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25th December 2009 12:00 - Kinky Kristmas Fic: Now I Can See Your Nuts (Charlie/Tonks)
Kinky Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]luvscharlie
From: A Wondrous Watcher: [info]pseudolife

Title: Now I Can See Your Nuts
Characters/Pairings: Charlie/Tonks
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Included: outside sex, cunnilingus
Other Warnings: frozen bits
Word Count: 1607
Summary/Description: Locked outside and naked in the snow, Charlie comes up with what he thinks is the most brilliant plan for keeping warm!
Author's Notes: No Charlie bits were harmed in the making of this fic.

He was always like this. Impulsive. And full of trouble. It wasn't something Tonks missed while he was away, because she was always busy. But whenever Charlie came home, for holidays or work or lately because of the war, she remembered exactly what had been missing. Tonks herself was a great big ball of impulses and trouble, but he could put her to shame if he wanted to. It was usually fun to try and anticipate what he was going do next, and it was very rare that she guessed right.

The snow had just started to fall heavily for the first time that year. The kiddos had been back at Hogwarts for a while. Grimmauld felt empty and boring without them. Bill was rarely around, he preferred to spend his time with Phlegm. (Hey! It wasn't Tonks' idea to call her that, but that didn't mean she didn't follow the trend with gusto!) And Arthur had forced Molly home to the Burrow before she cleaned so hard that she rubbed holes in the floor at Order Headquarters. Sirius was upstairs moping around, or in the basement moping around, who the hell knew. Now and again people from the Order slipped in and out. But the general point was that Tonks and Charlie pretty much had free rein of the house.

That was never good. Pretty much any time Tonks and Charlie had free reign of anything it ended in disaster. In fact, even without express permission to run freely, the two of them tended to get into trouble whenever there was an opportunity. Take Hogwarts, for instance. The only time they weren't making trouble was in detention, and even then it was a toss up whether they were really being good or just making it look that way. Charlie found more nooks and crannies and broom cupboards to snog in than there were students to snog in them. And Tonks just went right along with it.

Today was no exception. And she was bloody freezing her nips off. "I don't know why I put up with you."

"Because I'm fun."

"Charlie, at first I thought you were mental."

Charlie looked up a little surprised that she didn't still think he was mental. He yanked his pants down over his waist and kicked them across the room.

"But now I can see your nuts."

"Oh, har har har."

"Are you done yet? I'm tired of standing here in nothing."

"In a hurry?"

"To run naked through the back garden? No. To get dressed, yes."

Charlie thought about taking his time for a moment, but she wasn't wrong. It was cold even in the house. This house was always cold, though. Of course, it was nothing compared to the twenty below zero weather outside. But when Charlie was challenged back with his own dare, how could he refuse and still save face. So he shed his boxers, tossing them in the corner of the room.


Charlie nodded and waved toward the door. "Ladies first."

"Oh, right, of course now you're a gentleman." Tonks gave Charlie a fairly mistrusting look for a moment. For a moment she debated whether not she was at risk of being locked outside, naked, in the snow, if she went first. She decided it was probably safe enough. So rather reluctantly, Tonks pushed the door open. The cold air burst through the wide doorway and she let out an involuntary noise of surprise and revulsion. "Just one run around the yard?"

Charlie himself had already started shivering and covering his man bits. "Yes. Now go! Hurry the hell up." Pushing Dora out the door, Charlie followed as quickly as he could. The yard was large, but at least the Fidelius Charm kept anyone from being able to see the two as they sprinted, bumping into one another in an attempt to knock their opponent aside.

It wasn't until just a little over half-way that the wind blew too hard. The issue there, was that the back door on Grimmauld swung outward. One sudden gust of wind and the two usually responsible adults were left completely starkers and frozen. Tonks was the first to notice. And the first to shriek. But Charlie wasn't far behind her - with the shrieking that is. The extremities that might immediately become frost bitten were rather dear to him.

"We're going to die out here. And I would like to state, for the record, that this is all your fault."

