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FIC: Cold Comfort, NC-17, Severus/Bloody Baron 
14th June 2009 00:03
Title: Cold Comfort
Author: [info]torino10154
Characters: Severus/Bloody Baron
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Wanking, anal
Themes/kinks chosen: Spectrophilia
Word Count: ~2400
Summary: Severus discovers he has an unusual reaction when touched by a ghost.
Author's notes: Thank you to the usual suspects [info]gryffindorj, [info]drachenmina, and [info]jadzialove for hand holding, ass whipping, Britpick, and SPAG. Any mistakes that remain are mine alone. Note to mods-I don't have an author tag. Thanks!

There was nothing Severus hated more than being late. Actually, there were a fair number of things he hated more, but getting him to do those required far more wine than was generally available at even the most formal of dinners. He would have been on time, but he had got tangled up with a pair of seventh-year Ravenclaws, who, because they recalled him as a student, didn't think he had the authority to punish them. A week's worth of scrubbing cauldrons would cure them of that misconception, Severus thought maliciously as he hurried to his destination.

Walking briskly to the staff room, Severus was disappointed to discover the only place left was the chair next to Professor Binns. Severus wished someone would clue the man in to the fact that he was dead. However, as no one had managed it in the past, Severus doubted he'd be able to get through to the man-cum-ghost. Sadly, Binns wasn't even the worst professor on staff, Severus noted, glaring at this year's poor excuse for a DADA instructor, but then again, looking at himself, he had to wonder what on earth the Headmaster was thinking with some of his hiring practices.

Being one of the junior members on staff meant that during staff meetings Severus listened to Dumbledore's rambling monologues always, nodded in agreement rarely, protested occasionally, and plotted punishments for wayward Gryffindors constantly. Just as Severus was in the midst of a lovely fantasy—the first of what he understood was going to be several ginger-haired Weasleys alphabetizing Potions ingredients—Professor Binns woke from his slumber, his hand brushing gently over Severus's. Severus bit his lip to keep from gasping; the icy cold chill he had expected. But the way the sensation traveled straight to his cock was quite a surprise. That it made him hard in seconds flat was possibly the most shocking thing he could have imagined. Binns, true to form, fell back asleep, none the wiser.

Severus looked around the room. No one seemed to be paying any attention to him, thank Merlin. He slowly pooled his robes in front of him on the off chance anyone might notice the state he found himself in. Unfortunately, his erection showed no signs of retreating. He began reciting Potions in alphabetical order. He'd learned that trick in his fourth year when every boy spends the day half-hard, hormones running rampant.

When that and several other tricks weren't successful he arrived as his sure-fire erection killer—imagining various unappealing couples in different states of dishabille. When he arrived at Hagrid and Minerva in a threesome with Flitwick, he knew it was to no avail. The only thing that would solve this particular problem was clenched into a fist, aching to wrap around his wayward prick. He didn't realize the conversation had ceased as his mind was decidedly elsewhere.

“Severus, you had something to add?” Dumbledore looked at him expectantly.

“No, Headmaster,” he replied smoothly, not meeting any of the other professors's eyes.

Twinkling blue eyes held his own before Dumbledore looked away. “I believe it's nearly time for supper.”

Severus stood slowly, still hard as a rock. Only too happy that the meeting was finally finished, he nearly bit his tongue when that damnable Binns touched him again as he made his escape. Slipping out the door, he walked past the Entrance Hall and headed down to the dungeons. Severus hurried past the loo. He was no longer a schoolboy and would no drop to the level of having a wank in a dingy stall. What if one of his colleagues caught him or, horror of horrors, a student? He headed straight for his chambers; he would apologize to the Headmaster later for missing supper, and consider taking himself in hand more regularly, so as not to run into this problem again.

One thing he couldn't understand was why he'd become so hard at the touch of a ghost. Perhaps it was coincidence – after all, why would something that chilled you bring such burning heat in its wake?

Upon arriving at the portrait that guarded his door, Severus murmured the password rather desperate at this point.

Closing and warding the door, he pulled his robes over his head and tossed them in the general direction of the hook behind the door. Unbuckling his belt as he walked, he sighed in relief when his hand finally met the hot flesh.

Only . . . something wasn't right. His hand wasn't right. It was too warm.

