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art: Can’t Take Him Anywhere (Draco/Neville) 
21st August 2008 22:19
Title: Can’t Take Him Anywhere.
Artist: [info]melmoe1
Media: Photoshop
Characters: Draco/Neville, Harry/Luna, Ron, Ginny, Hermione, other.
Rating: R
Warnings: Public wanking, bad wedding etiquette.
Themes/kinks chosen: Romantic Wedding
Artist's notes: Neville loves weddings. Draco’s bored.

22nd August 2008 01:00
Haha, that is awesome! I love the look of concentration on Draco's face in the sixth panel.

22nd August 2008 11:46
Thanks. *g*
22nd August 2008 01:22

Aside from the OMG at Draco and Neville's blush, I think I am in love with the officiant's bald spot. :D
22nd August 2008 11:52
*lol* He was fun.
22nd August 2008 01:28
ahahaha! the last panel killed me ded!
22nd August 2008 11:53
Glad I made you smile :)
22nd August 2008 01:36
LOL That's brilliant! And very hot. Poor Neville!
22nd August 2008 12:01
Thanks. I had a ton of fun with the prompt.
22nd August 2008 12:42
That's the point of it all -- to have fun!

Nice job all around and the art's lovely! :)
22nd August 2008 07:12
Ahahaha, I love this! Naughty Draco. :-D And the first panel with Luna and Harry is gorgeous.
22nd August 2008 12:02
*g* Thanks.
22nd August 2008 08:15
Every panel has something great in it, and the colors are marvelous, but I do love the last best. ;)
22nd August 2008 12:05
Thank you. That's my favorite too.
22nd August 2008 09:34
Ahaha, fantastic! I love Draco's expression when he gets the idea. Win! :)
22nd August 2008 13:37
Thank you. :)
22nd August 2008 09:46
OMG that is gorgeous! Your style just continues to evolve and improve. It's so wonderfully detailed and full of humour.
22nd August 2008 12:17
Thanks. That's so nice to hear. I'm just glad I got it finished so I could read your James/Scorpius. Printed it last night and read half before having to force myself to go to bed. Plan to devour the rest on my lunch break. Am so in love with both boys and yo...never mind, I’ll gush at your LJ when I am done.
22nd August 2008 14:44
That's really great to hear. Lots of people have said really nice things about it. I hope you like the second half.
22nd August 2008 14:55
*laughs* Just left a comment. God, yes; I loved it!
22nd August 2008 09:47
I love the facial expressions in each panel: Draco's sly look, Neville biting his lip trying to keep silent, their blush when everyone turns to look. The colors are so vivid!
22nd August 2008 12:21
Thank you. I do love to making Neville blush. *g*
22nd August 2008 09:53
great stuff
22nd August 2008 12:21
*g* Thanks.
22nd August 2008 13:42
Draco's expression in panels 3 and 4 crack me UP, as does poor Neville's embarrassment in the last panel. *giggles*
22nd August 2008 15:05
Thanks. I wanted to do something fun, so I'm glad it made you smile. *g*
22nd August 2008 17:32
I love it all...Draco's smirk, Harry's serene smile, Neville's facial expressions, the officiant's bald spot. But you know what I love most of all? HARRY & LUNA!!! You know I'm such a H/D girl, but I adore the idea of Harry with Luna, and would have been pleased as punch had it ended up that way in canon. I always felt there was so much more of a connection between them than there ever was with Harry and Ginny *shudders*. Thanks for this!!! *kisses*
22nd August 2008 19:02
Glad you liked it. I've got a bit of a soft spot for Luna, and I love her with Harry or Neville, or even Ron, but I really think her and Draco would be a lot of fun *g*
22nd August 2008 21:28
LMAO, that's hilarious. Neville is brilliant... I especially love his face/blush in the last panel!

22nd August 2008 23:22
Thanks :D
22nd August 2008 22:04
*snickers* That was great, hon! I especially love the last panel when Neville is all embarrassed and Draco's all, "What?" Heh.
22nd August 2008 23:23
Thanks, hon. *g*
23rd August 2008 11:12
lol! wonderful expressions, the sly Draco, the innocent Neville. haha!

23rd August 2008 22:05
Thank you. *g*
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