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13th March 2019 
18:52 - 13th Birthday Bash: KLUE!

Welcome to our next pervy party game: Klue! It's like Clue, but with kink!

The objective is simple. Pick any sexual theme you like and combine it with a location and an object from the lists below the cut. Rather than person, place, and thing, it's practice, place, and thing! Any character(s), any kink(s), anything goes!

• Fic must be 200 words minimum; art must be a sketch equivalent.
• Share your pieces in comments to this post.
• In the subject line or at the start of the comment box, list the kink, location, and object used (e.g. "Spanking in the Locker Room with a Beater's Bat") so that we know which prompts you picked.

If we get a good number of entries, we'll have some quick voting for silly awards (best use of prompt and so forth) like we did for Wheel of Fornication last year. :)

An important note for those who don't have InsaneJournal accounts: We keep trying to enable anonymous commenting so that people without IJ accounts can participate, but every time we do, the comm gets hit with dozens of spam bots. Nonetheless, we want everyone to be able to play along!! If you don't have an IJ but want to play, drop us an email (dd.mods at gmail) and we'll enable anon commenting for a day so that you can post. OR email your piece to us so that we can post it for you. OR, if you're interested in starting an IJ, let us know that as well. We have a few spare invitation codes we can give out.

Places and Things Below the Cut )

Klue will continue until Thursday, March 28. Be dirty, be creative, and celebrate!

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