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ART: "Rug Burn", Snape/Lily, R 
30th May 2008 14:44
Title: Rug Burn
Artist: [info]faire_weather
Media: Photoshop
Characters: Severus Snape, Lily Evans
Rating: R
Warnings: Nudity
Themes/kinks chosen: Furs
Artist's notes: Is it just me, or could there be nothing sexier for Severus Snape than Lily Evans (naked) on top of a wolf-skin rug, wearing the antlers of a dead stag?
Art preview:

With Snapey

Without Snapey

I use LJ Scrapbook to host, so if you're having difficulties seeing the pictures, the direct links are here:
Without Snape
With Snape
30th May 2008 14:16
Mmm, nice!
And the picture is DEFINITELY better with Snape. ;)

30th May 2008 14:18
This is stunning! I love the colours, and the curtains, and the way Lily looks at Snape. Mmmmm, sexy ♥
30th May 2008 14:47
yum... very nice! and everything is better with a serving of Snape :D
30th May 2008 15:00
The details in this are wonderful, from the wood grain on the floor, to the lace curtain and the fur. Lily's got such a sultry, almost feral look and the Snape's shadow overall is really the icing on the cake. Lovely!
30th May 2008 15:02
OMG YES!!! I love that; that's some good hate-kink subtext for such a lovely picture :D. Awesome, and it fills my black heart with glee :D.

Plus, well, it's beautifully drawn and coloured :)
30th May 2008 15:05
Gorgeous-such an evil idea to have the wolf-skin and stag antlers. She looks so ready to go. ;) Lucky Snape. Well done.
30th May 2008 16:33
OMG, this is deliciously twisted! I love it! And Lily is freaking GORGEOUS!
30th May 2008 17:44
Ooh, Lily is delicious! And if it's possible for a shadow to be sexy, Snape definitely pulls it off. ;-)
30th May 2008 17:47
Oh my! *drools* She's one sexy woman!
30th May 2008 20:54
This is just lovely; I can't stop staring at it. *glee*
30th May 2008 21:20
I love the contrast of all the luscious detail and texture of fur and wood and lace and hair and skin, to the ephemeral yet oh-so-solid shadowy Snape. beautiful!
31st May 2008 02:25
It's not just you. And I'm finding it pretty sexy myself...*scrolls back up*
31st May 2008 08:03
I have to agre this is twisted, and I love it. The pictures are beautiful, though I like the one with Snape.
31st May 2008 10:02
Oh, that's so cool! I love the shadow of Snape. :)
31st May 2008 12:37
I like the way you incorporated Snape and I definitely like that one better XD
31st May 2008 12:46
fantastic! the inclusion of Snape just kind of makes it for me. :)
Beautiful textures.
31st May 2008 14:58
Nice work.
31st May 2008 20:58
this was simply delicious! ♥
1st June 2008 07:43
This is awesome. The colors, the lines of veins showing through her skin, her pretty breasts, her pose, the fabrics, DEFINITELY the shadow...I love your style; it's wonderful.
1st June 2008 12:08
Definitely better with Snapey :-)
3rd June 2008 23:37
Horny tart!

Actually I really like it with Snapey, too! And I'm very fond of the blue veins in her feet!
23rd June 2008 14:03
Your art just gets better and better every time I see some. The tilt of her hips, her thongielike panties, her perky breasts, it all just works so gorgeously.
3rd July 2009 02:56
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