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Art Knuckle Babies 
22nd May 2009 23:16
Title: Knuckle Babies
Artist: [info]tripperfunster
Characters:Harry Potter
Warnings:Severe lack of actual porn
Themes/kinks chosen:masturbation
Artist's notes:I really need more practice with these markers!

22nd May 2009 23:47
Mmmm, Harry looks transported. I bet I know who he's imagining... *g*
Lovely! :)
23rd May 2009 04:03
Mmm. Total win for the look on Harry's face. And the way his fingers are spread over his stomach... yum!
23rd May 2009 06:25
Oh I love this.
The expression is fantastic.
I just can't tear my eyes away from the hand though! with his fingers just starting to creep below the top of his pants and spread over his belly. *drools*

It is an awesome hand!
23rd May 2009 08:44
Oh, his expression is lovely-thinking naughty thoughts of Severus no doubt. And yes, that hand on his belly-mmmm. Well done.
23rd May 2009 09:56
Mmmm, belly caressing and fingers creeping lower!
23rd May 2009 11:15
Mmm, he looks like he's having fun. :-)
23rd May 2009 12:54
Looks like he's certainly enjoying himself! Lovely pic.
23rd May 2009 13:31
Splendid job! Love the body you've put on Harry, toned and youthful. The hand is my favorite though, the way it's creeping down! Gah! XD So hot.
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