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FIC: The Wizard's Son (Snape/Draco/Harry, NC-17) 
28th April 2011 14:40
Title: The Wizard’s Son
Author: [info]gypsyflame
Characters/Pairings: Snape/Draco/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Bad Porn Month. I present to you the classic Farmer’s Daughter cliché – with a Snarco twist.
Other Warnings: Where to start? Incest play, consent play, belting/spanking, D/s, humiliation, over-the-top porno dirty talk. Not for the easily squicked!
Word Count: ~4200
Summary/Description: A stranded traveller walks up to a country house in the middle of nowhere…
Author's Notes: Thanks to A for the beta!

Weary, Harry trudged up the lane to the country house that beckoned to him. It was a lovely two-story affair, red brick with a black slate roof, candlelight gleaming behind every curtained window. Yet Harry would have tried his luck even if the home had seemed much less welcoming; there wasn’t another house for a hundred kilometres in any direction.

He ascended the three steps to the front porch and knocked on the polished wooden door. Moments later, it was opened by a young man so beautiful that for a second Harry thought exhaustion might be making him hallucinate. He stared dumbly at the boy’s slim, graceful figure, his pale skin and white-blond hair, the grey eyes that looked back at him suspiciously.

“Can I help you?” the young man asked, but in such a tone that he might as well have said What the hell are you doing on my porch?

“Er, sorry,” said Harry, embarrassed by his own rudeness. He stuck out his hand. “I’m Harry. Harry Potter.”

The man regarded Harry’s hand with distaste before reluctantly shaking it. His grip was firm, his skin soft. “Draco.”

“I’ve been travelling by international Portkey relay all day. The last one gave out on me and dropped me near your house. Do you think I could come in for a while to catch my bearings?”

Draco was silent for a moment, eyes narrowed. Then he shrugged and stepped aside, opening the door wider to admit Harry to the large, airy foyer. A vase filled with fresh white lilies stood on a round mahogany table in the centre of the room, scenting the air pleasantly.

“I’ll go get my father,” Draco said, closing and locking the front door. “Wait here.”

Harry looked around while he waited. French doors to his right allowed a glimpse into a wood-panelled study lined with packed bookcases; matching doors on the left revealed a formal dining room. The house had been decorated with taste and sophistication, the residents obviously wealthy, but it still had a cozy, lived-in feel to it.

“Mr. Potter?”

Harry turned towards the man who had entered the foyer. Apart from being tall and thin, he bore no resemblance to his son whatsoever. Sallow skin, lank black hair, and an overly-large nose prevented any description of him involving the word handsome, but there was something compelling about his dark eyes and proud stature.

“My name is Severus Snape. Draco tells me your Portkey stranded you.”

“Yes, sir.” Harry shook the offered hand. “I won’t impose on you long. I just need to orient myself so I can get home.”

“It’s no imposition. Have you eaten?”

“No, sir.”


Snape gestured for Harry to follow him as he walked past a large living room with a massive stone fireplace and into a bright, cheerful kitchen in which every surface gleamed with cleanliness. Draco trailed after them.

“Have a seat,” said Snape, pointing to the table that stood in an alcove created by three windows looking over the back garden. “Draco, get Mr. Potter some of the soup from supper.”

“I’m not a servant.” Draco crossed his arms, expression sour.

Snape’s hand cracked hard against Draco’s arse, making him yelp and jump. “Do as you’re told, boy,” his father snapped.

Draco glanced sideways at Harry, blushing, and hurried to the icebox without another word. Harry turned his head, not wanting to embarrass the young man further. His host sat across from him and poured him a glass of water with a nonverbal Aguamenti.

“Where are you coming from that requires such arduous travel?”

“I’ve been in South America on business. It’s a nightmare trying to get from Buenos Aires to London by Portkey.”

“I can imagine.”

Draco set a bowl of reheated soup in front of Harry with poor grace. He nodded when Harry thanked him, then hovered uncertainly next to the table until his father took his hand and tugged him down to sit in his lap. Harry raised his eyebrows.

