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Monthly Wrap-Up: January & February 2009 
21st March 2009 17:05
In January, everything old was new again. Members were asked to use any prompt(s) from 2008 that they had not used previously or an unused prompt from Kinky Kristmas.

FIC: Definitely Naughty (Charlie/Kingsley) by [info]alisanne
FIC: Christmas in July (Harry/Hermione) by [info]florahart
FIC: The Amulet of Alexandria (Bill/Harry) by [info]emiime
ART: In the Snow (Draco/Ginny) by [info]ericahpfa
FIC: Another Life Given (?/Regulus) by [info]elfflame
FIC: Confession (Remus/Various) by [info]pre_raphaelite1
ART: Gold on Black (Lockhart/Sirius) by [info]littleblackbow
FIC: Everyone's Gone Bananas (Severus/Remus/Sirius/Harry) by [info]eeyore9990
ART: After the Wedding (Snape/Lupin) by [info]ghot
ART: Can't Wait Til Christmas (Ron/Harry) by [info]osmalic
FIC: During, Before and After the Wedding (Snape/Lupin) by [info]lore
FIC: Never an Easy Choice (Harry/Draco) by [info]sdk
ART: Basic Charms (Snape) by [info]ships_harry
FIC: All I Want to Do Is Make Love to You (Percy/Fleur) by [info]ragdoll
ART: Untitled (Draco/?) by [info]fanlay

The themes for February 2009 were:

1. birth control/condoms
2. catamites (young men used as personal lovers for older men)
3. execution (arousal by watching someone being executed)
4. pornography
- with alternate pairing Remus Lupin/Hermione Granger

Birth Control/Condoms

FIC: Preparation for the Room of Procreation (Ron/Lavender) by [info]luvscharlie
FIC: Just Like a Woman (Charlie/Hermione) by [info]emiime
ART: And Thus Our Story Begins (James/Lily) by [info]ericahpfa
ART: Get Ready (Sirius) by [info]littleblackbow
ART: Trying Him on For Size"> (Sirius/James) by [info]harrysde


ART: Teacher's Apprentice (Snape/Draco/Blaise) by [info]clayangel
FIC: Custard Tarts For The Tart (Severus/Draco) by [info]iamisaac
FIC: Fated (Severus/Harry) by [info]alisanne
FIC: Call and Response (Rodolphus/Blaise) by [info]elfflame
FIC: Advantage, in Auburn or Blonde (Albus/Rufus, Horace/Gilderoy, Rufus/Percy, others) by [info]purplefluffycat


ART: Time's Up (Voldemort, assorted Death Eaters) by [info]venturous


FIC: Off the Rack (Charlie) by [info]celandineb
ART: Colin and Marietta Make a Porno (Colin, Marietta, Crabbe, Goyle, etc.) by [info]didodikali
FIC: Rub a Dub Dub (Harry/Scorpius) by [info]fbowden
FIC: Snow Day (Arthur/Molly) by [info]lee_west
FIC: A Dirty Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste (George/Lee) by [info]ozma_katiebell
FIC: The Rooftop (Draco/Harry) by [info]eeyore9990
ART: Full Experience Productions (Remus, Hermione, Snape) by [info]twilightsorcery
ART: Professor's Weekly (Snape) by [info]tripperfunster
ART: Learning, Practising (Remus/Sirius) by [info]remeciel
ART: Fan (Oliver Wood) by [info]ghot
FIC: Long Distance"> (Viktor/Charlie) by [info]westernredcedar

Alternate Pairing

ART: Full Experience Productions (Remus, Hermione, Snape) by [info]twilightsorcery
FIC: A Different Kind of Hungry (Remus/Hermione) by [info]nehalenia

Let me know if I've missed anything or messed anything up!
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