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Fic: "The Book" (Hermione, Ron, Harry, NC-17) 
24th January 2010 00:33
Title: The Book
Author: [info]kinky_kneazle
Characters/Pairings: Hermione, Ron, Harry (hints of Sirius/Remus, Walburga/OFC and Phineas/OMC)
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Erotic art, masturbation, mutual masturbation, pillow-humping
Other Warnings: Voyeurism
Word Count: 2,250
Summary/Description: Hermione finds an interesting book on the shelves of the Grimmauld Place library.
Author's Notes: Thanks again for the invite. I know it's the 24th where I am, but I'm sure it's still the 23rd in the majority of the world. With love to my sweetheart who's also my beta. I feel like this is a little rushed, but hopefully it will still be enjoyable.

The book was on the uppermost shelf in a corner, and Hermione had to stand on a chair to be able to reach it. The plain black binding had no title on the spine, which suggested it was a journal. She was curious as to what a Black from the past had to write about.

But when she opened the book it wasn't writing she saw. It seemed like it was a book of portraits showing the Blacks from the mid-sixteenth century. She flicked through to near the end of the book. A book of erotic portraits. She went back to the start.

The first page had a portrait of a young man. He was in a jerkin with black hose and a bright green codpiece. As she watched the man winked at her and undid the ties of his codpiece. He drew out his cock and it grew hard as she watched. The man licked his hand and wrapped it around his length and began to stroke.

She turned the page and found a couple. The woman had her voluminous skirts bunched over her hips as she knelt before the man. Her mouth was around his cock and a finger furiously frigged her clit.

The next page was the same woman, older now, with her skirt missing and her legs spread. Hermione kept turning pages, pausing on some and skipping quickly over others. The book was like an erotic history of the Black family. She had wandered into the fashions of the late 1800s when she finally saw a familiar face.

It was a young Phineas Nigellus. This was the first time she'd seen him with an expression other than a scowl. His eyes were unfocussed and his mouth parted. If she could hear him, she was sure he'd be moaning. The man sitting next to him looked a lot like Draco and must have been a Malfoy ancestor.

The two men were sitting on a bed, the book propped open in front of them. As she watched, the blond reached a hand across and wrapped it around Phineas' hand which was already moving across his flesh. Phineas let go and the blond, who she was thinking of as Draco in her mind, took over the steady stroking.

Hermione couldn't ignore the need growing between her thighs any longer. The boys were out and Kreacher avoided her if he could, so she slipped her knickers off and lifted her skirt. She wondered what it said about her that it was Phineas and the Malfoy that caught her attention, but those thoughts fled as she pressed a finger to her clit.

Phineas and Draco paid no attention to her. They were staring at the same thing she was: hands moving ever faster over hard cocks. Hermione pulled her top over her head and her other hand began to caress first one breast, then the other.

Phineas and Draco obviously needed more, because Draco shoved Phineas back on the bed and climbed on top of him and soon they were rubbing against each other, Malfoy's arse moving under the pressure of Phineas' hands, which were clutching it tightly.

Hermione's fingers became more frantic as she watched them rock against each other. Her own hips were moving off the seat thrusting against her fingers, wanting more friction, more pressure, more –

She arched off the seat, her body tense as the pleasure shook through from groin to her fingertips and toes. She glanced back at the book and saw Phineas and Malfoy had also found their pleasure, their torsos heaving as they sucked in air.

Suddenly Mrs Black was screaming and Hermione knew one of the boys was home. She heard Ron cursing as he tried to close the curtains. She was trying to do three things at once, and she stood, allowing her skirt to drop to her ankles and quickly pulled her top back over her head. She threw the book on the side table knowing neither of the boys would look at it, and turned waiting for Ron. Then she saw her knickers on the couch and quickly shoved them between the cushions.

"In the library again?"

"Yes, Ron. But I was just going to see what Kreacher made for dinner."

She looked over her shoulder at the book as she followed Ron out. She knew she'd read it again.


Ron liked to spend time in the library when Hermione wasn't in the house. He told himself it was because it was comfortable, but in reality it was dark and dusty and the couch felt like it was made of boulders of various sizes with a blanket thrown over the top. But Ron didn't like admitting to himself that it was because he felt closer to her in this room. He really didn't like admitting that on days like this, when she was the one in the cloak watching the Ministry, he knew that sitting in her precious library would bring her back safely. That some part of her would know he was in the room and would return to ensure he didn't ruin any books.

