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December 2nd, 2009

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Hello all! My name is Kira, and I shall be bringing you two characters (as of right now).

First is this guy here, Gabriel Gray from pre-season 1. He's a quiet, unobtrusive, thoughtful watchmaker and bookworm. He's one of those people that most people don't even spare a second glance, and despite going out of his way most of the time to help the people around him, he barely gets any sort of recognition from it. He's constantly under pressure to 'be better' from his mother, a pressure that drives him to drastic because he's content where he's at. If only she could be content with it as well. He has the ability of Intuitive Aptitude, and only that.

My second character is Monty Petrelli ([info]superluminal) from 2027. He's a member of the Rebellion, and he knows that the name pretending to be Nathan Petrelli, his Dad, is really a psychotic imposter. He's going to be among the people going back in time to try and stop all of this before it started. He has the ability of Molecular Manipulation.

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Your friendly neighborhood Nathan Petrelli here. Or, as I'm known to all the cool people, Sara.

I'm bringing in the schmucky good Ex-Congressman in from season two; around the tail end of his Beardy Petrelli state of mind/mass facial hair. He's depressed, he's guilt ridden, he's a great big bucket of love.

You can contact me at neverneedsdecaf on AIM, or PM me on this journal. Happy to talk plot, say hi, or anything awesome of that nature.

November 21st, 2009

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Wow, that's a lot of caps. Anyway, here's to an awesome roleplay had by all! I can't wait to meet all of you. I'm so excited for this game, seriously. I'm buzzing! Wait, that might be the sugar rush. Or the fact that I haven't gone to bed and it's already six in the morning. Well, whatever.

Just a reminder, anything goes in the ooc. You don't have to post something Heroes-related. It's just a place to relax, get to know everybody or just post random sillyness.

I am your Admin, which I probably should have stated first, and you may call me PINEAPPLE because Psych is my favorite tv show and I am horribly obsessed with it. I play the sexy Peter Petrelli and the kickass original character, Isabella Valentine. Both are open to plots. I've actually already got a twin brother for Valentine (so awesome!) but I need more!

I love pb&j. and the muppets. and yes, btvs.
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