“Do you need to contact anyone by Floo?” Snape asked.

“No, sir, but thank you. All I need is a good map so I can Apparate the rest of the way home.”

“Nonsense.” Snape’s fingers carded through Draco’s hair as he spoke. “It’s nearly midnight, and you’ve been travelling all day. You’ll splinch yourself if you attempt to Apparate in this condition.”

“I really don’t…” Harry’s voice faltered as he watched Snape slide his hand down Draco’s chest and begin rubbing slow circles over his abdomen, as if soothing a stomachache. Draco seemed to welcome the attention, relaxing against his father’s body, though his cheeks were still decidedly pink and he wouldn’t meet Harry’s eyes.

Harry cleared his throat and took a long drink of water.

“I feel safe to Apparate,” he said when he’d regained his composure. “Or I could Floo, if it’s not too far.”

Snape shook his head. “Our Floo is only equipped for communication, not travel.”


“You may stay here tonight, if you wish. We have a spare bedroom.”

After the day he’d had, the thought of a warm bed with no further need for travel was intensely appealing. Harry tapped a finger against his glass, trying to ignore the fact that Draco’s cashmere jumper was so thin he could see the boy’s nipples harden from across the table. “If you’re sure it wouldn’t be too much trouble…”

Snape’s hand casually slipped beneath the hem of Draco’s jumper to caress the bare skin there. “Not at all.”

Draco caught Snape’s hand and pushed it away with an angrily whispered, “Daddy!”

Harry’s cock jumped. He swallowed hard, confused by his body’s reaction to the inappropriate way Snape was touching his son.

Snape kissed the side of Draco’s neck and placed him on his feet before standing himself. “Get some clean linens, Draco. I’ll show Mr. Potter to the guest bedroom.”

Draco frowned, opening his mouth as if to argue, but then he seemed to think better of it. He slipped silently out of the kitchen.

“He’s a good boy, though a bit spoiled,” Snape said to Harry. “He responds well to a firm hand.”

Harry could only imagine what Snape’s idea of a firm hand was. He prayed the man didn’t notice his burgeoning erection as they returned to the foyer and climbed the stairs to the second story.

The room he was brought to was spacious and comfortable, with a large bed and a private bath. A thick comforter was folded at the end of the bare mattress, several pillows piled on top.

“I trust this is suitable?”

“Of course, Mr. Snape. You’ve been more than kind. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Wizards must look after their own.”

Draco appeared in the doorway, carrying a stack of crisp white linens. He dropped them on the mattress. Snape flicked his wand and the bed made itself, sheets fitting tightly to the mattress and pillows zooming to settle against the headboard. The coverlet unfolded and draped itself across the bed.

Snape settled his hands proprietarily on Draco’s shoulders. “It is past time for bed,” he said, adding, “Good night, Mr. Potter.”

“Good night,” Harry echoed, intrigued by the way Draco bit his lip and squirmed under his father’s touch.

The Snapes left the bedroom, closing the door behind them. Harry pulled his bag from his pocket and removed the shrinking charm, changing from his dirty travelling robes into a tee shirt and comfortable joggers.

He was just pulling back the covers in preparation for bed when the door opened and Draco darted inside, shutting it quietly.

“Draco, what –” Harry started to say, but stopped short when he saw that Draco was wearing only a short, silky dressing gown.

Draco took advantage of Harry’s bewilderment to cross the room and throw his arms around Harry’s neck. Harry stumbled in surprise, gingerly setting his hands on the boy’s slim hips.

“Take me with you,” Draco said.


“When you leave, take me with you. Please.” Draco tightened his arms, pressing his body against Harry’s. “I can’t stay here anymore. Ever since Mother left, Daddy makes me sleep in his bed. He puts it in me every night.”

Harry sucked in a shocked breath. His cock swelled, pressing into Draco’s belly.

Draco hummed in satisfaction and slid a hand between them to rub Harry’s erection through his joggers. “I knew you fancied me. If you take me away, you can have me whenever you want. You can even rent me out if you like; I could make you a lot of money –”

Fuck, Draco,” Harry said unsteadily.