Bloody hell! Stripping out of his clothes, he headed straight for the wash basin and ran his hand in the cold water. He couldn't imagine it would help but his deepest desire, unknown before now, was for something cold to wrap around his cock. When his fingers felt as if they were burning from the prickly cold of the tapwater he tried touched himself again and moaned. Yes, cold was what he craved. He walked back into the bedroom and lay down to begin again, hoping this would solve his not-so-little problem, by now quite painful. Although, he had to admit, he hadn't been this aroused in years.

He ran his fingertips over his flat stomach, bringing gooseflesh up in its wake. He grasped his nipple with the chilled hand, scraping the pebbled skin lightly with his fingernail.

Renewing attention to his neglected cock, Severus found his hand was just not cold enough to give him the bone-chilling sensation he had felt when Binns had brushed his hand.

Not wanting to examine that frightening circumstance too closely, Severus conjured a cube of ice and trailed it around the base of his cock. Although logically it should have diminished his erection, it only made him harder.

"Yes," Severus hissed as the ice touched the sensitive head of his cock. Wrapping his free hand around his length, he pumped his prick as the ice swirled over the tip melting and dripping down into the hair of his groin. He lifted his hips, pumping his cock in time with the thrusts. The colder the sensation the hotter he felt, until his balls tightened, his orgasm ripping through him. Burst after burst of hot come hit his stomach and he collapsed back onto the bed completely spent.


To Severus's dismay, the ice was not a permanent solution to his problem. Certainly, the first few times he tried it had been satisfying. However, the more he used that particular spell, the less effective it was. He began keeping his chambers, and even the Potions classroom, so cold the students could see their breath.

He was aroused just looking at any of the castle ghosts. He was quite sure the Grey Lady was purposely avoiding him, after he'd hastily ducked behind a tapestry to adjust himself when she was arguing with the Bloody Baron.


After supper and a fair amount of wine, Severus stalked back to the dungeons. It had become his evening routine to return to his chambers for a long wank before going on his nightly rounds.

As he stroked himself, he often fantasized about someone sucking him off. Regulus Black, so much more attractive than his loathsome brother. Or Potter and Black on their knees, begging for his cock, only for him to come in their faces.

As he approached his climax, his thoughts always returned to the ghosts. This night the Baron's name was on his lips as he worked himself, thrusting into his hand. So close. . . .

"Finally, an explanation for your unusual behaviour."

The shrill sound that escaped Severus's mouth wasn't likely ever to be repeated. He grasped the blankets and covered himself, eyes wide with shock.

"What are you doing in my chambers?" Severus asked, indignant.

"You called me to you." The Baron sneered. "It takes a man of a certain nature to find pleasure in the spectral plane."

At a loss for words, Severus spluttered, "What? I didn't call you."

"I distinctly heard my name murmured in the throes of passion. Perhaps I am mistaken which room the voice came from. I shall take my leave and make my way to the dormitories." He sounded bored.

"No!" Severus shouted, unsure whether he wanted to protect his students or keep the Baron for himself.

"Ah. I believe I have my answer." The ghost chuckled darkly.

Severus was surprised at the Baron's words, but tried to cover his reaction. "In that case, perhaps we will be able to make an agreement that will satisfy both of us," Severus suggested coolly. "I am in need of some personal assistance."

Severus watched as the translucent robes slid down to the floor, leaving the ghost nude before him. Severus found he was more aroused than repulsed, even though the Baron's body showed the gaping wounds the ghost had inflicted upon himself in life. Knowing the pale, cold body was what his own body was craving was more than enough to keep Severus aroused.

Somewhat wrong footed, Severus still wondered how exactly this was going to work. Normally when one touched a ghost, his hand went right through.

As if reading his thoughts, the Baron answered the unasked question. "Sexual congress with a living being enhances whatever life force remains in those that are bound to this plane of existence. With each joining, I will become more opaque and the experience will become more pleasurable for you. A ghost is very happy to find a living person with whom to take his pleasure."

Severus watched as the Baron's hands roamed over his own body. Seeing Severus watching, he reached down and took his ample erection in his hand.

“Come, Severus,” the Baron said, beckoning him. Severus climbed from the bed and moved closer, his hand outstretched as if it were leading him toward the spectral man before him. “Close your eyes and stroke me, boy,” the Baron said, his voice husky. Severus closed his eyes and wrapped his hand around the Baron's prick.

