors and the way they're only partially undressed.
28th December 2011 08:39
I love their expressions, so dedicated and and still a little bit amazed at what they're doing. Snape's stockinged feet. Sirius's butt.

Wonderful work!
28th December 2011 11:03
Absolutely gorgeous! And is it just me, or does Sirius have a kind of Beatle-ish feel to him? And I love Severus' toes, the way they're clenching. Did I mention gorgeous?
28th December 2011 14:34
Wow! This is absolutely wonderful! Young!Severus looks so fragile and beautiful and Sirius long coltish legs are amazing! I want to spend the rest of the night staring at this!
28th December 2011 17:54
Sirius's bum is perfectly smackable. NOM!
29th December 2011 01:50
This is DEFINITELY an unexpected gift ;)
Love the colours and Snape's expression!
Lovely job!
29th December 2011 02:29
God, I love how this scene is set up! Their facial expressions and their pose is perfect, so full of feeling. I love it!
29th December 2011 03:37
Aaaah, this is gorgeous!! Love Sirius's hair and jacket especially, although what am I talking about, it's his ARSE that's really the star. :D And the look of concentration on his face is awesome. Fabulous work!!
29th December 2011 15:55
Oh, that is gorgeous! Love their expressions, and... their legs!
29th December 2011 17:10
29th December 2011 17:49
Ooo hoo hooooo, yes !

Nice legs and arse there, Sirius. Omm nom nom!
Love Severus' expression, his legs, sock, the tie unff....
I also really like the subtle difference in their skin colour
30th December 2011 03:33

Amazing work!

30th December 2011 21:41
Oh the style of this is fabulous! And the half-dressed sex?! GUH! Excellent work.
31st December 2011 05:01
Sooooo nice! I love the Gryffindor red trim on Sirius's jacket, the green Slytherin tie Sirius wears, and those socks still on Severus's legs!
1st January 2012 08:42
Absolutely and utterly gorgeous!
1st January 2012 19:19
Mmm, lovely. I love the way he's curling his toes in the socks, too. (I want more, though. I want pictures of all of the scenes. Mmmmmm. *is greedy*)
2nd January 2012 07:54
I like the coloring, and the toe-curling. Yummy little details!
2nd January 2012 21:47
3rd January 2012 14:38
Mmmmm, sexy. *happy sigh*
I love that they're both only half naked, as if suddenly overcome by lust.
4th January 2012 00:48
Just lovely, their pose, Sirius nice tight bum.
4th January 2012 23:26
I have no words. So beautiful, gorgeous and sexy!!!
14th January 2012 19:08
This is gorgeous! I love the colouring and the lines and Sev's Slytherin tie and his socks and pointed toes and their expressions and the lines of the Sirius' jacket and their hair and... yeah, just... all of it. Brilliant!
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