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[12/16/17 @ 10p]

what's uppppppp lineart!

i'm here to shoot my shot. moddie won't be in boston til tuesday (and will be a bit busy between Splash Fight 2017 with [info]aquatrident and [info]watersheds) but i wanted to toss her out into the ring! i know by the end of the week she'll be showing up to say hello to [info]fiery but i'd love for her to get her paws into other people's business, friend, foe, or someone who she'd just like to mess with. she's got a lot more in her arsenal and about 0% fucks to give now that she's had some time between getting her ass kicked by other telepaths and having time to cool off and watch two sea people fight because really, that's not really her business. extra bonus points for DC peeps who show up due to her proximity to that situation, lmao, but come one come all.
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[12/15/17 @ 2p]

goooood afternoon ~lineart, and happy holidays. i'm throwing magneto out there for any cv week mayhem he might be needed for! i have him signed up for a random mind warp mid-week that might cause a little chaos. he'll be intermittently seeing his worst fears come to life - genocide, war, etc. - and will be reacting accordingly. x-men are out of his crosshairs since he's been on team good guy since the attack on the mansion, but humans might not be so lucky. in summary, if anyone wants a run in with him during any of this or any other time during the week, let me know. i've got a few days off and have a writing itch to scratch.
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firebug, firebug. [10/26/17 @ 5p]

[ mood | can he burn it? ʏᴇs ʜᴇ ᴄᴀɴ ]

does whatever a firebug does~.. )

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more envy! [10/26/17 @ 12p]

tl;dr: it's just going to be a lot of fire and ruined lives but generally not in boston )
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