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22nd August 2008 01:38 - FIC: One and One Make Three (Tonks/Charlie/Bill; NC-17)
Title: One and One Make Three
Author: [info]thescarletwoman
Characters: Nymphadora Tonks/Charlie Weasley/Bill Weasley
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, threesome, double penetration, incest
Themes/kinks chosen: romantic marriage
Word Count: ~3700
Summary: The only thing better than marrying the love of your life is marrying both of them.
Author's notes: I'm absolutely stoked to be posting my first fic at [info]daily_deviant and thanks so much for the invite! ♥ Thanks as always to [info]rose_whispers for the beta. She nitpicked, any remaining mistakes are my own.

It wasn't the most unique wedding the Wizarding world had ever seen, but it would definitely be the most unconventional one this decade. The majority of the people in attendance weren't there for the bridal party: they were there for the spectacle they knew they would see. The crowd hadn't amassed out of love and happiness that these people had found in each other, but rather to be a part of something they knew would be exploited on the pages of the Daily Prophet for years to come.

Tonks waited impatiently in the anteroom, shifting from one foot to the other as she played with the hot pink edging on her, surprisingly, white wedding gown. She'd morphed her hair to match and beneath her dress, she stood comfortably in a pair of green Converse trainers. Even behind the closed doors that led into the chapel, she could hear the buzz of conversation and could hear her name mentioned in more than an unfavorable light.

Was what she was doing really so bad?

The organ began to wind up and the doors were opened for her to walk alone down the aisle. Her own parents had been so disappointed in her choice of husband that they refused to have any part in the ceremony. Tonks had known her mother would be pissed, but she didn't think her father would have completely abandoned her on her wedding day either. Yes, she realised he was dead but wouldn't a ghost make every effort to come to his only daughter's wedding? Thus,Tonks had to imagine he didn't want to come to the wedding and to be shunned by a ghost had to be the worst insult imaginable. She had always been her daddy's little girl and could get away with anything. Apparently this was where he had drawn the line in the sand.

Before looking down the aisle, Tonks scanned the pews, searching for a contingency of red hair. There were a few, thankfully, but there was no Molly and no Arthur. Apparently, they had chosen to stand in solidarity against the marriage as well. Apparently she wouldn't be invited into the Weasley clan after all, even if her surname was about to become "Weasley". When Molly had first expressed her disapproval, Tonks had yearned to mention the Black side of the family wasn't especially known for marrying outside the family. She had wanted to mention that Sirius and Regulus had fucked for years before Regulus made the fated decision to join the Death Eaters. Instead, she held her tongue and let Molly's silence and disapproval rule. Tonks hadn't expected Molly to show up but she'd hoped she would be proved wrong. Swallowing the lump in her throat, Tonks focused her attention on the end of the aisle and who was waiting for her.

Her boys. The two men she loved more than anything in the world. Was it really such a crime to enter into a marriage with two men? Hell, there were some religions that promoted men taking more than one wife -- so why couldn't a woman have two husbands?

Perhaps the problem came into play when the two men were brothers.

Clad in their matching tuxedos, Bill and Charlie waited for her at the end of the long aisle. The minister who had agreed to perform the ceremony looked as anxious as she felt. As for the people in attendance, Tonks had a feeling the lot of them couldn't crane their necks any farther without doing permanent damage to their skeletal systems. With her head held high, she managed to walk down the length of the aisle without any mishaps, tripping or otherwise falling and making an arse out of herself. Reaching them, she stood between the two brothers, grasping their hands and staring straight ahead. She didn't want to look to either side and see them overshadowed by the dark cloud of sniggers and crass words.

Even though the minister called for silence, she could still hear voices at stage whisper level, wondering how they lived their lives. Tonks had tried to convince a few of her fellow Aurors to stand guard at the door and only allow those with invitations to enter. That plan had fallen flat on its face and now she was forced to endure the speculations and judging glares of strangers -- not surrounded by her family as she wished.

"Who do you think fucks her more often?"

"I think she's enough of a slut to spread her legs for both of them at the same time."

"Wonder how close the brothers are if you catch my drift."

God, she wanted to slip under the carpet and disappear. All they had wanted to do was to get married: to show their love and fidelity to each other. They were three and that was all they ever wanted to be. Instead, they got to share the supposedly happiest day of their lives with a bunch of naysayers and assholes. Bloody fantastic.

