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Ravenclaw vs Hufflepuff [18 Apr 2009|09:54pm]

Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff )
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April plot [05 Apr 2009|05:17pm]

Hello again! It's spring, and that means it's time for spring break! The event started on Friday, April 3rd so keep in mind that your students are home this week until the 13th of April. Remember our previous plot post as well when it comes to Ministry business. Ministry parents won't be able to chat about their job and are working long hours, while friends who may work in the Ministry only work Tuesday through Friday. There is still a curfew in major wizarding cities, which includes Coldstream, Tarahill, Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. Villages like Godic's Hollow do not have a curfew at this time. There is a lot of speculation about this business in the papers, but ONLY Ministry officials know that there has been Muggle infiltration and the recently employed alumni know Coldstream, Scotland a magical community has been slightly exposed to the Muggle world, but not how or to what degree.

Most of the plot you'll be seeing this month will be going through the Owls and OOC communities. We will be posting fun things here and there and especially for the kids in the upcoming Quidditch post.

Other business:
- Students return to school for classes on April 13th
- The next Quidditch game is Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw on April 18th!
- O.W.L.S and N.E.W.T.S are approaching. Seventh years should be ready for them, June 1st through June 5th.
- On April 26th young Ministry workers will also be working Saturday and will have to wait in line to go to work as they'll be checked by a small dose of Veritaserum. This will continue once randomly every week.

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[28 Mar 2009|03:32pm]

Yeah, she's totally drunk lol.
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[15 Mar 2009|02:04am]

Memorying and tagging entries. Memorying your own entries, owls and journals is your own business. Even though we find individual memorying our rp threads is very helpful. Tags though we'd like it if everyone could remember to tag their rp entries with their name which should already be in the tags allotted, and put the date which starts with the year. Note that NPC tags are yet to be added in.

[ex. andrew kirke, 1999 march]

This helps us like whoa to easily see how active you've been. Currently every post is tagged, locked and unfinished ones included. Going back to memorying we are going through for the next month and then publicly memorizing threads and some owls [mainly ones important to overall plot]. They'll be memorized by names, year, month, and if they are a group or alone thread. If it's a special thread like one dealing with monthly plot or the big battles then there will be a tag for that. Once you click the tag it works, like normal memories. It'll say who's in it [unless it's a group thread and then it will say group] and the premise of the thread.

We do want to point out that when a name is only a last or first name, it will be labeled under the full character name while they are in game. If they leave that memory will then only be under AU, meaning that if you threaded with that person, the event still happened, just perhaps not with that person.

The winners are..... )
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March Plot [03 Mar 2009|02:17pm]

Hey there it's March and we're going in like a lamb and leaving like a lion.{Not a Twi reference. :P}

The Valentine's Day Massacre went down without a hitch and we're happy to see you all participating in it. At 11:59 PM February 29th all silly little cherubs flying around the island fell still, turning back into plain ole doll form and any spell they cast that was still going on is now broken. If true love/lust came from that then right on! Well sorry to the kids on the island but this month we do not have any plot points specifically for them for you to work off of. Though if you're a alumni on the island, even those stationed at the school you can take advantage of this month's plot. Though we'll try and put out some news paper articles here and there for the students to be kept semi up to speed.

March Plot:
It's already been established that to go to the Ministry now you have to make an appointment, you just can't walk in. It's for your safety not for controlling government reasons. Remember all newly graduated{Harry's year} are either interns, apprentices, in-training and/or anything of the same nature. They've only been allowed to work Tuesday through Friday, while the rest of the Ministry is currently working all seven days. Any Auror in-training may find themselves taking a guard/police type role for escort ministry visitors. During any and all days of work there are even more paper planes flying but each now must be placed under a hex. You'll most likely find bosses running around from here to there and many doors are closed when those who aren't in the need to know are around. What is causing this? Well so far the only thing that has been leaked is that Coldstream, Scotland a magical community has been slightly exposed to the Muggle world.{THIS FACT IS UNKNOWN TO ANYONE OUTSIDE OF THE MINISTRY} The worst part is it comes only 2 weeks after a wizard was caught doing magic on a tourists video camera and one and a half months after a Muggle accidentally walked into Diagon Alley. From this a curfew is still in affect for wizarding towns like Coldstream, Tarahill, Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. Villages such as Godric's Hallow and the island village have no such curfew. What does this mean for your kids? Crappy hours outs, lower pay for Ministry workers, and a hell of a lot of confusion. Note: Just remember your character's personal ideals are there own but this is an Ministry formed from members of the Order, if you supported them during the puppet ministry of last year you more then likely may be sympathetic to them and understand that what they are doing is the right thing for society.

