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Art: Red (Bellatrix) 
19th October 2008 03:51
Title: Red
Artist: [info]_odella_
Media: pen & ink, photoshop
Characters: Bellatrix
Rating: R
Warnings: Masturbation, implied bloodplay
Themes/kinks chosen: piercing
Artist's notes: Sorry for the tardy posting, I had a bit of internet trouble this week.
I also seem to be running with the theme of Bella and piercing as of late. :)
Art preview:

19th October 2008 05:08
Oh wow. I love how the perspective and the bunched sheets seem to create a sense of motion. And the piercings! eee! *is excited*
27th October 2008 18:38
19th October 2008 05:43

Loving loving loving the hair.

And the bunched sheets.

And, well, everything!

27th October 2008 18:37
19th October 2008 07:39
Gorgeous hair and the way she's clutching at the sheets. The one spot of red is so eye-catching. Great job.
27th October 2008 18:37
Thank you!
19th October 2008 08:36
Wow, I love how you drew this, it's wonderful! I love how stark the red blotch is, and Bella's motions were really caught. Guh, I love it.
27th October 2008 18:36
Thanks! I'm glad you like it!
19th October 2008 08:44
This is simply stunning. It's truly a picture worth 1,000 words.
27th October 2008 18:36
Thank you!
19th October 2008 08:57
Guhhhh, that's gorgeous. Love the way she's clutching the sheets.
27th October 2008 18:35
Thank you!
19th October 2008 15:40
Oh my!
Well she's certainly enjoying herself. ;)
Lovely! And that one splash of color is quite effective!
27th October 2008 18:34
Thank you!
19th October 2008 19:14
woof! she is really gorgeous. love the dark mark, hair, and bunchy sheet.
27th October 2008 18:33
Thanks! I'm glad you like it!
19th October 2008 19:38
YOW. The black-and-white save for the splotch of blood, the way she's clutching the sheets, the Dark Mark! Wonderful!
27th October 2008 18:32
Thank you!
20th October 2008 03:25
Wow, what an amazing perspective! She's gorgeous. And I love the splash of blood and the Dark Mark. :-)
27th October 2008 18:32
Thank you very much!
20th October 2008 13:40
Gorgeous, absolutely beautiful! There's such movement, passion. Fabulous :)
27th October 2008 18:31
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