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Art:: Just Like That (Lucius/Snape) NC-17 
9th May 2008 08:59
Title: Just Like That
Artist: [info]artisticentropy
Media: Photoshop and a sketch
Characters: Lucius Malfoy/Severus Snape
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: The usual - slash, nekkid men, blowjobs. ;)
Themes/kinks chosen: m/m fellatio
Artist's notes: This is a new pairing for me. Whee! For the roommate cause she likes it. ;)
Art preview:

9th May 2008 08:17
Wow. So shimmery and luxe... Snape's hair, the bedcurtains, the definition of his body... *admires*
9th May 2008 08:27
Gosh, this is so beautiful. I love the colours, all the pale tones. It's lovely. Not to mention the lines of their bodies and the fabric. I think I'm in love with this picture...
9th May 2008 08:28
That is utterly gorgeous...
9th May 2008 08:32
Oh, how beautiful! I love both their hair, and the colouring is so cool. :)
9th May 2008 08:35
9th May 2008 09:57
Wow. This is lovely. I love the hair. Lucius' is so luxurious and Snape's is a bit unruly and sweaty, and the whole piece is just shinning somehow. Really lovely.
9th May 2008 10:50
That is unbelievably gorgeous! And I love the DE curtains!
9th May 2008 11:09
Nice! Glad you're roomie likes it because I like it too! Love the curtains, the hair, the contrast, their expressions. Beautifully done.
9th May 2008 12:01
Wonderul. I love the neutral color palette and their positions. Lovely work!
9th May 2008 12:14
Gorgeous hair-I love the way Snape's sort of draws your eye, since it's the darkest thing in the picture. Also, how Lucius has his hand resting on his head. Beautiful.
9th May 2008 15:49
Oh, the expression on Lucius' face! And their hands, and the shading and textures and subtlety of the colours and... well everything really, I suppose!

I'd love to think that this is a pairing you'll draw and share again. Mmmmm!
9th May 2008 17:03
Oh, freaking heck, that is one gorgeous picture.
9th May 2008 19:18
Wow. The coloring you chose is gorgeous. It gives a very ethereal quality to the art. So beautiful. My only critique, is Snape's bum, hips and thighs look large and more likely those of a woman. There's no reason Snape might not have a nice big bum but the thighs look more fleshy and less muscular like those of a man. I know you didn't expressly ask for concrit so if you'd rather I never give it, I never will again. But since you didn't say no thanks to concrit, I figure you might appreciate an honest evaluation. Beyond that, I think your art is magnificent. I love the look on Lucius's face contrasted with the way he's clutching at the bed and the way his hand in on Snape's head. Brilliant.
9th May 2008 21:00
The hand on the thigh, Snape's grip - oh, it's all absolutely gorgeous! Love the colours as well - it's almost luminous.

9th May 2008 22:56
Goodness, that's just gorgeous.
10th May 2008 00:56
Absolutely delicious, darling!
And I am oddly fascinated by Lucius' toes. *g*
10th May 2008 02:25
Ooh, that's really gorgeous! Love the delicate colouring.
10th May 2008 04:17
My OTP, by my favourite artist, so I'm not going to be entirely objective...

I love the chalk highlighting and the way the white flows from Lucius' hair down Snape's back. And the shapes of their faces (pointy Lucius! Beaky Snape!), so canon. And for some reason I have developed a passion for Lucius's right leg.

Wipes drool off keyboard.
10th May 2008 14:07
Utterly delicious, AE. Love the softness to this :-)
10th May 2008 14:34
This is so beautiful, I also love the softness... and the hardness of it. Their faces and Lucius' hand on Severus' head are just perfect.
10th May 2008 16:00
this is beautiful *stares*
10th May 2008 20:52
Absolutely gorgeous!
10th May 2008 20:54
Mmmmmmmmmm totally yummy! And Snape's buttock! *droooools*
11th May 2008 18:33
Nice! I like the way Lucius has pressed his foot against Severus, and his holding his hair back so he can see his face (and mouth, and etc. :D).
19th May 2008 20:48
::runs in late to comment::

Oh, wow, this is just gorgeous. I love the softer colors and look of the piece. Lucius' pose is caught somewhere between tender and controlling; he certainly looks like he's enjoying what Snape's doing. And Snape is just beautifully Snape. Heh.

In other news... OMG you DO still exist!! How ARE you?!?
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