The ceremony passed in a blur. Tonks tried her damnedest to focus on what the Minister was saying as opposed to everyone else in the damn chapel. Having Charlie and Bill beside her helped more than anything. Knowing they were there in solidarity with her and, when the minister said those words, they would face the world together just as they were now.

Their vows were simple, for at the present they had enough complexity in their lives. They were vows of love and honour and devotion -- a promise to love and to cherish as long as they lived. Really, what more could a girl ask for than to be loved by two amazing and brilliant men? For most, the idea of entering into a ménage a trois with anyone would have them blushing. For Tonks, however, her life had always been anything but normal so it stood to reason that who she chose as a partner (or in this case partners) would be out of the realm of normalcy.

And instead of her family being happy for her -- they shunned her. Wasn't this, in the end, nothing different than Walburga blasting Andromeda's name off the tapestry for marrying a Half-Blood?

Tonks thought so, and she knew her boyos did too.

"I now pronounce you..." he trailed off, as if searching for the right title to give them. Tonks held her breath, waiting for the exact moment when she would be theirs forever. "I know pronounce you husbands and wife," he finally settled on. "You may kiss... er..."

Turning to her left, Tonks raised herself up on her tiptoes at the same moment Bill leaned down to kiss her. It was a soft, sweet kiss, ended by a gentle nipping of her lower lip. She smile and gently squeezed his hand, turning to the left to bestow a kiss on Charlie. Charlie wasn't anywhere near as tall as his brother and, height-wise, they were evenly matched. His kiss wasn't anywhere near as chaste and Tonks could feel the press of a tongue against her lips. It took all of her self-control to keep from opening under that gentle pressure, knowing full well that if she allowed that kiss to continue they wouldn't make it down the aisle and would end up giving the Wizarding world something else to talk about.

Taking a tiny step back, yet still holding onto Bill and Charlie's hands, she gave them room to seal the proverbial deal. The thrill in the pit of her stomach that always accompanied one of their kisses was there in full force the moment their lips touched. Tonks could see Bill and Charlie struggling with their emotions, desperately trying to keep control and keep the kiss from becoming anything more than just a kiss. Hearing the ripple move through the congregation, Tonks had a feeling this was the first time many of them had seen two brothers kiss in a remotely romantic light. There was that slight vibration in their bodies that said they wouldn't be making it to the reception hall without first consummating their marriage. That was perfectly fine by Tonks.

The kiss was broken and their threesome turned around to face the congregation. Tonks barely heard the first formal announcement of 'Mr and Mr and Mrs Weasley,' nor did she take in the smattering of applause as they walked down the aisle, hand in hand. It was as much as she could have hoped for and while she had craved acceptance from her family and their family as well, it was something she would never receive. Tonks snuck a look at Bill and Charlie, a small smile gracing her face as she gazed at them. They had given up so much to make this one commitment to her and to each other.

"I'll catch up with you both in a moment," Tonks said, swiftly kissing each of their cheeks.

With twin nods, they continued towards the 'ready' room while the rest of the congregation filed out of the chapel. Tonks picked up her pace, darting through the throng of people as best as she could. Out of breath, she managed to get to the main doors, watching the tall, translucent form of her father glide away from her. Tonks's breath caught in her throat and the words died on her lips before she could call out to him. He had at least come -- that was the important part. Or, at least, it was what she told herself. Tonks couldn't help but wonder if his presence and subsequent fading away was a silent assent or condemnation of her choice.

Closing her eyes, Tonks pictured what was waiting for her in the ready room. She could almost picture Bill and Charlie entwined in each other's arms, touching and stroking and making themselves ready for her grand entrance. Her father didn't matter and Molly ceased to have any meaning. The choice her two loves made was all that mattered now. And the fact that they were together without her was enough to kick Tonks into high gear and get back to the ready room. She'd be damned if they were going to start the 'festivities' without her.

The corridors had mostly emptied by the time Tonks returned inside -- the vast majority of the guests continuing on to the reception and the promise of free food. Pausing outside the ready room, her hand on the knob, Tonks could hear Charlie's breathy moans -- moans she knew were pitched for her benefit. Yes, they would be quite late to the reception. She slipped inside, not giving a damn if everyone had to wait all night for their arrival.

Charlie knelt before Bill and Tonks watched with a soft groan as the head of Bill's cock disappeared between Charlie's lips. A muttered spell shortened Tonks's skirt enough so that it could be hiked up to her waist without being swallowed in yards of chiffon and satin. She leaned against the wall, legs spread slightly as she slipped a hand beneath her skirt.