Draco kissed him, hard and demanding. Harry couldn’t help but kiss back, pushing his tongue into that sweet yet filthy mouth, sliding one hand beneath the dressing gown to grab at the warm, bare skin of Draco’s firm arse.

The bedroom door slammed open. Draco leapt away from Harry with impressive speed and turned wide, frightened eyes on his father, who stood in the doorway with his arms folded and a dark look on his face.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Snape said, voice low and dangerous.

Before Harry could gather his wits enough to respond, Draco said, “He tried to force himself on me!”

“You lying bastard, I did no such thing!” Harry appealed to Snape. “I’m sorry, sir, but he threw himself at me and I didn’t have time to react –”

“Silence!” Snape held up a hand, quieting the two young men. He scowled at Harry for a few seconds before redirecting his glare to Draco. “I have had enough of your wanton, sluttish behaviour, boy. You complain that I do not allow you into town unaccompanied, but how can I when I know that, left alone, you will spread your legs for any man who crosses your path?”

Harry, taken aback that Snape had believed a stranger instead of his own son, could only stare.

“I suppose he tried his favourite story on you,” Snape said to Harry. “He told you that I am a lecherous old man who forces his desires on his son’s unwilling flesh. I’m sure he neglected to mention that the night his mother left, it was he who crept into my bed, pressing up against me and begging me to deflower him.”

Brain flooded with arousing images, Harry could only stammer, “It’s… it’s really none of my business…”

Snape ignored him. “Did you offer your body to him if he would take you away from here?” he asked Draco, sneering.

Draco nodded, cheeks scarlet.

“I can only assume that the consequences of your last attempt were not severe enough to dissuade you from trying again.”

Harry blinked as the implications of that statement sunk in.

“That will be remedied,” said Snape. “However, it is very rude to make an offer to a guest and then renege. Remove your robe.”

Instead of obeying, Draco drew his dressing gown more tightly around himself. “Daddy, no.”

“Take it off now, Draco, or your punishment will be increased.”

Lowering his head, Draco slowly worked open the knot in his belt and then slid the robe off his shoulders, letting it puddle at his feet. Harry’s mouth went dry at the beautiful body that was revealed, lean muscle and alabaster skin, with a lovely cock that was proudly and incongruously erect.

A hand landed on Harry’s shoulder, and he realised with a start that Snape had moved to stand next to him. “He is a vision, is he not?” Snape said, his tone one of confidence. “You understand why I could not resist, though it would have been more prudent to do so.”

“Yes,” Harry breathed out.

“Come here, Draco. Let Mr. Potter get a better look at you.”

Eyes still fixed on the floor, Draco moved forward with tentative steps until he was an arm’s-length away from Harry. Snape made an impatient noise and grabbed Draco’s wrist, yanking him forward so that he fell against Harry’s body with a small cry. Harry automatically took hold of Draco’s shoulders to steady him, then smoothed his palms down the boy’s sides. He looked at Snape, uncertain.

“Go on. He did offer, after all.”

Harry moved his hands to gather up both cheeks of Draco’s luscious arse, squeezing the taut muscles until Draco moaned and shifted against him, resting his own hands on Harry’s chest. Harry kissed his throat, then his cheek, urging Draco to lift his head so that he could kiss his mouth as well. Draco’s lips parted without protest, submitting to Harry’s kiss rather than trying to take control as he had earlier.

Snape chuckled. “If only he were always so pliant.” He wound his fingers in Draco’s hair, tugging his head back and breaking his kiss with Harry. “But there’s still the matter of your punishment, Draco.”

Draco blinked, casting a sideways glance at Harry. “Daddy, I don’t think Mr. Potter wants to see – ”

“You falsely accused him of attempted rape. I’m sure he wants to know that you’ll be properly punished. Isn’t that right, Mr. Potter?”

“Well,” said Harry, “I wouldn’t want to stand in the way of a man disciplining his own son.”

Snape gave a short nod of approval. “Draco, brace your hands on the footboard. Mr. Potter, if you would?” He gestured for Harry to step away from the bed.

