August 10th, 2007

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Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING) Updated As Of 08/08/09

The rules for posting are thus

1.)You must clearly lable all of your stories with the following form: 

: (if applicable)

2.) Any stories you post here MUST contain two or more fandoms, no pure fics. A pure fic is a story that is purely one fandom. 

3.) The story must be seperated from the story information by InsaneJournal Cut. 

4.) You may recommend another author's story, but clearly state in the story information that the story is not yours and that you have the author's permission. 

5.) All story information must be PG-13, however the stories themselves can be any rating. 

6.) We accept any type of story, however all warnings must be labled accordingly. Failure to do so will result in a warning. 

7.) Comments must be PG-13. Flames will be deleted by moderators.

8.) All subject lines must follow the following format: Story Title, Rating (Fandoms).

9.)all stories are to be tagged ONLY with the names of the fandoms involved in the story. There are exceptions to this:

* NC-17 rated stories, or PWPs (Porn Without Plot)~ Any stories with an NC-17 rating, are to be tagged '.Rating: NC-17' regardless of content. Any Porn Without Plot stories are to be tagged '.Genre: PWP'.
* Story Recommendations~ If you are recommending someone elses story, that entry is to be tagged '.Recommendation' in addition to the fandoms involved.
* Pairings~ You may list the story pairings in the tags in the following format: ".Pairing: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester" or ".Pairing: Angel/Buffy Summers", etc.
* Multi-Chapter Stories~ If you are posting your multi chapter stories here, and you are posting each chapter individually, please, I urge you, use your author name in the tags!!!
* Author Name~ You may tag your own stories with your author's name in the following format: ".Author: Black_Raven", etc.
* Multi-Crossovers~ For crossovers that have more than three fandoms, you may use the tag 'Multi-Crossover'.

That is about it, however rules will change.

I will post about it when it does. Authors who already had stories posted before rule eight was instated need not worry about altering their story-subjects. 

Have fun.

If you need a Tag that is not already listed for usage, please comment in this post and let me know what tags to add!


[info]black_raven in [info]crsvr_fics

Heart (SPN/LB)

Title: Heart
Rating: PG-13
Summery: John Walks in on his sons in a compromising position.
Warnings: Implied slash, incest
Pairings: Sam/Dean
Fandoms: Supernatural, Lost Boys (very small)
Status: Complete

Heart )