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17th March 2010 01:43
Oh, hooooooooooooooly fuck, Lee....... *is agog*

The utter hawtness of this, the ust and the angst and nrnghhhhh of it all........ *thud* Teddy's voice is pure beauty, and I really really wish I could examine this intelligently and come up with insightful thoughts as to how it made me feel.... but I'm just... not capable right now :)

Um, quotes, quotes...... *brain is ded*

Harry/Draco is lurve, btw.... and omg Teddy's guilt is so incandescent for this fic, I think, and you let us crawl into his very soul and become almost ashamed of ourselves for thinking pervy things about James right along with Teddy.

The original fic is a spectacular piece of blow-mind too..... and I'm doubly thrilled to have read both in the same night.

Oh, and how you delight me with your turn of phrase.... shit.... really.... and Their lips separate and they grin at each other – the stupid, dopey grins people get from complete comfort with a lover, from that giddy feeling of perfect contentment that only comes from knowing you could just as easily have a drinking contest with this person at a Quidditch match as lay him down on a bed and work him over with your fingers until he's sobbing with need. is just so................. *sigh*.... perfect.
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