He spread himself out on the uncomfortable couch and reached behind him for whatever book she'd been reading most recently. They were invariably boring and would invariably send him off to sleep, letting him relax a bit. He didn't sleep too well at night anymore.

He opened the black-covered book and quickly closed it again.

He opened it more slowly and saw that the image was still there. A man in funny clothes wanking through a hole in his pants. He flipped the page quickly; he didn't need to see that. The next page had a couple, the woman on her knees sucking the man's cock. Ron felt his own grow hard as he imagined it was Hermione on her knees in front of him.

He looked up, feeling guilty, but couldn't stop himself looking back down at the page, pressing a hand on his cock to ease the pressure. He listened to the silence of the house for a moment. It was unbroken, and he guessed Harry was up in the attic, going through Sirius' things again. Ron unzipped his jeans pushed his hand into his briefs.

He kept flicking through the pages of the book. There were men and women, some together, some alone, in all sorts of pairings. It was like looking through a book showing the portraits of Hogwarts with all the different clothes, except that the portraits of Hogwarts didn’t' get up to any of this. Or he thought the portraits didn't get up to this.

He finally paused at a picture of two women. The auburn-haired woman was sitting in the V of the brunette's legs. The front woman had the most amazing tits, big and round with dark brown nipples tight and erect in response to the fingers that were pinching at them.

Their legs were tangled but as Ron looked closer he could see that the woman in front was having her legs forced open by the woman behind. Fingers were pushing into her and she was moving restlessly against them. Ron's hand sped up as he watched the two women moving frantically. Then the brunette looked up and Ron realised he knew her. He pushed the book off his lap, relieved when it opened to a page that didn't feature Sirius' crazy mother.

His penis began to deflate when he realised he'd been turned on by Walburga Black. He wanted relief. He knelt on the floor and flipped through the book to see if he could find an inspiring picture. All the pictures seemed to be of males, which made sense since Walburga didn't have any daughters. He went past pictures of Sirius, and Regulus, then Sirius and Remus, and Wormtail, and James in the Gryffindor dorm, then Sirius and Remus again, older and in this very room.

Finally he turned a page and was confronted with an image of Hermione, sitting on this very couch in the same skirt she was wearing yesterday. It was up around her waist and her top was hanging over the end of the couch. The white cotton bra was pushed down under her breasts so that she could pull at the pink nipples, pulling at first one then the other. Her other hand was between her legs, dipping into her pussy and rubbing the wetness across her clit.

He was instantly hard again and his hand was on his cock before he even realised it had moved. He was still on his knees, one hand supporting his weight while the other moved ever faster over his flesh. He watched as Hermione began thrusting her hips off the couch and he wondered what it would be like to be inside her when she was doing that. It was enough to send him over the edge, his cock pulsing in his hand and his come spilling over the pages of the book.

Shit! This time he had ruined a book! It was probably a damned antique. He cast a cleaning spell on it, and was glad that closer inspection showed it wasn't ruined. He probably wasn't the first person to mess up the pages in that way.

He heard a sound above him and quickly did up his pants. Then he had a thought. Harry was probably feeling pretty tightly wound as well. He grabbed the book and bounded up the stairs. He was sure his friend would enjoy it as much as he did.

Hopefully he'd enjoy it before he found Hermione's picture.


Harry found the book on his pillow when he went to bed. He thought it was probably more research of Hermione's, though she'd usually just tell him what she wanted him to read. He tried to ignore it as he got ready for bed, but it sat there like a black leather-bound study diary saying "time to read" and "best begun is half done!"

So he slid under the covers and lay down on his stomach. He slowly opened the book, waiting to discover the topic of the day. He realised immediately that Hermione didn't leave the book for him to read. He turned page after page, watching Black's through the ages masturbate and wondering who the hell would create such a book and why anyone would think he'd want to see it.

Well, the cock that was rapidly hardening against the mattress told him why he'd want to see it. Maybe Kreacher thought he needed release. More likely it was Ron, though he wondered how Ron even found it.

He resisted the urge to move, enjoying the feel of pressure from the weight of his body and the bed surrounding him. He turned page after page, pausing at a red-headed man in breeches while he fed his cock to a blond; then at a dark-haired man whose face was straddled by a brunette. He wondered briefly why no one was having intercourse, but the question went out of his mind as he turned a page to find Sirius as a young man.

