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Kinky Kristmas Art: "you make a lovely gift, Harry" (Harry/Luna) 
30th December 2010 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]thilia
From: [info]venturous

Title: "you make a lovely gift, Harry"
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Luna
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Included: bondage, body painting
Other Warnings/Content: nudity
Artist's Notes: this looks like fun, and it was fun to make! Happy Kinky Kristmas!
Art Preview:

30th December 2010 17:54
The ivy vines on Luna are fabulous. And I can see Harry's enjoying being decorated. *g* Nice work.
30th December 2010 19:50
If that doesn't say "Happy Christmas", nothing does. :) Potter looks veeery nice that way. Ribbons look nice on him.
30th December 2010 21:15
hee. that looks like a fun game. :D
30th December 2010 22:38
Hee, they do look like they're having fun!
31st December 2010 02:56
Oooh, I love this! I love the green/pink colour combination and the fact that Harry's on his knees and bound and at Luna's mercy *g* He doesn't look like he minds, though!

Luna's pose is great - she looks like a pinup girl, sort of. Great body, and Harry looks just very delicious *licks* I love the swirls around his cock and the holly on his body, and the vines on Luna's body (did she paint those herself or did Harry do her before she did him? ;)). It's simple and beautiful and exactly what I wanted.

Thank you!! :)
10th January 2011 18:39
I aim to please! this was fun to paint. I imagine Luna magicked the brush to paint herself.
31st December 2010 13:14
Oh, this definitely looks like fun! I like bound Harry and Luna's pose and the paintings on their bodies. :)
31st December 2010 16:04
Looks like they're having much fun decorating each other (and I imagine will have more getting their decorations smeared later). Fun!
31st December 2010 21:45
Lovely and bright, and they both look so happy about it all :).
1st January 2011 05:02
Gorgeous! I love the ivy on Luna and the holly leaves on Harry.
1st January 2011 15:27
I love this - the vines are wonderful.
2nd January 2011 04:45
You win!
10th January 2011 06:23
Oh, how awesome. I love the painting. They look like they're having a grand time. :)
30th January 2011 18:53 - "you make a lovely gift, Harry" (Harry/Luna)
LOL - Luna is quite the painter. Love the pink swirls ;)
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