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- there is no such thing as 'too kinky'
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2nd January 2009 23:50
Oh my no, this isn't fluff; fluff would be burnt alive by this.

One time, he had almost started to whistle and had been so appalled at himself that it darkened his mood for an entire day.


“Oi!” he started to protest

Severus -- Severus Snape -- saying "Oi"? ...XD!!

He had the distinct feeling he’d never again be able to walk through a pine forest without getting hard.


Sirius calling him "ducks", oh my! He only gets away with that alive because Severus is still in a semi-liquid state, I reckon...

name your pleasure.”
“Your cock,”

*guffaw* Yup, I was there even before I'd read that line...
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