Harry's hips moved and he shuddered as the sensations ran through him. Sirius was lean and strong and laying in the same bed that Harry now occupied. He looked insolent and intense and completely overcome with the sensations coursing through his body. Harry rocked his hips against he mattress, then realised what he was doing while looking at a picture of his godfather.

None of the following pages were better, with pictures showing all the Marauders, including a couple with Remus and Sirius together.

Hermione was tensing under her own fingers and he quickly turned that page as well. It felt like invading her privacy somehow. The new picture on the page was Ron. Harry stared at the page, not minding invading Ron's privacy. He was on his hands and knees, pants pushed down over his hips, one hand moving furiously as he looked at the book in front of him.

Harry imagined entering the tight arse that was still partially covered by briefs. His hips felt like they weren't under his control anymore. As he watched Ron wanking he imagined the sounds that would be coming out of his mouth, sounds he'd heard many times in the darkness of a dorm room.

He kept thrusting, fucking the bed harder as he watched Ron's hips thrusting, pushing is cock into his hand. It was like they were moving at the same time and the mattress felt like something tight surrounding him and before he knew it he was letting out a choked groan as he came into the mattress.

Not as good as coming into a person, he thought as he cleaned up. But pretty good, nevertheless.

He sighed. He'd need to put the book back in the morning before anyone realised it was missing. And just in case anyone else wanted it. Next time, he thought. Next time I have some time alone I'll get the book out.


Hermione was glad that her underpants were still where she left them, tucked into the side of the couch. The book was there as well and she caressed the black leather. They were going to try to get into the Ministry today and although she didn't believe in hunches and intuition, she had a terrible feeling that they wouldn't be coming back here.

"Hermione! Are you ready?"

She quickly shoved the book into her small bag. Just in case.
23rd January 2010 15:33

Nicely done! I can see that being just the thing in the Black library and I love that Hermione took it with her!
23rd January 2010 22:54
Thank you!
23rd January 2010 16:22
Oh, that's hot. I love that the book was adding pages as each of them used it. LOL at Ron looking at Mrs. Black! And nnggh at Harry thinking about fucking Ron. Nice work!
23rd January 2010 23:04
Poor Ron won't get that image out of his head for a while. Thank you!
23rd January 2010 16:50
Ehehehehe, wickedly funny! Oh dear, looks like Ron's a little slow on the uptake -- either because he didn't realize precisely what the book did, or because it didn't occur to him that Harry would want to wank over his picture... or perhaps both! No, Harry, I imagine you DON'T mind invading Ron's privacy like that. ;P I'd love to be a fly on the wall to witness Hermione's reaction the next time she takes a look at the updated edition.

Welcome to the comm! :D
23rd January 2010 23:13
Thank you for the welcome :D

I don't think Hermione will mind invading either Ron OR Harry's privacy when she discovers the updates. Thank you!
23rd January 2010 21:10
Oh! How clever and funny! I loved this! I loved that the book's magic adds pornography as it goes along. Excellent!
23rd January 2010 21:11
oops, the above was me, for some reason IJ logged me out.
23rd January 2010 23:13
Thank you!
27th January 2010 21:19
I love that icon........

Have I said that before?
28th January 2010 00:01
You might have but it is appreciated nonetheless. My friend [info]whitmans_kiss (on livejournal) made it for me. Remus is played by Mathias Lauridsen and Sirius is played Ben Barnes. :)
24th January 2010 08:49
Aaaah, that was fabulous! What a great concept! I clapped with glee when Ron saw Hermione's picture and I realised what the book was doing. GO BOOK! :D :D :D Ron thinking about Hermione was so hot, but NNNNRG Harry thinking about Ron was even better. OR ABOUT SIRIUS. OH YES. a;lskf.

Welcome to the comm!
24th January 2010 11:28
Yeah, Harry's the kinky sort :D

Thank you! And I'm very glad to be here ;)
24th January 2010 19:21
Oooh, I loved this! Masturbation is hot anyway, but the book was a delightful bit of magic to bring it all about. And the thought of Harry thinking about Ron? GUH. Yes, please, I'll have more of that.

Also, loved your tone and pacing. Nicely done all around.
27th January 2010 21:20
Unnnnnnnnffff....... Ron getting off on Hermione is good, but Harry getting off on Ron..... nrrrrnnnghhhhhhhh.....

Now what we need is some art of all some of the book's pages..... oh yes we do.!
28th January 2010 13:04
This was fantastic! I loved the way the book was created, adding pictures of the viewers. I wonder if the book will be someday found by one of their kids - especially James or Albus.

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