Harry moved as directed, creating just enough distance that he wasn’t in their way. Draco placed his hands on the bed’s waist-high wooden footboard and spread his legs, arching his back to present his arse for punishment. It was obviously a familiar position to him. Harry had to adjust his swollen cock; the thin material of his joggers rubbed teasingly over the sensitive skin.

“State the infraction,” said Snape, unbuckling his belt and sliding it from its loops.



From where Harry was standing, he could see Draco bite his lip and hang his head before saying, “Wantonness.”

“Five stripes each. Count.”

Snape folded the belt in half and snapped it hard against Draco’s right arsecheek. The thwack of leather hitting skin and Draco’s answering gasp shot straight to Harry’s cock.

“One,” Draco said. His voice stayed steady as the first six blows reddened his arse and the tops of his thighs. When the seventh took him across both cheeks, however, he squealed and shied away, breaking position.

Draco.” Snape’s voice was heavy with warning.

“S-seven,” Draco said, reassuming the position, his body much tenser than before.

Snape showed no mercy with the final three blows, administering them so swiftly that Draco could barely keep his count. He tossed the belt aside after the last stripe and ran his hand over Draco’s trembling arse. “What do you say?”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“Good boy. But your punishment isn’t over yet.” Snape looked at Harry. “Draco insulted you gravely, Mr. Potter. It is only fitting that you be offered a chance to punish him yourself.”

Harry sucked in a breath. “I – ”

“Come,” Snape said, holding out a hand.

There was no disobeying such a man. Harry took his hand and let himself be pulled between Snape and Draco, Snape pressed up against his back and Draco’s beaten arse so close to his groin that he could feel the heat radiating from it. He couldn’t resist stroking the firm, hot pink flesh. Draco squirmed even at that gentle touch.

“I’ll hurt him,” said Harry.

“That’s rather the point.”

“But – ”

“He needs to learn his lesson.” Snape slid his hands down Harry’s arms, lacing the fingers of his right hand with Harry’s. His erection lay heavy against the small of Harry’s back. “Actions have consequences.” He slapped Draco’s arse lightly with their joined hands.

Draco exhaled sharply but didn’t try to move away.

“Feel how hard he is,” Snape murmured into Harry’s ear. “He knows he deserves this.”

Harry reached around to grasp Draco’s cock, which was full and straining. Draco moaned as Harry explored it with tentative fingers. Snape smacked his arse again, and Draco’s hips jerked forward, pushing his cock into Harry’s hand.

Snape guided Harry through a spanking that was more caress than punishment, urging him to stroke and squeeze Draco’s arse after every deliberate slap. Draco shifted restlessly, panting, and he groaned every time Harry’s hand strayed back to his cock – which, to Harry’s surprise, never flagged in the slightest.

Snape’s tongue swiped a hot path up the side of Harry’s neck. “Do you want him?”

“God, yes,” said Harry. “Please.”

He cried out as Snape bit down hard. His head swam with the kind of overpowering arousal he hadn’t felt in far too long.

“Get on the bed, Draco.”

There was no disobedience left in Draco; he scrambled up onto the bed on his hands and knees. Snape dug a small vial from his pocket and tossed it to him.

“Prepare yourself.”

Draco’s hands were trembling so badly that he spilled oil on the coverlet when he unstoppered the vial, but neither he nor his father seemed to care. Snape cupped Harry’s cock through his joggers. “You’re overdressed,” he said.

Harry nodded dumbly, shoving the joggers down his legs and stepping out of them without ever moving his eyes from the sight of Draco spreading his legs and pushing a finger inside himself. Snape pulled Harry’s shirt over his head and cast it aside. He ran greedy hands over Harry’s chest and abdomen, pinching his nipples, fondling his cock and balls, teeth nipping Harry’s shoulders. His cock rubbed rhythmically against Harry’s back.

Draco was careless with himself, progressing to two and then three fingers faster than Harry would have done, pumping them roughly in and out of his hole. Harry dropped his head back on Snape’s shoulder. He couldn’t help grabbing his cock, but Snape slapped his hand away and grasped his chin, turning Harry’s head and taking his mouth in a fierce kiss that left him gasping.