"It is not. And we're not going to die. Sirius is in the house. He'll let us in."


"You have a better idea?"

For a moment Charlie looked like he was debating it. And just when Tonks started toward the door, he grabbed her arm and smiled the most devious smirk she had ever seen. "Actually, yes."



"Whatever it is, no."

"Haven't you ever wanted to shag in the snow, Dora?"

"Hell no."

Charlie, hand still wrapped around Dora's arm, pulled her against him. He could be quite convincing if he wanted to be. And Dora had been on the receiving end of that persuasion multiple times. "C'mon, Dora." Charlie's hand slid down her arm, wrapping around her waist. He was already hard, rubbing against her stomach as he pulled her closer. "Let's make the most of a bad situation."

Tonks narrowed her eyes. She tried to find some resolve. But between hopping back and forth to try and keep her feet from freezing to the ground, the involuntary shaking, and the way his dragon tattoo kept licking at the spot where her nipples - hard from the cold - rubbed against his chest, she really didn't have any resolve left. And Charlie knew it.

Their lips met in a chattering mess of teeth and tongues. Once or twice they involuntarily bit each other. But Charlie's hands, rough and calloused from work with dragons, were rubbing in all the right places. Tonks was caught between a hiss and a moan as his mouth moved lower. Sure, the breeze hit the spots where his mouth had left her damp, but she was starting to focus less on the cold.

Especially when Charlie hit his knees. Tonks had been with her fair share of men. Well, her fair share for her age. And one prerequisite with all her boyfriends (or one night stands) was that they were good with their tongue. Charlie was an expert. He'd brought her to orgasm in under ten seconds before. Somehow he just knew the spots to hit. It was a little harder this time, being that she was losing feeling in her toes. But when his icicle fingers pushed up into her, thumping against her g-spot, that was it. Her clit was already throbbing as his tongue circled it, and she came so hard she had to grab a tree for balance.

"Bloody hell, Charlie. Fuck me before I remember we're in the snow."

No one had to tell Charlie twice. He yanked her down, and after a two second argument about who was going to be on bottom, Tonks fell on top of him. Charlie, whose hand was already warm from the heat of her cunt, positioned his cock and slid it into her. It was the warmest he had felt in the past ten minutes. And she found rhythm so quickly that Charlie didn't even have time to focus on the snow melting under his back.

He did, however, feel the snow melt under his sack. And just because Tonks had gotten him on bottom to start with didn't mean he had to stay that way. Without warning, Charlie rolled them. She protested for all of two seconds. Charlie was much better when he could be in control anyway. His hands, frozen and a bit clumsy, managed to lift her arse onto his thighs. He angled inside her, rocking against her g-spot with every thrust.

Tonks was, quite possibly, the easiest woman in the world to get off. He wasn't sure what thrilled him more; that she was already getting off for a second time, or that she had agreed to do this in the first place. Either way, it wasn't long for Charlie. He didn't have the capacity to hold off at the moment. The melting snow and the icy wind whipping around them was making it hard for Charlie to focus on anything more than fucking the hell out of her, and keeping himself from getting frost bitten.

Groaning, Charlie thrust into her one last time. She was still throbbing as post-orgasmic shocks rolled through her and her cunt squeezed every last bit of come out of him.

Neither one of them had any desire to pause or catch a breath. In fact, as soon as Charlie's "come face" had relaxed, Tonks shoved him off. "Inside, Charlie. Now. It's bloody fucking freezing." Stumbling to her feet, less graceful than normal due to the lack of blood in her extremities, Tonks rushed to the door as fast as she could. She was pounding on the glass before Charlie had even reached the porch.

For about ten seconds the two pounded and screamed for Sirius. It was an act of pure instinct and desperation that finally got them into the warmth of the house though. Charlie had reached for the knob, half planning to bust the door in.

"Unlocked. You sodding git! You trapped me out here in the snow and the door wasn't even locked."

Charlie pushed Tonks through the door and shoved it closed behind him before falling into a laughing, snorting, shivering heap on the floor.
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