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Art: Balcony Scene 
7th May 2009 13:43
Title: Balcony Scene
Artist: [info]didodikali
Media: pencil, photoshop.
Characters: Goyle, Millicent.
Rating: NC-17.
Warnings: Here be cock.
Themes/kinks chosen: Masturbation, handjobs.
Author's notes: This was inspired by the cute little Goyle/Millicent story made by a Mystery Author for me at HP-Beholder over here. Mystery Author wrote me a fairly clean story, so I hope she does not mind this. And I only had time to paint the pertinent parts. =)

6th May 2009 20:57
Milicent is pretty flexible, isn't she? *g*
Very nicely done. :)
7th May 2009 22:36
*laughs* I suppose she is. Thanks! =)
6th May 2009 21:16
This is pretty! Me likey. :)
7th May 2009 22:39
Thanks! =)
6th May 2009 21:20
how wonderful! They look so rosy, and happy. the costumes are wonderful. I love all the snakes, too, and the fancy hair clip.
7th May 2009 22:40
Thanks! =)
6th May 2009 21:31
This is wonderful! I love all your little details, like the snakes on the railing and the cute little bow holding up Millicent's stocking. :D
7th May 2009 22:40
Thanks! =)
6th May 2009 21:46
This is charming!
7th May 2009 22:43
Thanks! =)
6th May 2009 23:05
*gasp* This is gorgeous! I love Millicent's hairdo, and their pose. They look so sweet together. &hearts
7th May 2009 22:41
Thanks! =)
7th May 2009 00:52
My gosh, they're adorable! Goyle actually looks dashing! And I love the monochrome style except for the erm... important bits. ;) (And the snakes on the balcony railing!!! *loves*)
7th May 2009 22:39
Thanks! I had fun with those snakes. =)
7th May 2009 05:05
Oh that's lovely. Their clothes and hair, the pose, the little snakes (all of them *cough*). Well done!
7th May 2009 22:42
Thanks! =)
7th May 2009 06:14
They're adorable! I love their gorgeous outfits and grabby hands.
7th May 2009 22:41
Thanks! =)
7th May 2009 12:14
Hee, lovely! The outfits are wonderful. :)
7th May 2009 22:40
Thanks! =)
7th May 2009 14:25
Oh, that's adorable! (Can handjobs be cute? Well, this one is!) I love their clothing and Millicent's hair and all the little details: the snakes on the railings, the bowed garter on her stocking, the ruffles on her petticoat, his cravat!
7th May 2009 22:38
Thanks! =)
7th May 2009 15:25
very pretty. so sweet and sexy all at once.
7th May 2009 22:42
Thanks. =)
7th May 2009 19:20 - A message from your mystery author
She contacted me and asked me to pass this along because she didn't want to give away her identity or spoil the fun @ [info]hp_beholder and she wanted you to know that she didn't mind the illustration in the least. :)

"I love the picture! It's what I was imagining them doing on the balcony when I wrote the story. I love her hair and the colored details and the little garter especially."
7th May 2009 22:35
Yay! Thanks.

And thanks for bearing the message, Ragdoll.
8th May 2009 04:59
That's ADORABLE. I love the careful use of color!
8th May 2009 13:41
That's beautiful! Adorable and hot at the same time. :) Awesome clothes and I really love the limited use of colour. Even if it's only due to lack of time, it works wonderfully and creates a great effect. :)
9th May 2009 05:56
This is lovely :)
14th May 2009 19:05
Charming! And I adore the snakes. Maggie
25th May 2009 12:41
Mmm, I like.
26th May 2009 15:11
Awesome pic, as always! They're so elegant (I must admit, that's the first time I've ever said that about a handjob), and I love the sensuality of their clothing--I just want to reach out and touch it.
18th August 2009 06:33
this is adorable! i love mil's blue hair and the period clothing is fabulous!
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