“Join him,” Snape growled, pushing Harry towards the bed.

Harry didn’t need to be told twice. He climbed up behind Draco, who pulled his fingers from his body and crouched in front of Harry with his arse raised.

Snape stood by the side of the bed, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. “Did you really intend to leave me, Draco?”

“No, Daddy.”

“Then why tell Mr. Potter that?”

“I…” Draco glanced over his shoulder at Harry, face as red as his arse. He dropped his gaze back to the bed. “I just wanted to be fucked. I’m sorry.”

“You cock-hungry slut. What am I going to do with you?” Snape unbuttoned his trousers, freeing a truly magnificent cock. Harry’s mouth watered just looking at it. Noticing the direction of his stare, Snape smirked. “Fuck him, Mr. Potter. Don’t be gentle.”

There was no risk of that. Harry held Draco’s hip with one hand and his own cock with the other, penetrating the boy in one swift, smooth slide. Draco voiced his pleasure loudly.

As Harry set to giving him the hard fucking he deserved, Snape rid himself of his trousers and sat against the headboard, spread legs on either side of them. He held his cock out towards Draco. When his son bent his head to take it in his mouth, however, Snape grabbed his hair and held him still as he rubbed his cock over Draco’s cheeks instead.

Harry’s hips sped up, fingers tightening on Draco’s skin. Draco moved with him, pushing into every thrust even as Snape teased him, letting him lick and suckle the head before pulling his cock away again to stroke his face with it.

Draco finally let out a frustrated sob. “Daddy, please, let me suck it –”

Harry snapped. A groan issued from deep in his chest and he began slamming into Draco, using his iron grip on the juncture of Draco’s hips and thighs as leverage. Severus let Draco swallow his cock. He lifted his eyes to meet Harry’s, no longer smirking.

They held each other’s gaze as they fucked Draco ruthlessly between them. Even muffled by Severus’ cock, Harry could hear the gasping half-moans, half-cries that Draco made when he was losing it, those noises which always drove Harry wild. He looked deep into Severus’ dark eyes, trying to convey how much it meant to him that they had let him into their private game.

Draco pulled off of Severus, breathing ragged. His hand flew over his own cock. “Harry, Harry, I’m so close…”

Harry knew exactly what Draco needed to push him over the edge. He smacked his arse hard, right on top of one of the welts from Severus’ belt. Draco wailed and shook as he came, body clenching, arse squeezing Harry’s cock deliciously until he could no longer hold back and came with a shout as well.

Draco slumped forward to lie flat against the bed, Harry’s cock slipping from his body. Harry’s legs were too weak for him to continue kneeling. He collapsed onto his arse. Trying to catch his breath, he watched Severus stroking his spit-slick cock.

Harry nudged Draco’s hip. “Move over, baby.”

Draco whined in protest, but he wriggled aside to stretch out next to Severus. His body twitched with aftershocks; one look at his blissed-out expression was enough to tell Harry that he would be gone for at least half an hour, lost in the hazy dreamworld he sank into when he was feeling particularly submissive.

Harry turned his attention to Severus. He crawled between Severus’ legs and took his face in his hands, kissing him deeply. Severus slid his hands up Harry’s sides.

“Let me take care of that for you,” said Harry.

Severus ran a thumb over Harry’s lower lip. “If you insist.”

Harry settled on his stomach, wasting no time in getting his mouth on Severus’ straining erection. He loved to suck cock – especially Severus’, which was so large he could never quite get used to it. It was a struggle to take the entire thick shaft every time, but it was a challenge Harry relished.

He worked his way down Severus’ cock, relaxing his throat and breathing in Severus’ musky scent. Severus’ hands settled on his hair. He would never push down on Harry’s head like he would with Draco – he knew Harry didn’t like that – but nor could he ever seem to keep his hands out of Harry’s hair when Harry was sucking him. Harry had long since made his peace with that.

