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Art - Bella, NWS 
11th May 2008 00:20
Title: Fur
Artist: [info]ericahpfa
Media: Pen
Characters: Bellatrix Black
Rating: R
Warnings: NWS, mean :(
Themes/kinks chosen: Fur
Artist's notes: I am an animal lover - I swear! I just usually go with the first idea that pops into my head when I read a prompt. I had planned for her to be on Padfoot and Moony but changed it to some poor random soul instead. As for psycho Bella, I do believe that she would go for aesthetics like this - she really isn't very nice you know.

10th May 2008 22:59
Lovely :). That's not a skinned Sirius she's on, is it? Because that'd be pretty awesome, in a twisted sort of way.
10th May 2008 23:02
OMG, my thought exactly.
11th May 2008 09:38
My thought, too! Or a skinned werewolf. :D
10th May 2008 23:02
Your depiction of Bellatrix is probably the top reason I'm so very much in lust with her character. *blush* She's gorgeous and wicked and so very very sexy.
15th May 2008 12:59
But she's bad. Which is, of course, her appeal.

Thank you!
(and no, it's not Padfoot - almost was though!)
10th May 2008 23:06
Wow, you really are an incredible artist.
I can practically feel that fur...
15th May 2008 13:01
The fur is really scruffy - which is actually fairly easy to do.

Thank you!
10th May 2008 23:09
In a word: hot.

Double kudos since femme isn't really my thing.
15th May 2008 13:03
Not so much mine either - and thank you!
11th May 2008 01:01
NO NO NO! Not my Padfoot! NOOOOO!

This reminds me of the Phoenix_flies fic where Harry was the cat animagus and Bellatrix took him in as her cat. She would do things like throw him against the wall, cause he loved him so much.

Nice work, she looks lovely. Psycho bitch bitch but lovely.
15th May 2008 13:06
No, it isn't Padfoot - it was close though. I had originally planned on having her on both Padfoot and Moony skins but just couldn't do it!

Thank you so much!
11th May 2008 01:05
Oh... that is excellent! Luv it. Just one thing though, where is her Dark Mark?
15th May 2008 13:10
Heh - whoops. Shows how often I draw teh Deatheaters, eh?
All fixed!
And thank you.
15th May 2008 13:32
You're quite welcome!
11th May 2008 02:26
As gorgeous as always. I love her hands and her hair (as always)
15th May 2008 13:11
Thank you!
11th May 2008 03:58
Is that Padfoot? Or Moony *whimper*? Oh, my, but she is gorgeous.
15th May 2008 13:12
She was intended to be on both Padfoot and Moony skins but as the last minute I just couldn't do it. So it is a poor random beast.

Cause she's mean like that.

Thank you!
11th May 2008 04:05
Wow. Gorgeous. Truly.
15th May 2008 13:12
Thank you!
11th May 2008 07:00
Damn this is beautiful. She's gorgeous and just crazy enough to do that on someone's skin.
15th May 2008 13:21
Yes, she is.

Thank you!
11th May 2008 07:43
Totally gorgeous.
15th May 2008 13:21
Thank you so much.
11th May 2008 08:45
Oooh, she's delicious.
15th May 2008 13:22
Thank you!
11th May 2008 09:38
Oh, she's so beautiful. And you're right: I think she would definitely get a twisted sort of pleasure out of this. :)
15th May 2008 13:22
She's mental. A loon.

And thank you!
11th May 2008 11:10
ooo teh evil is pretty :)
15th May 2008 13:22
11th May 2008 14:05
Omigod she killed Sirius!! :D Damn her, the hot bitch. ^_^ I love her bosom especially!
15th May 2008 13:23
She's not as stacked as the other females that I draw. I think of her as leaner - she's too busy being a whack-job to eat I guess.

Thank you!
11th May 2008 21:09
woof! hot evil sexy Bellatrix, and I can feel the fur...
nice mouth on her, and one ferocius darkmark.
15th May 2008 13:24
The darkmark was a waaaay later add-on. I don't often draw Deatheaters!


Thank you!
13th May 2008 13:42
Yummy and delicious! I can feel the fur right now.
I guess this green furry blanket doesn't help much, huh?
15th May 2008 13:25
Icon Love!

And thank you.
3rd February 2009 16:22
Her closed eyes are the most beautiful things I've ever seen. *finds no better words*
And oh my god, she is so sexy! I want to lick her nipple... *blushes*
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