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Professor Sprout enjoys her Magical Vegetables 
27th May 2009 23:43

Title: What Grows in Pomona's Garden
Artist: [info]venturous 
Characters:Pomona Sprout
Warnings:a woman who amuses herself
Themes/kinks chosen:masturbation
Summary: there as distinct advantages to having plant magic at your fingertips. But with her hectic schedule, Pomona rarely gets private time to enjoy them.

note: I edited the art -- she is based on a friend of mine, and she requested it not look quite so much like her!!
28th May 2009 09:37
In addition to the obvious fun stuff, I love Pomona's expression and the way the blue background wash looks so soft and comfy at the same time it suggests how much in her own lovely world she is.
28th May 2009 20:18
sometimes I see a big field of grain, and it looks so soft I just want to wallow in it.

then I remember the ticks. :p
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