Other plot:
---The next game is Slytherin vs. Gryffindor---March 14th. Be ready!
---Spring Break will be April 3rd to April to April 12th{More on this when April hits!}
---March 17th is St. Paddy's Day. In the village expect a small parade as some of the villagers are of Irish descent with shamrocks{not the loud drunk kind from last year} float out of the sky and there is much drunkenness about. At school they for the first year are allowing their dinner to be totally Irish inspired. Lace table cloths, rainbow's everywhere, fake gold on the tables and for the actual meal; Shepard's pie{with lamb}, boiled corned beef, herbed potatoes, cabbage, soda bread, leak pie, Honey and Lemon Carrageen Pudding, "burnt" oranges, and Apple Amber.
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Hufflepuff vs Gryffindor [21 Feb 2009|12:15am]

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Quidditch game! Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin [05 Feb 2009|12:18am]

The game! )
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[03 Feb 2009|11:07pm]

Hey everyone! January is almost up and we've got a few things brewing! :) First, we've made a lot of our things more user friendly, such as the rules, timeline, plot, places of interest (including the school and the set up for the Houses), and plot extras (including Quidditch information). We also plan on really starting to advertise again! We'll be doing it twice a month. Please don't advertise for us in game advertising communities. Pimp at communities with players looking for games is cool, like here or here or even posting to friends and pimping in your personal journal is also completely awesome and fine!

Now, we've been talking a while about activity. We see many of you trying and we know it's hard to keep up sometimes. We have the same problem, we know :( With school, work, family, and friends on top of other games and any other what not, sometimes it's hard to meet activity requirements. So, here's our plan. Be active. Period. That's it. Do as many threads and journals as you want. If you're less active in journals than do more threads! Don't rely on the old activity standard to make sure you're okay. If your character doesn't look social or active, then just do more! We'll stick with this method until the summer and then we'll revisit the activty issue. We'll still be giving you big plot every month, so don't worry!

Speaking of plot, February plot is going to be fun! Everyone's welcome to be involved, so come on in. There's a mishap in Mitsy's Minis and More down in town that causes dozens of little cherubs to jump alive and zip about nicking anyone in sight with their cute little heart arrows. Go wild with this! Thread it, journal it, wax poetry about the teacher that you just can't help but love for some reason, thread your character stalking their crush or confessing their love or simple admiration. The effects can be as strong or as weak as you want them to be. This could easily effect anyone, so chat it out! Make it dirty, romantic, funny, or flat out weird. We're dying to see what everyone does with this!

Now having said that, have fun!

Ravenclaw vs Slytherin
January 31st [We missed this one, but results will be posted tomorrow! Bea can't find her dice :(]

Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff
February 21st

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[19 Jan 2009|07:32pm]

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to introduce Aran Spinks who is a Slytherin Prefect in his sixth year.

Aran is not a very nice person to some people depending on if they are muggle/half-blood/pureblood. But don’t worry; he won’t call you a Mud-blood unless he is really upset. He thinks that it isn’t civilized and thinks that purebloods shouldn’t have to use that word. He is also a Prefect, so he doesn’t want to get into trouble by saying anything that would get him into too much trouble. He also loves to boss people around when they are doing something wrong but he makes sure that people don’t pick up on it. He is also somewhat of a “lady’s man” (ha ha that made me laugh just using that word.) He lost his virginity young and has multiple partners; just let me know if you want your character to be one of his many gals.

Home Life-
Ever since he was a child, Aran has been spoiled rotten by his parents and gotten almost everything he has ever wanted. So, its been a bit of a shock since his father has lost his job from the ministry and been locked up for being a Death Eater. Since then, his mother has been getting money from her father. Everyone knows about it so it’s OK to say something about that in journals but be warned that it is a really touchy subject for Aran and he will get upset about it. He knew that his father was a Death Eater but “turned the other cheek”, Aran's family has made him into what he is.

Aran’s user info is not all the way up right now, but it should be up soon. As with any of my characters, he is a working progress. Let me know if you want to plot or want any history with him.