“Oh, God,” he mouthed. The flesh felt cold and hot at the same time, like prickles burning his skin while giving him chills all the same. He kept his eyes closed as he reached out with his other hand and pressed it to the man's stomach.

“Look.” Severus opened his eyes—he could barely breathe. The Baron, while certainly not opaque, was no longer translucent. Only if Severus stared at a single point could he then see through. He watched as the Baron brought his fingers to Severus's mouth and slipped two inside. The feeling was indescribable—like sucking on an ice lolly, only it was like the memory of one. Not quite as filling as the real thing would be.

The Baron pressed himself close to Severus, wrapping his hand around Severus's prick. Severus gasped at the icy sensation, which was followed quickly by the prickly burn. The Baron took his wet fingers and slid them down Severus's chest to his nipple, pinching it lightly between his fingertips. Severus tightened his grip on the Baron's cock wondering how long it would take for him to come if he could come at all.

"Do we have an agreement?" the ghost asked in his rough voice.

"Fuck, yes," Severus replied desperate to finally find a satisfying release.

Mind reeling from the sensations, Severus almost didn't notice when the Baron slipped his fingers over his hip and around the curve of his arse toward his entrance.

“Wait,” Severus panted trying to form words coherently.

“I think not. You approached me with a problem. I offered a solution. You agreed.” Moving his hand toward Severus's eager prick, he stopped short and Severus groaned. The Baron chuckled. “Now we shall proceed.” The ghost pressed his hand to Severus's chest and moved him toward the sofa, before turning him away from him. He exerted pressure on Severus's back, until Severus was bent over the back of the couch, legs spread shoulder width apart. Severus felt his face grow very hot he had never been taken like this before. He surprised himself when he shivered in anticipation.

“I am looking forward to this, Severus,” the ghost said as he parted Severus's cheeks, his cold fingertips brushing the puckered flesh.

“Do it then,” Severus ground out. He sucked in a breath as he felt the pressure at his entrance, the bulbous head of the ghost's prick pressing into him.

He grit his teeth as he felt the welcome icy-hot burn as the cold member slipped through the ring of muscle. Gripping the fabric beneath him, Severus thrust back and heard a guttural moan behind him.

Cold hands began stroking his flanks as the ghost gently rocked into him, setting a slow rhythm. It wasn't enough for Severus. He pushed back hard against the ghost, who replied with a rich laugh.

“If you insist.” The Baron began fucking him now, snapping his hips forward and driving into Severus.

Body coated with cold sweat and heart racing, Severus felt his balls tightening. He wrapped his hand around his cock and squeezed tighter, increasing the pressure. Pushing himself back into the thrusts, he clenched his arse around the Baron's prick, loving the way the thick length felt inside him.

“Oh, fuck!” he shouted as sticky come pulsed onto the sofa and the floor. The Baron roared behind him before collapsing onto his back, a warm weight for only a moment until his flesh began to feel cold once more.

Then nothing.

Severus stood slowly and then jumped back at the icy sensation that rolled over him. The Baron hadn't moved, but Severus wasn't able to feel his corporal form anymore—he'd stood up through the ghost, a wave of revulsion washing over him as he realized what they had just done.

The Baron swept his clothing into his hand and onto his body in what seemed to be a single fluid motion.

"In the name of Slytherin," the ghost huffed, "do not overthink the situation like a Ravenclaw or worse yet, develop the Hufflepuff sense of post-coital regret. We Slytherins take pleasure from whence it comes and are not likely to look a gift horse in the mouth."

With that, he stepped through the wall, leaving Severus confused and slightly uneasy but finally completely satisfied. He collapsed back onto the bed and slept better than he had in weeks, dreaming of an icy cold body pressed against his warm one.
14th June 2009 00:25
Very interesting, I liked it :) I laughed at this:

"In the name of Slytherin," the ghost huffed, "do not overthink the situation like a Ravenclaw or worse yet, develop the Hufflepuff sense of post-coital regret. We Slytherins take pleasure from whence it comes and are not likely to look a gift horse in the mouth."

