January 18th, 2011

[info]lustforavampyr in [info]cridelamouette


Hulloh and welcome to my pb icon community. There aren't a great many rules I can think of, but let's see what I can put together...

The one thing I'm going to ask is that you don't repost any of the graphics you find here. Don't hotlink and especially don't claim them as your own!

Everything else is pretty much optional.

Comments (as well as feedback and critique) are always appreciated, but they are by no means required.

Anyone can join this community, but all of its posts can be viewed publically anyway.

If you like you can give credit to [info]cridelamouette (on both livejournal and insanejournal) like this:

Credit helps others find my icons quicker, but I don't insist on it.

You can also modify the icons for your personal use, but they are not bases to be edited and reposted, so I'd prefer if you didn't use them that way.

Lastly you can reply to this entry (or pretty much any other entry) if you have any further questions.

[info]lustforavampyr in [info]cridelamouette