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Crimson Evening


March 9th, 2008

We're officially OPEN!

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We have a smokin new layout that's ALL kinds of pretty, postings and ummm look over there shiny things!

*runs away*

Anyway, give Teph your love for our pretty Komatta boys and girls!

December 3rd, 2007

Age Verification Required

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Because IJ doesn't have the nifty new flag feature that will automatically screen all of you to determine if you are of age or not we need to do it the tedious way.

To join, your year of birth must be present in your profile.
If you turned 18 this year, please include the month, and if it was this month, the day as well.

IF you don't wish to have your DOB in your profile long enough for us to verify your age you may email your DOB to us.

Our email address is CE_Mods on my domain, tephras dot com. Your email must include BOTH your IJ username and your full date of birth.

After that, click the join link.
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