Much Love!
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[03 Jan 2009|06:41pm]

Hello again everyone! We're glad to see you trying to get back into the swing of things. :) We expect full activity for the month of January and will be doing official activity checks. Anyone who did nothing during the November and December as opposed to the one form of activity per character we asked for will have a point again them for each month. Remember, three points and you're out! Now, if anyone is interested they can join the Harold thread here when the placeholder is filled in and that can count as meeting activity. Reserving that now is perfectly fine. ;)

Anyone with Ministry worker parents might have heard a lot less about work this holiday. The Ministry has proclaimed curfews for all magical towns and appointments are needed for visits to the Ministry offices. Visits by Floo or any means must be made well ahead of time. Walk ins will be turned away. What's this all mean? The papers have been speculating that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named might be back and all sorts of awful and scary things like that. Don't worry, the Daily Prophet (which has been connected to the Ministry since the coup last year) is only printing the facts. The facts are that everyone should be careful and obey the curfews. ;) Expect more from this!

For the students and staff )

As for the class of '98, you're all free! Free to get jobs and contribute to society that is. ;) We know that step sneaks up on everyone, so here's a list of recommended careers or just jobs in general to get you through. Comment here and let us know what your alumni will be doing!

Potential job suggestions )

This list may change! Do you have another idea? Something in canon we missed? Let us know! Feel free to make suggestions of jobs too! These are all just suggestions themselves, these are not your only choices. We promise :) No punishment for help! Also maybe start thinking if you have a Seventh year and haven't chosen their path or a Sixth year that you might want to start aiming at something.

Keep yours eyes on this community, we've got more coming by the end of the next week. :) Happy playing! We expect all players with characters from the class of 1998 to comment here with a job or contact us for help brainstorming. We don't mind! :) We'll be doing this ourselves too, so never fear. :) Have fun!
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N.E.W.T.S. [28 Dec 2008|03:11am]

We've finally got the N.E.W.T.S grades settled down now. We know they've been much anticipated! :) Just so everyone knows, we took all of your input under consideration while we did this and we rolled two six-sided dice to get the base of each grade for fairness and then worked with that along with your own privided information. So, here are your grades! :)

Grades are here! )

As with the O.W.L.S these grades were owled to each of your character's homes. No one knows anyone else's marks unless a character has shared the information. If there are any marks that you would like to dispute, then please just let us know and we'll discuss this.

Now, all of the students that just took their N.E.W.T.S are were sent home with the regular students and do not have to return. Should they return, they come on their own by flying, flooing, or apparating. We will post a list of jobs both on and off the island soon.

Just in case we don't get that up by then, be careful and stay safe this New Year's! Have fun too of course :)
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[24 Dec 2008|01:20am]

Hello all! Happy Almost-Christmas :) Oh, Christmas Eve when we post this! We know a lot of you are excited or maybe on your own holiday highs, we certainly are! Things are being redone and reorganized around here, so please don't mind the mess ;) We'll let you know when we're all settled in so you can give everything a look-see! :)

Thank you to everyone who's still hanging around here and keeping things up here and there. We know everyone is busy! Remember that you don't have to meet full activity this month but everyone has to do something with their characters or that is a strike against you. A journal, a thread, just something substantial like that. Sorry, but we just can't count journal comments since it's really hard to judge from a comment or two versus a full thread or a journal entry. :( We do love everyone who's been writing letters to McGonagall! If anyone has a character's parent or guardian they think might want to give our favorite Headmistress a piece of their mind, then have at it. We love reading these! :) There's going to be something special for everyone after the break.

Now, on the topic of the winter break, remember that everyone is home, but anyone could have stayed at the school. In Britain, there are several wizarding towns, including Coldstream in Scotland and Tara Hill in Ireland along with a the ones we all know and love like Diagon Alley in London. Feel free to make use of these!

The weather wasn't the best that year and was really a bit dreary:

Dublin had a chilly mist over the area.
Anyone in London or the South London vicinity you have freezing rain, so bundle up and get out your wellies!
The Cardiff weather wasn't much better with chilling wind and dark skies.
Over in Belfast there was sleet, but nothing golf ball size we shouldn't imagine.
Back on Coróinbáis, the home of our Sangster Institute, there was a dusting of snow and frost, but sadly nothing thick.

Christmas Time in Britain! )

Whatever you do in game and out of game, just remember to stay safe and have fun :)
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[23 Dec 2008|11:58am]

This is Bea and here is Callum as promised! Isn't he a good looking present? Unfortunately, he's just a bit evil.