I'm Ravenclaw and I really overthink things, so this was just too funny ^_^

14th June 2009 13:39
Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)
14th June 2009 09:52
Why, Severus, you kinky bastard. *g*
Deliciously hot (or should that be cold? *g*) and sexy. Brilliant take on the prompt, dear! YUM!
14th June 2009 13:38
LOL We knew Sev was a kinky bastard. ;) Thanks so much for the lovely comment, Alisanne! I really appreciate it. *hugs*
14th June 2009 10:03
That was so hot, and icy cold too. Very well done!
14th June 2009 13:37
Thanks so much, Melody! *smooches*
14th June 2009 10:12
Wow... I saw the pairing and hesitated... but I'm so glad I read it.
14th June 2009 13:36
Thanks, Angela! I really appreciate you taking a chance on it. I am trying to use my [info]daily_deviant fics as a way to stretch myself as a writer both with regard to pairings (like this one) and kinks (like my April bloodplay fic).
14th June 2009 14:30
Severus is a brave man for even considering having sex with the Baron! Very hot; I think I've got a new kink now. ;)
14th June 2009 14:32
A desperate man perhaps! :P Thanks so much for reading. *uses matching icon*
14th June 2009 17:48
When you first told me you were writing this, I remember thinking it was going to be great--but this is bloody brilliant, woman! Fantastic wanking and omg, bloody hot (err cold) sex--and yes, oh yes, Bloody Baron would so make Severus bend over--I love it!

Sex aside, I also really love the glimpse of Severus as a new professor too, finding his footing in his "new" life. I'm glad you chose this time period for kinky ghost sex. ;)
14th June 2009 20:24
Thank you, Shelly! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Bending over seemed the only way. :P
14th June 2009 20:33
Wow, nicely done! Great solution to the whole non-corporeal problem, and the cold kink is really pretty arousing. ;)
16th June 2009 04:56
Thanks so much! I'm glad the story worked for you. :)
14th June 2009 20:38
Oh, wow. Incredibly, wonderfully sexy. It's possible you just inspired a new kink I didn't even know existed. Great job!
16th June 2009 04:57
LOL Always glad to push the envelope. ;) Thanks for reading and commenting! :D
14th June 2009 22:37
Very inventive! I've wondered about skelping in fic and you did an excellent job explaining the why and wherefore.
16th June 2009 05:03
Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)
21st June 2009 02:52
Wow, that was interesting.

Loved it :)
21st June 2009 07:40
Thanks for giving it a try! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
23rd June 2009 21:45
how wonderfully inventive! I concur, love the young professor and the original kink.

give me shivers!
27th June 2009 13:34
Thanks so much, Ven. I really appreciate your wonderful comment. *hugs*
24th June 2009 19:40
How fascinating and effective! Superb sex scene there, and a great use of the prompts. I imagine Severus will summon the Baron back for more ;-)

PurpleFluffyCat x
27th June 2009 13:36
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed their entanglement. This may be the beginning of a long relationship of convenience. ;)
26th June 2009 16:37
What a great use of the prompt! That was very sexy. :)
27th June 2009 13:39
Thanks so much, Lee! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
26th June 2009 18:16
Wow, erotic and original!
27th June 2009 13:42
Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)
30th June 2009 14:30
Just letting you know I've recced your story here: http://scribbulus-ink.dreamwidth.org/498197.html :)
1st July 2009 14:51
Thank you so much for the rec! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
30th June 2009 21:20
okay seriously, I had my skepticism but that was hot, disturbingly so . I love the idea though that the Gray Lady was avoiding him. LOL. I to think you inspired a new kink. Also you should post this on bottomsnape
1st July 2009 14:55
Thank you! I really appreciate you giving it a chance. Glad you liked the Grey Lady. *giggles* And you are right, I should cross-post it over there. *nods*
1st July 2009 03:40
What a fascinating story. Nicely done!
1st July 2009 14:47
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. A bit different I think.
2nd July 2009 05:10
Here via McKay's rec. It's not my usual pairing, but that was...wow! A little disturbing (in a good way), and surprisingly hot--well, figuratively speaking! ^_^

I also like the way that the Baron told Snape not to "overthink the situation like a Ravenclaw or worse yet, develop the Hufflepuff sense of post-coital regret." (Hmm...now that makes me wonder how a Gryffindor would react to ghost!sex.)
2nd July 2009 11:41
Thanks! I'm so glad you decided to give it a try. TBH I'm quite sure it's no one's usual pairing LOL!

A Gryffindor would definitely rush in without thinking of the consequences, but somehow come out a winner. The bastards. ;)
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