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3rd January 2010 12:00 - Fun Kinky Kristmas Statistics
Kinky Kristmas artist and author reveals are scheduled to take place on the 7th. Until then, remember that there are roundup posts to help you get caught up on your reading and viewing, and a recs collection post for those of you who've recced pieces from the fest. Members, if you spot recs for your own pieces, feel free to leave an anonymous comment with the links.

While we're waiting for reveals, have some fun Kinky Kristmas statistics:

We had 19 pieces of art by Daily Deviant members, 31 fics by members, and 21 fics by our wonderful watchers -- for a smashing total of 71 pieces! Here's how they tallied up:

Slash: 39
Het: 19
Femslash: 4
Mixed slash/het threesomes and moresomes: 7
Ambiguous: 1
I don't even know where to place it: 1 (What do you call it when a male character has temporarily been given a female body? Is it slash? Is it het? ::brain explodes::)

Of course, some characters got luckier than others. Here's a bit of information on characters who were the biggest sluts enjoyed their sexuality the most:

- Proving what a hound he truly is, Sirius tops the list with a total of 15 different partners. His exploits include both sexes and all ages, and most of the Order of the Pheonix.

- Tied for second place are Harry and Charlie with 11 partners each. Harry's list is particularly impressive, since it includes three generations of Malfoys, his godfather, his godson, several Weasleys, and his best friends!

- Snape and Draco were just behind them with 10 partners each. Snape, by the way, appears to be entirely gay, since not a single one of his partners was a woman. Draco, however, in true Slytherin fashion, is an opportunistic bisexual.

- The award for Most Adventurous and Diverse Sex Life goes to Luna hands down. Her 9 partners included men, women, a half-Veela, an unnamed mythological beast, and a random centaur. You go, Luna!

- And just to show that the older generation has still got it, Minerva and Albus scored 6 and 4 partners respectively.

The most popular pairings:

Harry/Draco: 6 (including 2 threesomes with other characters)
Snape/Sirius: 5 (including 2 threesomes) -- this makes your mod very happy, by the way!
Ron/Hermione: 4 (including 2 threesomes with Harry)
Charlie/Tonks: 4 (including 2 threesomes and moresomes)
Snape/Harry: 3 (including including 1 threesome with Draco)
Snape/Remus: 3 (including 1 threesome with Sirius)
Ginny/Luna: 3 (including 1 all-girl moresome)

In total, the fest included 44 characters in 58 different combinations!

Awesome job, everybody!!
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