He and his father were both Death Eaters and his father was killed during the whole occupation style times once things started going against the baddies. Callum had a bit more sense in his head, but he still keeps with the Dark Arts and that sort. His Death Eater habits are suspected by the Ministry still, especially since the he was the prime suspect in the nasty slaying of a Muggleborn man who was left outside of the Ministry. The only witness was a nosey middle aged woman who saw someone loosely fitting his description standing over the body and Apparating off. While being held though, that little lady went to a couple of different wizarding papers and the silly goose got her face in one of them. Callum was shocked when he heard she went missing and then couldn't come testify. He wasn't that shocked though. he does still have friends out there. Now after his name has been drug through the mud and attached to that whole nasty business, he's off to our little island where the people aren't nosey. The kids are a whole different story, he suspects!

Callum won't be physically acting out much here, but he's not going to be nice either. If he finds something stupid he'll more likely ignore it unless it presents itself to him. He's not a genius, but he's smart with money and words. This doesn't mean he'll be spouting poetry, but should he feel the need to insult you it might not be as direct as others.

He dislikes children and isn't interested in anything that hasn't passed their N.E.W.T.S (draws less attention) and even still he's never looking for something serious. Friends and acquaintances are so very loved lovies! And enemies aren't bad either. Considering his connection with that murder, it's likely that anyone who reads the paper would have a good idea of who he is and what he supposedly did.
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[10 Dec 2008|03:44pm]

Hey everyone! Ai here with a Christmas gift. I'm bringing in my fourth character to play along with Andrew, Lisa and Kyler.

Harold Dingle! Canonly known for claiming he had powered dragon claw that could aid students in studying but really they were dried Doxy droppings and confiscated by Hermione! He's not some little juvie though he really just did it for attention. I like to call him a mix between Toby from the Office and Charlie Brown. Sad but not in the emo way, quiet but not silent and not at all nervous for the most part. So friends? Enemies? A past failed date?

His user info will be up by the end of the week but I though I'd introduce him soon or later and by tonight he'll have an open thread so feel free to join!
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[30 Nov 2008|11:41pm]

Hello again everyone! We hope the turkey's all settled for any of our Thanksgiving celebrators. :) We know the holidays can be really busy and hectic, even people who don't celebrate any of the many December based holidays can get sucked in to the chaos of it all, not to mention vacations, exams, and probably plenty of other things we're forgetting. Now, here's our present to you. For the months of November and December, we're going to give everyone some slack. As long as we see some activity from you during these two months, there will be no penalties. This means you don't have to have the normal three journals and one thread. As long as we see you do something, a journal, a thread, you're fine. This doesn't mean you should slack off, but if you have to this is the right time ;) Full activity checks will come back in January. We'll still be here, there will still be December plot, but you aren't obligated to meet any requirements except be active and participate in anything you sign up for. The other side of this however, is that if you don't do anything (and unfortunately just commenting in a couple of journals doesn't count as activity with this), then you get a point against you.

With this, if you've come to find you just aren't feeling the game or don't have time and want to quit or drop a character, let us know. We don't bite and anyone who leaves us is welcome to reapply later :) We don't want anyone to do this without thought though, so if you just need some sort of hiatus for this time, just ask! :) We have no problem with this. But if you aren't fully active in January after taking your own hiatus, then you're out of the game since you were given the opportunity to not be fully active in December. If you've been having problems with activity or interest, just step back and consider yourself and your characters. We know that sometimes we don't feel a character as well as we might have when they were first picked up. One of us played Harry originally so we fully understand the feeling of not exactly knowing what to do with a canon character. What we suggest to do while working on that is picking up a character that can fit in to gaps easily, like a Sixth year whose small number gives them almost automatic plot, or Quidditch players who easily have something to talk about and every team both canon and our current teams have multiple members in play that would probably love to have additional team mates!

This isn't a mandatory respond-or-else post, but we will be emailing this out to everyone who doesn't comment to it. We need to know that you're reading this. No one will be left out if we can help it!

As mentioned within all of this, but to repeat on it's own, we will still have December plot! :D

On to more usual business! There was a Quidditch game on Saturday between the Thor's Hammer and Flying Furies

Thor's Hammer vs. Flying Furies )

O.W.L.S )

To players with students taking their N.E.W.T.S next month, take this information to heart. We'll be needing your characters classes and such soon as well. Start thinking now! :)

This isn't one of those comment-or-boot posts! We want to know you read this so that we know that everyone is involved with this. So please comment. If you don't, then we will email you. We don't want anyone left out with this information. If you have any questions or comment, please ask!
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[27 Nov 2008|11:12am]

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!
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Big Creepy Plot is Officially Over [19 Nov 2008|12:19am]

Okay, so thus ends another plot line in Crynhoi! Hope you enjoyed it! We did even if some bits were icky. The next encompassing plot will happen later in December, but keep an eye out on the owls to get some clues into what's going on. ;D

