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ART: Basic charms, R, NWS 
29th January 2009 22:54
Title: Basic charms
Artist: [info]ships_harry
Media: PS
Characters: Severus Snape
Rating: R
Warnings: A terribly awkward position, and a feather.
Themes/kinks chosen: Everything old is new again: Charms (rather liberally interpreted), piercing (barely)
Artist's notes: Posted late with the very kind permission of the mods :). Please forgive the scrawliness and dreadful anatomy.

29th January 2009 06:19
Whoa. *stares* Not sure whether to say "ow" or "nnnngh". ;-)
29th January 2009 08:35
Nnnngh. Definitely nnnnngh!

Holy crap, that's hot!
29th January 2009 08:42
Wow. *stares* I love the way his hair and legs hang down, and the feather and his cock (*drools*) are drawing our eyes up. That's just gorgeous.
29th January 2009 09:07
DAMN! That's just... that's just plain hot! Uhm, I kinda want to know who's doing that to him, but I suppose that's the beauty: one can imagine.

29th January 2009 10:06
Oh, nnnnnnrg. Abs! And nipples! and mmmmmmmmm;alskjdgs. I LIKE THIS LOTS, YOU KNOW. ♥
29th January 2009 14:20
Eeee! Stunning! I sort of want to go "ow" and "nnnnngh" at the same time, too, but the "nnnngh" is definitely winning out. And this might be a weird thing to mention because there is so much else to look at, but I can't stop staring at his nose. I love it!
29th January 2009 18:25
Egads! That's brilliant!

30th January 2009 11:20
*eyes open wide*

The piercing is quite definite enough, believe me. And I have to admit to being with [info]secretsolitaire and stuck between ow and nnnngh. Sort of 'ow in a very very hot way'.
30th January 2009 19:43
hmmm, I assumed he had arranged this for himself! haha, who could it be?
31st January 2009 13:06
3rd February 2009 05:11
oh my!! Very interesting no need to mention 'hot'
7th February 2009 17:45
I don't know how I missed this! Very hot, Scarlet. Such a clever way to do nipple torture/levitation. *G*
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