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2nd January 2019 
14:58 - New Year News!
The holiday madness has passed, so it's time to make a few quick announcements...

First of all, we want to let everyone know that we now have TEN ELEVEN new members on board going into the new year! Everyone give a warm, kinky welcome to [info]_frumpologist, [info]amorettehd, [info]blackorchids, [info]hikarievandar, [info]kdavranox, [info]keyflight790, [info]kiertorata, [info]leontina, [info]seraphinavictus, [info]snax0, and [info]themightyflynn. *\o/*

Now that we have lots of new folks added to the calendar, our next step is to do a bit of spring cleaning around the comm. We'll be moving a few members who've been inactive for a while to the wild card box or removing them entirely. If we move/remove you and you still want to participate, just let us know! We'll gladly add you back.

Also, a reminder: For those who want to be able to keep up with Daily Deviant announcements on LJ or DW: we have comms for that! We crosspost major mod messages to dd_updates on LJ or daily_deviant on DW. Watchers here can watch those comms as well; posting members can join.

Everyone, stay tuned! We'll have some additional bits of info and new themes posted for our members very soon, plus news about our thirteenth birthday celebration!
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