“Fuck, that’s good,” Severus muttered when Harry’s nose was pressing against the wiry black hair at the base of his cock.

Harry hummed his agreement, making Severus groan. He bobbed his head as fast as he dared, savouring the taste of Severus and the heavy weight sliding into his throat. He moved one hand to caress Severus’ bollocks.

Tremors wracked Severus’ thighs, letting Harry know he was getting close. He sucked harder, sliding up to nurse at the head for a few seconds before sliding back down, tongue pressing insistently against the underside. Severus’ hands fell from his hair to fist in the bedclothes, head falling against the headboard with a loud groan as he shot thick spurts of come down Harry’s throat.

Harry swallowed and pulled off. He kissed the head of Severus’ cock, then pushed his legs together so that he could roll over to lie between Severus and Draco. Severus lay down as well with a sated sigh.

Reaching out to stroke Draco’s face, Harry said, “You okay?”

Draco’s answering “Yeah” was little more than a breathy whisper. He didn’t even open his eyes.

Severus spooned up behind Harry, draping an arm across his chest and kissing his shoulder. They lay in contented silence for a few minutes before Severus asked, “Do you understand now?”

A three-way relationship was complicated. They had set up rules and boundaries years ago, even before they had started living together, and one of those rules was that they could only have sex as couples when the third person wasn’t around.

Still, there were occasional slip-ups, and Harry had been neither surprised nor upset to find Severus and Draco making love in Severus’ study when he’d come home early from work one day. He’d meant to move on quietly and give them privacy to finish – and would have done exactly that, if not for the unfortunate fact that the study’s French doors did absolutely nothing to block sound.

Draco’s desperate pleading hadn’t been unfamiliar to Harry, but his passionate, repeated gasps of Daddy certainly had.

Harry had frozen in shock and disgust, unable to move as he watched them reach completion. They’d noticed him as soon as they’d finished, and only then had Harry been able to flee. He hadn’t been able to meet their eyes for days. Draco had been mortified into silence, and Severus had pretended an anger that was only a mask for his fear that Harry was repulsed by him.

Concern that he might lose them both had finally pushed Harry to suggest that they show him why they played at father and son, why they found it arousing instead of sickening. He’d been sure that he wouldn’t enjoy it himself, but he’d also been confident that they could ease his doubts.

He’d been right about the latter, at least.

“Yes,” said Harry, squeezing Severus’ hand as he looked at Draco’s peaceful, sleeping face. “I understand.”
28th April 2011 21:49
This is defiantly up there with Minx's Daddy play fic in my book of awesomeness! This is one on my kinks. I just love the slight dark undertone of the forbidden and when it's well written you just love it for the content rather than the wrongness which Harry encounter here.

Well done for hitting my hot sexy bone!
2nd May 2011 14:58
Thank you very much! This is a newly-discovered kink for me.
29th April 2011 11:58
Daddy play isn't usually my thing, but this was incredibly hot.
2nd May 2011 14:58
Thanks for giving it a go! I'm glad you liked it. :-)
30th April 2011 10:59
I'm in a happy haze of my own just now. fjkda;fja;. So lovely. I especially loved the detail of Draco going off into a submissive haze afterwards.
2nd May 2011 14:59
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. *pets Draco*
30th April 2011 20:29
That was very hot.
2nd May 2011 15:00
1st May 2011 16:17
Oh that was beyond lovely. And my husband sure did enjoy getting lucky because of what reading this o/s did to me.
2nd May 2011 15:01
Haha! I'm always glad to help out. ;-) Thank you!
6th May 2011 04:01
Wow! I loved the little detail of Draco sinking into subspace and the way the roleplay faded so smoothly into reality. Also loved how Harry learned from experiencing the kink. This was wonderful, all the way through.
7th May 2011 15:46
Thank you very much! It was a blast to write. *waves OT3 banner*
2nd January 2012 20:56
OH yes. Yes.

Lovely. *is incoherent*
3rd January 2012 18:18
Thank you! Your review gave me cause to reread this story - I'd forgotten how uber, over-the-top porny it is! LOL. It was really fun to write.
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