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29th June 2010 19:39
"It's easy to be miserable around him," Bill interjected, jerking a thumb at Charlie, "but, he's right, you know. Try to have some fun tonight, Tonks. Life's too short." There was a pause and then he added, "And so is Charlie."-- Oh boys!

And there's "pillock-calling"-- You know how I love that!

Yes, they would have laughed themselves sick if she'd been sporting antlers, wearing singed and smoking braids, or missing a limb upon their arrival-- They completely would have too.

Somewhere in the back of Charlie's mind, it occurred to him that this probably wasn't the best of all possible venues for this kind of behaviour and that messing about in the middle of Kingsley's parlour was probably not something any of them should be up to. He shoved the thought away and went back to kissing Tonks.-- So very Charlie. I love how he considers it and then is like pffttt--who cares? smooch--smooch

That Charlie Weasley eats as much as a herd of starving hippogriffs, doesn't he?"-- Shush Shannon! Stop giggling at your desk!

Just think...Mum and Dad could've been involved in that orgy-- I was not expecting that line!

I seriously needed this today. So hot, so very in character, so much Bill/Charlie/Tonks-- I can go away happy now.
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