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Art: First Love. NWS 
20th May 2009 22:07
Title: First Love
Artist: [info]fanlay
Media: Pencil, Photoshop
Characters: Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape
Rating: NWS
Warnings: Mild bondage
Artist's notes: Ah... the good old days..
Themes/kinks chosen: Pillow humping, masturbation

20th May 2009 10:23
ah, they are so young! I love your delicate but confident line, and the langourous sprawl of young flesh.
20th May 2009 11:12
Oh my, they are gorgeous! Lucius is so beautiful and Severus's profile is perfect. Love the way Sev's shirt is rucked up within the bonds, his pants still dangling from his leg. And I don't think he could have a more beautiful pair of balls. :) Wow. Lovely.
20th May 2009 12:26
oh this is lovely and hot
the ropes over Severus' shirt and Lucius' hand on Severus' hair awesome!
20th May 2009 12:42
That is astonishingly beautiful. Love the delicacy, Severus' twisted foot, his tension, Lucius's concentration introspection. The way your eye roves over the whole composition. Will come back to this one again and again. Mmmm....
20th May 2009 12:59
oh my

hot and lovely!
20th May 2009 13:20
Christ, I miss you when you don't post for awhile. That is lovely. *happy sigh*
20th May 2009 13:54
Oh. My. GOD!

It's always wonderful to see your work but this! I don't think I've seen anything like this! Your art is always so beautiful, but the emotions you convey through it are really stunning. This reminds me a bit of your earlier Lucius/Severus because Sev looks so desperate and Lucius looks so calm, but there's an innocence to this one that's captivating. (My gosh, you made Lucius seem innocent!) Yes, this may be the prettiest Snape you've drawn but he looks very right. Lucius' foot on his knee and hand on his hair, the bondage, the skin tones... just wow. It takes my breath away.
20th May 2009 14:15
Oh, wow. Lucius being so casual in his Dom-ness, just, a;slkfdj. I can just hear him giving Snape orders and tying him up in a calm voice, fully clothed like that. Gorgeous!
20th May 2009 14:31
WOW! Is it come on Snape's arse!?
20th May 2009 17:04
Eeeee! Young!Lucius is FABULOUS, and he and Severus just look so...innocent. *sigh*
Beautiful as always, hon. *ogles Snape's bony arse*
20th May 2009 18:11
Hooray for bondage! This came out exceedingly yummy!
20th May 2009 18:47
Oooooh that is lovely! So languid and hot.

And feet. I really, really don't have a foot kink, but their feet are amazing! It's something few artists really seem to get just so, but you have done it. There's something very Rococo about Lucius' face- that pastel innocence. WOnderful!
20th May 2009 19:31
HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. This whole thing slays me, but I can't look away from the dripping come. *whimpers helplessly*
20th May 2009 19:43
That is utterly gorgeous. I love how young and still very them they are, and the attitude of both of them. :D Just lovely. :D
20th May 2009 21:28 - Re: First Love
Wow. Just wow. I've had this open in a tab all day and I keep going back to look at it. They're just so amazing.
21st May 2009 03:44
............. O.O

The beauty of this piece... every single detail is worth mentioning for their sheer utter beauty and hawtness. Wow... just wow.

21st May 2009 05:47
That is beautiful!
Lucius's contemplative look and Severus's profile - just delicious.
21st May 2009 23:15
OMG!! *stares*

That is gorgeous! Oh, Lucius you are so handsome and you were so cute! Young Snape, good Lord, is just beautiful! XD

I really love their eyes though. Snape's lusty gaze and Lucius' deceptive look. ♥♥
24th May 2009 13:15
Oh, I love lucius just sitting there, watching. Beautiful
26th May 2009 16:38
(sucks in a very long breath)
This is - gorgeous.
I can just see this Lucius talking Severus into all kinds of depravity.
Not sure Severus would need much persuasion; he does look self-tortured here.
So many stories in this drawing.
27th May 2009 03:29
guh *stares at sev*
27th May 2009 10:01
Oh my. *fans* Why has no one pointed me to this? *sighs* I've been out in the Real World for too long...

It is so delicate and lovely and sexy and... guh! Beautiful colours.
27th May 2009 10:02
OH MY...!!!!

That Lucius has got to be the prettiest I've ever seen *_* Totes digging your Lucius!!!1 *fawns all over*
30th May 2009 04:14
Fabulous pic! the way you have drawn bound Severus kinda reminds me of a fic from Romaine24 on Lj. It's a Harry/Draco fic, that's beside the point. Anyway it's got a theme of japanese rope bondage. The way Severus is trussed up kinda reminds me of that!

I love the telltale signs that Lucius has already had Severus and is now just teasing him, being that Lucius is fully clothes and Severus isn't
12th June 2009 13:45
Incredibly beautiful!))
Lucius has such a thoughtful expression))
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