"Getting started without me?" she asked, an impish smile playing about her lips. Her boyos turned to look at her, a pleased smile coming to Bills face and while she couldn't clearly see Charlie's expresion, she imagined it would be much the same as his brother's.

"Never, babe," Bill replied, threading his fingers through Charlie's hair, urging him to take in more of his cock. "Simply passing the time until you arrived."

Tonks stepped closer, moving into the room to kneel in front of Bill as well. Charlie pulled back, exposing Bill's saliva-covered prick to her approving gaze. They licked and kissed together, one person sucking on the crown, the other taking Bill's bollocks and tugging gently, lightly grazing the sensitive skin with teeth. Bill bucked and writhed under their ministrations while Charlie and Tonks took turns teasing Bill's cock. Practise had allowed them to build up a rhythm: lick, nip, kiss -- while Bill looked down at his lovers. His large hands threaded through Charlie's hair, then Tonks's. Tonks was too engrossed in her ministrations to notice the look on his face, but she could tell he was fast approaching his peak far too quickly. There was a way his breathing hitched, a way he shifted that was a dead giveaway he was close to his climax.

"Never going to last," Bill groaned, twisting his fingers in Tonks's hair.

"Well, we can't have that, can we?" Charlie asked, rising to his feet and taking Tonks with him.

In that moment, the brothers descended on Tonks. They lifted her as if she weighed practically nothing, setting her on the closest hard surface – a counter of some sort. Charlie cleared the counter with his arm, sending stray bottles spinning every which way to make room for Tonks's arse. This time it was Bill who moved between her legs, growling his approval that she'd chosen not to wear knickers under her dress. He teased her mercilessly, tongue seeking out her clit while his fingers slipped inside her. Tonks bucked and writhed while Bill fucked her with his fingers, his mouth demanding as he brought her closer and closer to her climax.

Charlie, not to be left out, stood to her left, cupping and tweaking one of her nipples while he stroked himself. He had tugged the bodice of her dress down enough to allow her breasts to spill over the neckline. Tonks made a soft keening sound as her hips moved against Bill's talented mouth and fingers. She was so wet, her body thrumming with desire for the two men who were working in tandem to bring her to that sweet precipice.

"I need you in me," Tonks whimpered, tangling her fingers in Bill's hair.

"Who do you want?" Charlie asked, sliding closer to the table. He ran a hand down her thigh as Bill lifted her hips up ever so slightly to expose her fully. His fingers trailed across her bare skin, brushing against her clit and moving backwards until he circled the puckered ring of muscle with his fingertip. "Do you want Charlie to fuck you from behind while I make you come with my tongue?"

"No," Tonks said, her voice coming out in a breathy moan.

"Do you want to touch yourself while Charlie fucks me over the table?" Bill asked, his mouth descending on one of her breasts. "Or would you rather suck his cock while I fuck him?"

That would be on the menu later. Tonks shook her head, the ability to speak momentarily lost to her while she indulged in a brief fantasy. Even as she had two half-clothed men standing before her, her mind's eye created the scenes Bill and Charlie depicted. It even added another: Tonks with a strap-on and the three moving in complete tandem, Bill caught between his brother and his wife. She licked her lips, bringing herself back to reality where she could have any and everything she ever wanted.

She'd never want to leave the bedroom.

Pulling together what little control she had left, Tonks reached for both men's cocks, wrapping her small hand around the bases. It was a challenge, but the look on their faces was enough to erase the momentary pain of stretching her tendons beyond their normal comfort zone. "I want you to fuck me," she replied, twisting her wrists for emphasis. "At the same time.”

It was something they did rarely, mostly because Charlie and Bill were too concerned they'd hurt her. Even with her assurances and reminding them that she was a Metamorphmagus and she was able to adjust her body to accommodate them, they never seemed to listen. There was always that hesitation behind their thrusts, always the look in their eyes that they were afraid she'd break in half.

Tonks continued stroking their cocks in rhythm, spreading her legs a bit wider. Her eyes beckoned as her free hand once more moved between her thighs. Two perfectly manicured pink nails slipped between her nether lips then withdrew. She angled herself backwards, her forefinger running along the strip of skin ('no man's land' as she'd once heard it called) to tease the puckered ring of muscle. She closed her eyes briefly, concentrating on the morph and the gentle stretching of her entrance. Tonks could hear the strangled groan that came from Bill's lips as she eased one finger and then a second inside herself.

"I'm ready and waiting," she managed to make out, even though the end of her statement was obscured by a soft moan.

