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January 2nd, 2008

peoples @ 06:49 am: ABOUT&&RULES
Welcome to CONCERT SEARCH! This community was created for all music lovers but mostly for concert goers! Is there a show coming up you'd like to promote or just see more people go to? Seen a concert recently you loved or loathed? An artist you admire start a charity project? Then by all means, MAKE A POST!

1) PLEASE, no drama. I would like to keep this place as friendly as possible. If I see something I deem inappropriate, I WILL delete the post and you will get a warning. Three strikes and you are out.
2) Bashing of ANY artist will NOT be tolerated! Constructive criticism will be allowed, but no "EW THEY SUCK!" talk. (ie: I dislike the Jonas Brothers, but I will not bash them. I can say "I'm not a fan.", "That song isn't my kind of thing.",etc. )
3) When making a post, PLEASE remember to TAG them. When tagging for a show or review please tag by artist,month of show,and genre. When tagging a review please tag by artist,full date of show,and genre. When tagging a charity project please tag by artist and !charity.
4) Promoting shows is fine, just don't go overboard. Only one post per show per a week so the community does not get flooded. If you see someone has already posted it, then wait a while.
5) NO FILE SHARING OF ANY KIND. That's not what this place is for. If you know a site that is streaming a show or audio and it is relevant to your post you may include the link in it.

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