Below the lj-cut you'll find a list of exactly what happened to everyone:

The List of Events! )

On a side note (and yes we have to be fussy mods about this and we're sorry but it needs to be addressed), some people who signed up for the plot didn't carry it out. We even extended the plot dates. If you thought your plot was lame we are sorry, if you had trouble with RPing it or if your life got too busy you could of come to us. We promise we are never angry if real life gets in the way! Real life is way more important than RPing. Now, no one is getting the finger pointed at them or even fussed at or being marked. What this does mean though is there might not be volunteer plot or not everyone will be allowed to sign up for it, but we're going for the former as its fairer. Don't worry though there will always be a plot that encompasses everyone and you don't have to sign up for it!

Now to get away from the bad mod-itude and on to the good mod.

So anyone wondering what happened in the end? What was going on? Well, the Aurors and scientists from the team who were investigating (not Auror Chang and Chambers, we just want to make it clear that this was not their assignment) found that the culprit was the dead. Yes, good old Samonios, it seems that on our odd little island here every 75 years the veil between our world and the next really does open up. Magic put up from the school was blocking this event from taking place. Normally there is little to no magical barriers and with a small population there was no need. Frustrated and angry, the spirits took it out on the easiest source, the students and then worked it's way to adults (Madame Hooch was the exception!). It all culminated in the attempt to sacrifice Riza Rivers, but luckily she was saved by our resident Aurors! Safe but still not out of harm and with new information the team was able to lift the veil for one full minute and then closed it as best they could and though no more attacks are happening the students aren't alone. A small, and we mean small handful of ghosts were able to stay over on this side. A large, burly viking named Gunar stalks the halls wishing he could pillage but is usually put straight by Brina, an old celtic woman always clinging to her thick cloak who likes to go around and be as helpful as any ghost at Hogwarts. Let's not forget our other two notable newcomers, Richard, the annoyingly fussy Victorian twelve year old who finds the meanest things funny and Silva, a youthful curly mess who continually claims she's half fairie.
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[14 Nov 2008|02:51pm]

New HP trailer over at the off topic community [info]chipsahoi!
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The Big Creepy Plot Post [11 Nov 2008|10:33pm]

It looks like everyone is having fun with this plot! We sent out a fresh batch tonight so we'll be watching for those in the next few days. Remember, for every plot piece you're given, you're allowed three days from when the email was sent to post either a journal, a thread, or at least a placeholder.

Here's a list of what's happened so far:
-Isabel MacDougal's instruments ripped themselves into shreds. 10/25
-Everything Luna Lovegood touches turns into snakes
-Bronwyn Dunstan can only speak and write in a strange foreign language.
-Alicia Spinnet's stomach grows like she's pregnant
-Teodora Derrick is completely bald. She's been sporting wigs ever since.
-Kyler Urquhart gets overgrown warts on his bits (his privates!).
-Terry Boot has found himself with a nipping larva inside of his leg.
-Every injury William Summerby experienced during the previous year reappeared.
-Thomasina Roper's body was nearly drained of blood through what appears to be a vampire bite.
-Jack Sloper is found tied up with a ball gag in his mouth in an unused classroom.
-Peregrine Derrick is suddenly completely blind.
-Blaise Zabini's hair is shockingly bleach blonde.
-Lisa Turpin's body is covered in tattoos of the notes she's been taking on everything that's been happening.
-Hermione Granger found a skinned dog beneath her bed (this one is actually connected to a couple of others that haven't been posted yet).
-The magical ban was lifted! (Not a character event, but we want to make sure everyone knows :))
-Josiane's bears come to life, cut her open, and try to stuff her with fluff.
-Wayne Hopkins sprouted breasts! He's explaining it away as a joke.

Anyone with a plot email has three days starting tomorrow, November 12th, to do their plot.

If you don't, then you won't be able to volunteer for our next round of volunteer plot. There will be a major plot in game that everyone can take part in, but you won't be allowed to be directly involved with the volunteer plot. We love you guys and we'd like to see everyone participating, especially when they volunteer for plot, but it's not fair to anyone when you don't do what you say you'll do. :( If you can't do things when we ask, then please please please just email us back and let us know! We don't bite, promise! ;) Seriously though, things can always be worked out. Please never be afraid to talk to us.
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[09 Nov 2008|09:37pm]

Alright folks! The magical ban is off! Technically it was taken off just in time for the Quidditch game ;) Now, here's the scores for the game Saturday!

Quidditch Game from Saturday! )
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