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Art: Prongs, R, NWS 
29th February 2008 08:34
Title: Prongs
Artist: [info]ships_harry
Media: PS2 and tablet
Characters: Harry, Harry, Prongs
Rating: R
Warnings: Implied incest, implied bestiality (sorta)
Themes/kinks chosen: Alternative pairing: Patronus/Harry
Artist's notes: Apparently, a depiction of a fictional character dreaming about a magical representation of an animal is as close to bestiality as I can cope with drawing. That's, what, three degrees of separation? Twisting it so that it's incestuous, though. Totally on board with that. There's a special hell...
Art preview:

ddfeb copy
28th February 2008 20:02
God, that's so beautiful... I absolutely love those blue-tones. Wow. The contrast with the reddish tones of sleeping Harry works really well. The technique you're using here is great, too. Lots of texture in the brushes.

I'm always amazed at how a bit of blue makes black more black and white more white :-)
28th February 2008 21:42
It's interesting how that works, huh. It wasn't originally this blue - I drew it, and then started playing with filters (er - I forget how many now) on different bits until it looked the way I wanted it :). I do like that cross-hatch brush for fabric. It's nice to smack on the texture with a bunch of different colours and see the area kinda liven up. Glad you like the contrast in colours, too!

Also, thank you very much :).
28th February 2008 21:44
It really is interesting. Yay for filters, then :-) And brushes!

You are more than welcome!
28th February 2008 20:12
Oh wow. This looks gorgeous. I love the feel of this.
28th February 2008 21:43
Thank you so much! None of the kinks were really doing it for me this month, so it had to be the alternative pairing, despite the human-animal thing...
29th February 2008 07:47
I even recced it on my LJ last night :D
1st March 2008 06:49
Ee, then thanks again!
28th February 2008 20:30
Gorgeous. Your art always tells a story, and this is no exception. I love the contrast between the blues of the dream and the reds of reality. So satisfying to look at!
28th February 2008 21:46
Your art always tells a story, and this is no exception.

Ee, thank you! Bit flaily over that, I must admit; that's an incredibly awesome thing to hear. Er. Read :).

And I'm really glad the contrast works for you, too - I wanted to separate the dream and the reality in more than one way, and that was the main one (okay, maybe the main one is the bubbly border thing, but the colour was the most significant one :) ).
28th February 2008 21:08
Ooo, nice! I love the cool/warm contrast of the different sections and your use of light and shadow in the shapes of the forms. The composition is really good too. :D
28th February 2008 21:48
Oh, yay! Technical feedback is love ♥ :). I had to do this really quickly, so I'm very happy to hear it works!
28th February 2008 21:53
Gorgeous! I love the little dream "bubbles". And the way Harry's hand is griping an antler, like he never wants to let go again. Simply beautiful.
1st March 2008 06:41
Thank you! That's a lovely comment to get :).
28th February 2008 22:49
My god that's beautiful. And it's hot and sad and wonderful.
1st March 2008 06:42
I love that collection of adjectives, thank you so much!
28th February 2008 23:01
Wow! Gorgeous work! I love the two different styles you used, and the colors contrast each other so well. The stag just glows beautifully.
1st March 2008 06:43
Eee, yay, thank you! The stag got glowy after a few filters, and I liked it so much I kept it that way :).
28th February 2008 23:38
Oh, that's gorgeous! Lovely.
1st March 2008 06:44
Thank you very much!
28th February 2008 23:41
Oh! That's BEAUTIFUL, m'dear!
1st March 2008 06:44
Yay, thank you!
29th February 2008 00:20
Ooh, this is so cool! I love the way you've drawn the dream images.
1st March 2008 06:45
Thanks very much! The dream images came first, then I figured out it *was* a dream, and sleeping-Harry had to come through as well :).
29th February 2008 02:23
Absolutely lovely.
1st March 2008 06:46
Thank you :)
29th February 2008 04:29
Lovely work -- I especially like the texturing and the way that the highlights on Harry's two faces echo each other.
1st March 2008 06:47
Oh, yay, you noticed the highlighting on the faces! That makes me rather happy :). Thank you!
29th February 2008 12:08
Gorgeous. I love the contrast in colors between sleeping Harry and his dream. Beautiful.
1st March 2008 06:52
Thanks so much! I'm really glad the colours are working for people, because I rather enjoyed them myself :).
29th February 2008 12:43
This is beautiful! I particularly like the 'bubbles' and how Prongs swishes out near the bottom of the dream.
1st March 2008 06:58
Thanks very much! I may have gone a little nutty with the bubbles, but they were too fun to stop :).
29th February 2008 23:07
That's a really clever subject and the colours - the blue with Prongs' silver, are just so striking.
1st March 2008 07:00
Thanks, yay! I do like the James Sr/Harry pairing, I really do :).
1st March 2008 12:46
I do like the James Sr/Harry pairing, I really do :).

hurhurhur... that's because you're going to hell with all the rest of us, love!
3rd March 2008 19:35
Gods, that's beautiful. I don't know how you managed it, but the colors are gorgeous. And the implication seems serious. Thanks for sharing!
5th March 2008 00:27
Thank you so much! I was completely stuck for February, so I'm really happy that this worked out :).
4th March 2008 07:57

But DUDE! Seriously?! This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the composition and the coloring and the texture and the PRONGS! GUH! And how you highlighted Harry's body and muscles!

Just nothing but love for you!
5th March 2008 00:29
Eeeeeeee, exclamation marks from a teamie! Thank you thank you! I was racing to do this, so it's chock-full of short-cuts, but I'm really pleased that it seems to have come out okay. ~beams~
6th March 2008 00:51
I've had this tab opened for days, trying to get around to commenting! This is so gorgeous. The ghost-like image of Harry and how it looks so much like sleeping Harry blows me away!
11th March 2008 13:36
great concept&coloring! I especially like the difference in color between the dream and Harry. Well done!
21st March 2008 14:11
Like others, I love the contrast between blue and red. I find the shadowy image of Harry on Prongs particularly enchanting. I admire your fics and I admire your pics. What a talent!
8th May 2008 12:48
Oh- oh! How did I miss this! GUH! It's SO beautiful. It does hit my bestiality kink (it's large and hard to miss, really ;) but it's exquisitely beautiful. The lighting is elegant and just perfect.

*sighs in awed happiness*
8th May 2008 17:17
Eee, thank you! Belated comments are sort of delightful squee, really - one thinks one's done with a pic, and then out of the blue, boom! Something cheerful to start off the morning :).

I don't have (much of) a bestiality kink, but I've definitely got an incest kink, and Prongs/Harry does double duty on that front ;).
8th May 2008 18:39
Hee hee. Yes, I can understand that feeling! Glad to have helped your day start off nicely!

Mmm incestuous bestiality is very tasty indeed. What do you think of Padfoot/Harry? Does that begin to tweak your incest kink? ;)
8th May 2008 20:54
Nrgh. Padfoot/Harry tweaks my everything kink.
8th May 2008 21:48
*laughs* It does seem like an ideal pairing for this months' D_D... Oooh look at the Bunny! Fur fetish, fellatio, mucophagy (cause no one else'll write it), and maybe some fainting. Muhahahaha.
20th March 2010 02:52
this is awesome. I love the colors and style, the way prong's brightness dominates dream-harry.
24th March 2010 19:26
Hey thanks! Surprise comment is surprising :).
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