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19th February 2009 19:55
Title: Get Ready
Artist: [info]littleblackbow
Media: Pen and Ink
Characters: Sirius Black
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Themes/kinks chosen: Condoms/birth control
Artist's notes: *whew* (sets down pen and passes out.) ^_^ He turned out a little more predatory than I'd originally intended, but I kind of like him this way. RAWR. Oh yes, Mr. Black, I am ready for you!

19th February 2009 20:38
How is it that all your pictures are so damn good and I'm commenting on characters/ships I don't like and you make me like?

As we discussed I see it as Sirius in Azkaban to him being just out of it on the verge of madness and holding it in. I can see it in his crouching/perched position. Even in the most intimate of acts he cannot put himself into a vulnerable position or he constantly needs to be alert, aware and able to move which the is the reason why he is on the balls of his feet.

Like I said, I love your art. You make me care about the characters. They are not just pretty to care about but each of them feels like they have a story that needs to be told and this is but just a brief look into their chaotic lives.
20th February 2009 19:59
Thank you, Hon! Really, it makes me feel better about it to know that non-fans also can appreciate what I'm trying to convey. ^_^
20th February 2009 20:06

You know me, I like the pretty bois. Art is art.
19th February 2009 20:44
Oh my! The predatory gaze works really well.
The tension in his body - the way he's crouching - is great too, especially with the darkness looming behind him.


20th February 2009 20:05
Hee... thanks.

And yeah, the madness is kind of nice. I'm glad it came across so well. It's not always easy to do that.


Thank you!!
19th February 2009 20:45
Now I have Severus shouting filthy comments in my head. You certainly know how to brighten up an evening.
20th February 2009 20:30
Severus shouting filthy comments? Hmmm. Funny how his mind snaps to the filth when he sees Sirius, eh?


Thank you!
19th February 2009 21:01
YUM! I love the intensity of his gaze. Mmmm, yes, Sirius can prey on me anytime! RAWR indeed!
20th February 2009 20:31
Hee. Yeah, there's someone to submit to, eh?

I'm glad you lick like him!
19th February 2009 21:38
love the title! damn, just try to hold that pose... he must have thighs of steel. mmmmmm thighs....
20th February 2009 21:46
I think he's just like that until it's on, and then it's pouncing time!


Yeah, but thighs and buns of steel to be sure.
20th February 2009 06:57
Wow. That's really hot. The pose is perfect.
20th February 2009 07:53
Damn- he looks so dementedly sexy. Guuhhhhh.

And his TOES.

20th February 2009 08:29

There is madness in those eyes.


20th February 2009 09:36
Oh, that's awesome. ♥
20th February 2009 11:54
Mad, bad, and very very sexy...
20th February 2009 13:14
Mmmm, I always like to see a man fondling himself...
20th February 2009 16:15
Wow. Fabulous job, here, hon!
You really captured Azkaban!Sirius in this one. :)
21st February 2009 03:20
Ah, I just love the way you do Sirius' hair. And that look! Awesome :)
21st February 2009 21:56
Rawr. Also, dark! [of mood]

22nd February 2009 20:43
Rawr! Very well done!
23rd February 2009 16:55
God, your Sirius is sexy in such a dirty, demented way. Curious, though, why the condom?
23rd February 2009 19:27
That was the prompt this month, and it just sort of spoke to me.

Funny how my Sirius has the same demented stare as your icon. ^_^
24th February 2009 19:35
That was dark and sexy and wonderful!!!!
25th February 2009 15:35
26th February 2009 08:23
OMG. This looks filthy in the best kind of way. <3
1st March 2009 08:53
Wow, amazing! *stares*
4th March 2009 19:21
20th March 2009 21:45
well, well, well! hello! LBB, I feel I've seen a whole other side of you!
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