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Kinky Kristmas Art: A Rather Strong Argument (Snape/Narcissa) 
10th December 2010 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]jin_fenghuang
From: [info]ariadneelda

Title: A Rather Strong Argument
Characters/Pairings: Snape/Narcissa
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Wallsex, dub-con (on Snape's side)
Other Warnings/Content: None [HBP-period; characters represented are of age.]
Artist's Notes: Drawn for the prompt: "Snape needs a little more persuading to help Draco than an old friendship." Dear recipient, I hope this is to your liking. :) Merry Kinky Kristmas!
Art Preview:

10th December 2010 17:15
Come on Severus, you can't possibly argue with that logic! Excellent work mysterious artist, I love how Snape's face says "no" but his nether bits are saying a definitive "yes!". Great work on Narcissa's see through skirt and her corset too and of course the very subdued background. :)
10th December 2010 17:29
i love that mean look on narcissa's face! and severus' flushed cheeks! i agree with [info]akatnamedeaster: his face says no but his equipment says yes :D
10th December 2010 17:38
Yummy! Love the contrast between Narcissa and the surroundings, so bright and beautiful. Her seductive expression, as well as her obvious skill, will have Severus won over in no time. Beautiful (and very canon IMO). Great job.
10th December 2010 19:19
Oh, god, her ass is just...ngh, can't stop looking! Gorgeous!
10th December 2010 20:34
Perfect! His expression, his body language, her bum...excellent work, mystery artist
10th December 2010 20:44
Oh, 'mystery artist', this may be one my favorite pieces of yours. The atmosphere you captured, Snape's look of shock, Narcissa's determination (her outfit shows she put real thought into it *g*) and the eager reaction of Snape's body all combine into one fantastic whole.
Really fabulous job, hon!
10th December 2010 21:06
The see-through skirt alone would convince me!

10th December 2010 21:10
ooh, very very lovely.
10th December 2010 22:43
That is utterly beautiful. I love the sheer bottom to Narcissa's dress and the colours in general are just amazing.

11th December 2010 02:07
Oh, this is gorgeous! I love their expressions, and Narcissa's see-through dress. Just beautiful.
11th December 2010 02:11
Severus's face! No way he's going to say no. Look at his fingers, inches away from losing complete control. Great use of the prompt.
11th December 2010 04:20
Oooh, delicious -- love the see-through dress!
11th December 2010 04:31
My Narcissa is definitely the strongest Malfoy. (The strongest Black as well.) So this is canon as far as I'm concerned. But how gorgeous and compelling you've made the scene!
11th December 2010 04:56
*claps hands*

This is so awesome. I utterly adore Snape's flabbergasted expression. And so many cute details :D

*does a happy dance*

Thank you so much, mystery artist!

A very kinky kristmas, indeed!
11th December 2010 05:57
Whee! I love how she's persuading him. Might take two hands, even. ;)

I love the quality of light in the room, her diaphanous gown and their hands, her intent expression and his surprise... and of course, long, pretty pink peen. *eg*

You wouldn't think he'd need permission, but I sure hope she gives him some to touch her soon, silly man. Very well done!
11th December 2010 06:08
Oh, Snape, look at the gorgeous arse on that woman and then tell me you're still protesting. *glares at him* :D This is marvellous, "mystery" artist! Love the shimmer to it, and UNF, Narcissa's dress could not be more awesome. ♥ !
11th December 2010 06:09
Oh wow! Narcissa looks amazing, I love her dress and the way you can see her arse :D Severus' expression is truly perfect!
11th December 2010 09:38
This is AMAZING. I love Narcissa's alluring face, and Snape's OMG-UH look. Oh, Snape, don't resist! *loves*
11th December 2010 11:34
Uh, gorgeous! Love, love, love Narcissa's coloring, and her sheer dress. Guh.
11th December 2010 12:21
Wow! I kinda love your forceful Narcissa! Gorgeous!
11th December 2010 16:54

It's gorgeous! Oh, Narcissa *glows* in that low light. And her translucent skirt, wow, that's beautifully done. I love Snape's face! He looks so very taken aback. And that Narcissa is the aggressor - she looks so delicate, and yet somehow not at all. Beautiful :).
11th December 2010 18:35
gah! gorgeous!! I love this, esp. how horrified Severus is, and how assertive and sexy Narcissa is (diaphonous gown, yumm!) Nice work, mysterious artist! ;-)
11th December 2010 21:54 - A Rather Strong Argument
Fantastic. Love the colouring, Snape's expression is perfect. Well done.
12th December 2010 11:04
Beautiful! ♥
12th December 2010 19:55
Oh God, *mystery artist*, I fucking adore everything about this especially your knows-what-the-fuck-she-wants Narcissa. Love her corset and her hair piled up all sexy like. But mostly I love Snape's expression as she takes his cock in hand. UNF.
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