They moved forward simultaneously. Tonks's position on the counter was the perfect height for Charlie to take her from the front. His hands were on her hips, guiding her forward and towards his prick. Tonks let her head fall back, exposing her throat to Bill's eager mouth as she wrapped her legs around Charlie's waist and impaled herself on his cock. Bill's hand massaged her breast as his mouth found her pulse point, gently sucking and bringing the blood to the surface. Charlie backed up a step, his hands supporting her arse while he spread her wide for Bill. Tonks could hear a spell muttered behind her -- the same spell the boyos used when they wanted to be in each other and now.

Tonks bit back a moan as she felt that first press behind her. She unwound one leg from around Charlie's waist to rest on the floor by way of support. Bill was able to move closer, sliding into her the same moment Charlie thrust forward. Oh god. This time, Tonks didn't try to contain a throaty groan, her nails running down Charlie's back. While it may not have been the most graceful way to have sex (with Tonks bouncing between them), but bloody hell, to have them both inside her at the same time was bloody fucking fantastic. She was so full, unable to think beyond the rhythm of their thrusts. She couldn't think and she had to remind herself to keep breathing. Really, when one was being fucked so completely, why did she need a stupid thing like breathing?

By this point, Tonks didn't know whose hands were where, nor did she care. All that mattered was that they were touching her: four hands working her over. One moment Charlie was kissing her, the next his tongue was tangling with his brother's as they kissed beside her. The brothers moved in perfect unison, building a rhythm that brought Tonks to her peak faster than she would have liked. She shuddered as she reached that delicious edge, and her body felt utterly weightless. The only thing that kept her grounded to this earth were Bill and Charlie. Her inner muscles clenching around their cocks as she rode wave after wave of her orgasm, trying to bring them to their own climaxes. Bill reached that precipice before Charlie did, though not by much.

After Bill pulled out, Tonks somehow managed to lower herself to the ground and remain standing. It was a bloody miracle to be certain. However, once her feet touched the ground, she leaned against the counter, not wanting to test her legs' ability to hold weight. Her skirt was somewhere around her midsection and it was in the absence of the lovemaking heat that she realised how her breasts ached being pulled out over the bodice as they were.

Tonks was sore, but deliciously so and frankly, she didn't care if she walked a little awkwardly during the reception. There wasn't like anyone had come to the wedding specifically to support her, Charlie and Bill.

Slowly they began to redress -- or, more accurately, Charlie and Bill had to search for their trousers. None of them had gotten very far in the 'undressing' stage, Tonks noted with a smile. She had no sooner tucked her breasts back into her dress (a challenge made more difficult when Bill was trying to distract her with a hand under her skirt -- and Charlie had wheedled his hand into Bill's trousers. The word insatiable came to mind in regard to the Weasley brothers) when there was a knock at the door.

Neither brother had the opportunity to withdraw his hand before the door opened and there, in all her red-headed glory, stood Molly Weasley. There was nothing Tonks could do but stand there, staring at her mother-in-law.

Talk about having your hand in the proverbial cookie jar. Bill and Charlie withdrew quickly, shoving hands into their own pockets as Tonks attempted to pull her skirt down to regain some bit of modesty.

Time seemed to stand still as the four stared at one another, and it was evident each person was waiting for someone else to speak and break the silence.

"Well. It seems my timing is impeccable."

Tonks held her breath, knowing this was a make or break moment. Molly's presence here was huge, but Tonks also knew she could as easily turn around and shut them out of her life forever. Hell, Molly had sworn she wouldn't come to the wedding and yet here she was...

"As a word of warning, if you're later than three hours, guests tend to get a bit antsy and leave," Molly continued. She eyed her sons before her gaze settled on Tonks. "Unless, of course, you're going for the record of keeping guests waiting the longest. Currently, the record is at two hours and twenty-seven minutes."

Curiosity got the better of Tonks. "How on earth do you know that?"

Molly turned, hand on the door knob. The moment she smiled, Tonks knew she was going to be accepted. Perhaps not immediately, but Tonks knew there would come a time that Molly would embrace her as a daughter.

"Because Arthur and I hold the record," was her parting shot as she quickly exited the room.

Tonks didn't know if she should be amused or horrified. In the end, she settled on neither emotion, instead moving towards aroused as Bill and Charlie descended upon her.

"What do you say we try to beat that record?" Bill asked, his teeth tugging on Tonks's earlobe.

Tonks's hands flew towards the buttons on Charlie's trousers.

"You're on."

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